Sanam Episode 18 Review – Bitto Bani Bechari!

Ohkay so, in the last 40 minutes, I have looked everywhere but not on my TV screen because I didn’t have to & also because I couldn’t tolerate the roni shaklain of these forced becharas in this drama. While looking at the walls of my TV lounge, I was wondering about those dramas (Sang e Marmar & Khuda Aur Mohabbat) that made the viewers cry just recently because of such convincing situations & then here’s this drama, where when the characters cry, people find it amusing because they are crying for no good reason. Anyways, before I begin my review, can some Allah Ka Banda tell me when does this torture end & the one who will give me a confirmed news, usay meri taraf se Anda Paratha free free free!

Can someone tell me ke kisi ne aisi Ma dekhi hai, jo beti ka BURA rishta na hone pe Dunya-e-Faani se Kooch kar jayegi? If you guys have not seen a mother like that, then please look no further & take a closer look at Shabnam because she is that anokhi amman who might die after finding out that her son-in-law-to-be is Mr. Fraudiya, wohi wala Fraudiya jiss pe aik song bhi bana tha, which goes like Mr. Fraudiye, bajwan tun kinna set ayein. As usual, Maya Ali ka drama ho aur BECHARGI na ho, aisay to halaat nahi. I was cringing the whole time Bitto was being turned into a Bechari forcefully by the writer where Aan was like ‘mai kuch nahi kar sakti’, like hello, why was she introduced as a strong independent girl when the writer only had to turn her into a bechari at this stage of the drama, also aisi kya majboori aa gai hai Shabnam ke uncombed hair ke ilawa ke Aan apni amman jaan ko kuch bata nahi sakti Farhaan ke baray mai? I swear the way these SO-CALLED SELF-PROCLAIMED WRITERS twist the characters for the worst is just beyond me, oh bhai/behan jab likhna nahi ata to mat likha karo, simple si baat hai!!!

I lol’ed at Sara tonight, Fatima ke theek hote hi sir se dupatta, haath se Quran Majeed aur Tasbeeh sab ghayab, LOL @ Sara’s Musalmaan hazb-e-zaiqa approach. Also, it just didn’t stop there, now that Fatima is recovering, Sara was once again thinking about Harib like a desperado & was reminding herself of the promise she made that she’d get rid of Aan so that Harib can stop obsessing over her. Tauba I think in stead of saying ‘bhalai ka koi zamana hi nahi hai’, Sara should’ve said ‘sharam o haya ka koi zamana hi nahi hai’!

Ta-Daaaaa, this episode compelled me to do something which I hadn’t done so far..any guesses? Yes, you guessed it right, I forwarded Shabnam & Aan’s scenes a bit because I just couldn’t take the bechargi anymore. Shabnam goes like rishta aik naimat hai, us se muh nahi pherna chahiye, na shukri hoti hai, hmmmmmm since both these Ma-Beti are into food industry, I am going to give them an example based on food items too. So, Shabnam’s logic of nashukri when it comes to rishta was exactly like saying that despite knowing ke Dahi 20 days purana hai, kharab hai, aur app khainge to phir hospital mai bethe rahainge, but still just because it is a food item & a naimat, it shouldn’t be wasted & should be consumed no matter what…how stupid right? This is exactly how Shabnam sounded when she spoke about rishta being a naimat & not to diss it because it will count as a nashukri, like Shabnam herself has been feeling odd about the entire situation & she can CLEARLY see that Aan isn’t happy as well, but in stead of addressing these concerns, she is focused on getting rid of Aan, like whatttt! So much for the love of your ikloti bitto!!!

Harib aj lagta hai 3 months ki paternity leave ke baad office gaya tha pehli dafa, isi liye nazar nahi aya aur late night wapis aya. Yehi hoti hai office janay walon ki routine, so not sure wo kaunsa chakkar tha jahan Harib park, to shopping mall, to car park, to ghar, har jagah mojood hua karta tha. Anyways, Aan & Harib discussed the subject of this episode as well, which was bechargi & after looking like ultimate becharas, which the writer wanted them to look like, they ended their conversation. I swear the way Aan was giving Harib hints about how she wants to keep him etched in her eyes forever made me say one thing & that was MEESNI!!!

Anyways, in all honesty this episode was cringe-worthy. There is no reason for Aan to hide the truth from Shabnam because I’m sure Shabnam won’t die after finding out the truth about Farhaan Fraudiya. I just can’t wait for the truth to unravel & I am thinking aisa kya hoga ke Shabnam ke samne sachai ayegi because the director & the writer are trying hard to keep things hidden from Shabnam because hey, Shabnam ka heart pateint hona to aik bahana hai, aslee baat ye hai ke revenue bhi to generate karwana hai na drama drag kar kar ke. Also, can someone tell me wo kaun mariyal hai jo peechay wawela macha deti hai Hawwwnnnnnnnnnnn kar ke as if kisi ne uski kalai marori hai aur gala daba diya hai, I swear such annoying voice & background noise! Please share your thoughts about this pathetic episode of Becharan!

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