Sang e Mah Episode 5 Story Review – Hilmand’s Oblivion

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting episode of Sang e Mah, full of twists & turns that definitely no one saw coming. I am sure after watching this episode, Hilmand’s oblivion could be debated upon but going by how the writer has conceived the entire idea, it does make a lot of sense. Usually, in such close-knit villages & towns, people do have an idea about almost each & everything, but seeing how detached Hilmand is from everyone, it feels believable that he actually had no idea how he was putting his younger brother Hikmat in a sticky situation. Once again, this episode ended on an intriguing note & I am keen to see how things are going to unfold.

Hilmand’s Oblivion

Shehrezaad was sent away by Marjan Khan’s assistant but she could feel there was definitely something that was being kept from her. Shehrezaad’s character has just been introduced in the story but so far, I do like her for being honest, uncomplicated & straightforward. These qualities definitely set her apart & make her come across as a sorted person. She was adamant to find out more about Gagh, that is why she completely ignored how Marjan devised a plan to send her away. Shehrezaad’s interaction with Gulmeena & Zarghona was definitely quite interesting. Not everyone has to open up about their personal affairs. She did seem a bit too curious & the way she tried to convince Zarghona made it obvious that even she knew it was not going to work & wasn’t a reason enough for Zarghona to tell her everything. Luckily for Shehrezaad, Marjan decided to come clean & tell her his version of the truth but this is just the beginning. I really liked how Shehrezaad wasn’t afraid to face Haji Marjan as well.

Hilmand absolutely had no idea that Hikmat loved Gulmeena. This is exactly why he seemed unsettled after he found out about it. Just like Zarghona said, Hilmand definitely came up with this to turn a few pages from the past, to bring Haji Marjan down, in order to make him pay the price for what he has done. Zarghona seemed a little too satisfied because she knew exactly what Hilmand did & how this was going to result in Marjan Khan’s undoing – something that she herself has been wanting all this while. Although both Zarghona & Hilmand have not had a conversation yet, but it will be interesting to see how they will approach this matter while being on the same page. So far, their ulterior motive is very much the same.

Hikmat has been heartbroken, his interaction with Hilmand was also really nice. One thing has always been clear that Hilmand has loved Hikmat with all his heart, that is why he even asked his friend to inquire about the equation Hikmat shared with Gulmeena. It is interesting to note the kind of animosity Hilmand has towards Marjan that no matter what happens, he always feels Marjan is responsible for it all, he is playing his game & he is devising all the plans. He actually thought Hikmat was making it all up because Marjan had told him to. Everyone has become a bit too invested in this situation because they all know this is going to be one difficult decision for the Jirga.

I must say, Badam Gul brings in so much comic relief that it’s always fun to watch his antics. His dialogues, his expressions, mannerism – everything is just so unique but what makes it funnier is how Zarghona & even Gulmeena let him be & have accepted him the way he is. Mastaan has been affected by what has happened, therefore it seems he will try to take matters into his hand. He is quite loyal to Zarghona, therefore she will find him right by her side. I feel his character deserves to be explored a little too – as far as the visuals are concerned, he has gotten a lot of coverage but when it comes to his character, you barely know anything about him.

Profound Dialogues

It won’t be wrong to say that there are a lot of factors that Sang e Mah will be remembered for but the most important ones are definitely the dialogues & also Atif Aslam’s performance as Hilmand. The poetic dialogues, with such profound meaning suit not only Atif Aslam but Hilmand’s character so much. It goes to show the kind of effort Mustafa Afridi must’ve put in order to conceive this character & bring him to our TV screens. Every shot has been beautifully designed in Sang e Mah, which makes it a visual treat. Although the story is unique & fresh, it still feels very realistic – this is what the star-power has done to this drama. They all feel very real & keep you invested in their story. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sang e Mah.

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  • Nice review, Zahra. You detailed out Shaherzaad’s character very well. Yes, would like to see what they talk when Hilmand & Zarghona come face to face.
    The drama turned out to be very interesting. The episode was very strong in terms of taking the story forward as well as the performances from all the actors. Only Atif Aslam was not strong but others like Nouman Ejaz, Sania Saeed, Samiya Mumtaz, Hania Aamir, Kubra Khan, Omar rana, Zaviyar & Hassan Noman was done very confident performance in this episode. For me, this was a power-packed performance episode. I liked the chemistry between the stepbrothers. One says, “aadhe bhai se poora pyar karta hun” . What a good use of two opposite words & what a love he has with his stepbrother, while the other says, “main Daji pe oonchi awaz kar sakta hun, magar tumhare samne na oonchi awaz na sar ooncha.” What a respectful love the other brother has.
    Another good dialogue by playing with words when Zarsangha says to Haji Marjan that, “ab kya khaak aaram aayega, ab to khaak mein hi aaram aayega.” The most hilarious dialogue was between Sabz Ali & his friend when his friend says about Hikmat visiting Gulmeena as, “Tableegh ki dawat dene jata hai k dunya ke kaam to hote rahenge, Allah ki raah mein 3 din lagwalo.” Boys can connect with this dialogue as we used to receive such invitations from Tableeghi jamat. Another interesting dialogue is from Shaherzade when she says to his Pathan driver, “main pathan to nahi hoon magar main bhi jhoote ko ghar tak chor k aati hoon”, means she can find out the truth following a liar. Good one. Lastly, I liked the way Haji Marjaan make the reference to Yousuf-Zulaiqa story for the current scenario. While talking to Shaherzade he referred that Zarghona is not a weak woman & if she was, she would have told the story of Yousuf (AS) & Zulaiqa in detail. What I think here; he is referring the case of Sabz Ali & Shah Bano where Shah Bano was totally involved in an affair with Sab Ali but she let Sabz Ali take all the blame post Gagh & even Jirga’s punishment by keeping all silent. Like what Zulaiqa did; she blamed Yousuf (AS) when she understood that Yousuf (AS) is unreachable for her desire. The difference here is, Yousuf (AS) was not involved in love with Zulaiqa, but Haji Marjan was making it in context from Shah Bano/Zulaiqa point of view.

    • I always enjoy reading your comments because they give me an explanation of some of the really deep lines in this drama! I’m not a native Urdu speaker so some of the references go over my head lol

  • I usually do not like sequels as the sequels usually fail to meet the expectations set by the prequel. I am pleasantly surprised with this one though. Many actors are the same, have a similar get-up, similar locations but still it feels quite new.

    It is interesting for sure. I am interested to know more about Omair Rana’s character and his history too.

    Sabz Ali’s dance reminded me of Tora Khan’s dance from Sang-e-Mar Mar. Looking forward to know more about the story.