Sanam Episode 20 Review – Hum (Viewers) Itne Seedhay Kyun Hain!

Just when the team of this drama had a good opportunity to put an end to everything by showing that Harib saved the day & got married to Aan, the promo of the next episode gave me a panic attack because looks like the hunger for ratings & money didn’t allow Haseeb Hassan to stop & he is going to continue with the torturous drama for may be another 10 or more episodes? How shallow is that & how bizarre too. It is absolutely ridiculous how greed can make a very sane person commit such weird blunders, first Mann Mayal & then Sanam? LOL!

It is funny how you absolutely feel nothing for any character because the predicament that they are facing is a result of their own patheticness & stupidity. I felt zero sympathy for Sara because karma came to bite her back but then again, Sara was a result of writer’s weird imagination where she thought that a married woman even after having a kid can still be in love with her ex-boyfriend. Usually I apologize in advance when I use such words for writers or directors but I think the amount of dhitai Mr. & Mrs. Haseeb have shown, I am not going to be apologetic about anything that I am going to say. Sara’s character is a result of Mona Haseeb’s SICK imagination. It is ridiculous how everyone has lost the plot just because the writer & the director were bent on generating ratings & had no concern with making a drama that provides entertainment for the viewers. The episodes have become absolutely slow & boring & the purpose of the drama (which didn’t have much purpose anyways) is lost!

Faisal blamed Harib for not being able to have a normal relationship with Sara but then again, Sara left Harib for everything that Faisal had, so why was she unhappy with him? To be honest, I wasn’t in a mood to see a happy reunion of Sara & Faisal because it wouldn’t have made sense but yes, it is good to know that Fatima will now live with her father, away from a mother like Sara who I repeat, is a result of writer’s sick imagination because honestly, no matter how shallow or selfish a woman is, she changes completely when she becomes a mother but if only the writer had a ounce of decency left in her, she would have understood!

Aan Dulhan se ziyada sona to Amman ne charhaya hua tha. Anyways, Shabnam kept on waiting for the Baraat, only to know ke unki apni baraat next episode mai rukhsat ho jayegi. I can’t imagine the prowess the director & the writer have where they can turn a favorite character into a nightmare. I remember the episodes when I used to enjoy Shabnam’s scenes so much & she was my favorite character out of this bipolar lot because she seemed like a true mother to me, but the way her character has been turned into a nightmare is sickening. I so wanted to feel bad for her & what she was going through but I couldn’t because to be honest, she invited this herself. Shabnam, despite seeing how Aan wasn’t happy about this entire situation kept on pushing her luck & she didn’t sit still till she got a heart attack, so let me ask my patent question in Punjabi ‘hun araam ee’?!? Weird!!!

Once again, Harib & his constipated bechargi on his face. ‘Aik dafa Amaan theek ho jayein dekhna mai un logon ka kya hashar karoonga’…alay lay lay lay, tum bas anday parathay khao, itni bali bali batain kaltay hue tum achay nai lagtayyy!!! I am sure anday parathay khatay khatay muh mai ulcers ho gaye honge isi liye Harib muh mai dahi jama ke beth gaya takay thandak bhi mile aur sachai bhi na batani pare. Like what was he waiting for? Like what majboori did he have? Like Aan said, aj nahi to kal Amaan ne jana hi tha, so at least till she was alive, Harib could have told her & could’ve gotten married to Aan in front of her but then again, is episode tak writer aur director ki pockets nahi bhari hongi na isi liye! It is funny how the writer has made Harib the center of everyone’s universe without him having any attraction. He is a loser who can’t do anything, can’t think straight & just can not handle the situation like a man, still we have women drooling over him including the seedhi saadhi bholi bhaali Aan!

Aan said ‘hum log itnay seedhay kyu hain’, which made me say exactly, we as viewers should be saying the same thing like ‘hum viewers itney seedhay kyu hain (jo aisay dhokay mai aa gaye)’. I think after Samira Fazal, Haseeb Hassan has earned a spot in that list too where people would be screening his dramas & if they will decide to watch it, they will be very skeptical about it! The preview of the next episode made me laugh & cringe at the same time. Shabnam’s done making Anda Parathas & now looks like Khurram will try to get married to Aan. Aan’s Taya will ask her but I am sure being a patient of asthma, Aan won’t be able to say that she would like to get married to Harib. Bas bhai wohi baat hai, jab tak 10 talaqain, 20 halalay nahi honge, ye drama end nahi hoga aur Harib Aan ka millan nahi hoga. Shame on you Mr. & Mrs. Haseeb for giving out such a pathetic drama to the viewers! Please share your thoughts about this pathetic episode of Sanam & also Maya, stop crying because you can’t act out emotional scenes!!!

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