Sanam Episode 21 Review – Mann Mayal 2!

OMG! It is absolutely pathetic how the director had so many chances to end this drama decently but he chose not to because he was hell bent on turning Sanam into Mann Mayal 2 & this episode pretty much sealed the deal. Now everyone should buckle up & get ready to see 10 or probably 12 meaningless episodes of Sanam because it looks like Haseeb Hassan thinks he can not end a drama before 33 episodes. No wonder why 13 & 33 are considered to be jinxed numbers, Haseeb Hassan has made my belief firm on these numbers too now! Absolute Shame!

The moment I saw Aila’s mother out of nowhere, I knew I was in for a Mann Mayal 2 ride because even in Mann Mayal, Mannu’s parents made an appearance as the director deemed fit. After leaving their mad daughter on her own for like 12+ episodes & allowing her to commit all sorts of atrocities, Aila’s mother grew overly concerned for her & she thought just by saying ‘mai kitni dafa ai milne, kitni calls kin’, she will convince the viewers that she is a very good, very concerned mother who wasn’t MIA & was doing her job properly. Duh!!!

Even though it is amusing that Shabnam’s death was used as a plot twister, it made me happy because I then got to watch a 40 minute episode in 20 minutes because I knew Maya’s crying & caterwauling will give me cramps so I didn’t take a chance & forwarded her mourning. Oh, if I am not wrong, Shabnam told Harib ‘Bitto ka khayal rakhna’ before she took a flight off to another world but in the preview of the next episode, looks like Harib will be taking care of Bitto a bit too well lol!

Just when I was happy & expecting that this drama is about to end & I won’t have to deal with that weird & bizarre Qasab family, the director decided to rub them on our faces. Like is there even a SINGLE thing that has it going for this drama? Is there a SINGLE thing that is working in Sanam? The answer is a clear cut no. Another chance that the director got to finish this crap off was with when Taya asked Aan if she liked someone & wanted to get married to him, but like a sore loser, Aan said NO. Sorry, I am done with Aan’s meesni saadgi, why did she choose to say no when all she did in the last few episodes was hug Harib every chance she got & confessed her love to him? Abb itni sharam aur haya aur saadgi kahan se aa gai & most importantly KYUN? Oh, I know, because the director is profit hungry & seems like he was unable to reach a profit figure till 20th episode that he had in his mind, so he decided to drag the drama a bit further to make some more money!

The preview of the next episode is giving me anxiety already. Aan is going to play hide & seek with Harib but while she’ll be at it, Harib being a spineless loser that he is will now scurry to Aila saying he needs to give her some support for her madness. After literally treating Aila & her psychological disorder as an after thought in the first 21 episodes, the director & the writer have all of a sudden started showing signs of humanity LOL! I think this was writer’s way of telling to the world that she is not as insensitive as the first 21 episodes made her look like, so she is trying to do some redemption in the name of dragging the drama so that her husband brings in more bucks as well, like this is her way of assisting her husband’s hunger. It is ridiculous how the viewers put so much faith in Haseeb Hassan but I believe he just got lucky with Farhat Ishtiyaq’s amazing script, whereas his caliber is that of Aahista Aahista, Mann Mayal & now Sanam, like he has proved himself enough that he is also one of those rating monger directors who do not care a dime about what the viewers want, which is basically a story with some meaning & some purpose. I really hope & pray that the next drama of Haseeb Hassan turns out to be a bigger flop to serve as a reality check to him because he can not sell crap to the viewers again & again & again. Shame on Mr. & Mrs. Haseeb once again!

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