Sang e Mah Episode 7 Story Review – Strong Storytelling

Ohkay so, every episode of Sang e Mah begins on a strong note & ends even stronger. There is so much intrigue when it comes to the story as well as the characters & I must say, the director has done a commendable job in keeping that mysterious vibe alive so far. Despite knowing these characters somewhat, you just want to learn more about them. There are also so many subliminal hints & messages related to the characters that actually make you think about them as the episode progresses. It won’t be wrong to say that Sang e Mah is one of the strongest dramas on air right now.

Past Happenings

In the middle of this chaos, I find it really nice that both Zarsanga, as well as Shehrzaad, have found a friend in each other. Zarsanga comfortably tells her everything & she listens carefully. I actually did not expect that Shehrzaad will open up in front of Zarsanga but it seems she is just as lonely, therefore she couldn’t resist confiding in Zarsanga. Their conversations always sound genuine & relateable. It is nice to know that two women from different backgrounds are finding it so easy to talk to each other, it just goes to show that they longed for emotional support all this while & now that they have found it, it is helping them. It also makes me wonder that later when Shehrzaad will find out the truth about the circumstances in which Zarsanga & Marjan got married, she might be able to help Hilmand change his perspective & see his mother differently.

The story that Zarsanga told Shehrzaad suggested that Hilmand actually had a good relationship with Marjan all his life. About 2 years ago things changed between them. I feel it must’ve been during that time when Hilmand must’ve found out that Marjan didn’t just get married to his mother, but he actually had killed his father too. This piece of information kind of solved the conundrum but then again, you just don’t know what to expect in Sang e Mah.

One thing is clear that Haji Marjan definitely is one such person who does not like to be defeated. He can not stand it, therefore he will do what it takes to manipulate the situation to his favor. All his life, he manipulated Hilmand into believing that he was this perfect father figure to him, who not only loved his mother but also accepted Hilamand wholeheartedly. However, the things he has said about Hilmand in some of the recent conversations he has had with Zarsanga are enough to show what he actually felt about Hilmand. Haji Marjan can definitely be termed as a manipulator & somehow, now when his manipulation is not really working, he is definitely becoming restless.

This episode dug deeper into what happened between Zarghona & Mastaan. Zarghona actually believed that her husband Asad Ullah never uttered what Mastaan was accusing him of. They have been shown to co-exist peacefully but in the recent events, the way Zarghona has also spoken against Mastaan’s set of beliefs definitely shows that her family harbored these feelings & sentiments against the entire Sikh community. I really enjoy the stark contrast between Mastaan Singh of the past & the present. He actually was emotionally driven but now, he has actually calmed himself down. He doesn’t look like the same person anymore. I think he happens to be the only one who has actually shown growth in this regard because when it comes to the rest of the characters, they all seem pretty much the same now as they were in their past!

Gulmeena & Hikmat as a couple are definitely my favorites & I really feel for them both. They not only love each other wholeheartedly but compliment each other so well. However, it is said that the circumstances are totally against them. For the first time, I felt that Zarghona’s heart melted. The way she ran after everything that Gulmeena said went to show that she doesn’t want any of this to happen because she holds Hikmat as well as Hilmand close to her heart. She has everything against Marjan but not against his sons. Also, this reaction of Zarghona came at the right time because all this while, she actually looked detached & a bit too rigid, but it was definitely nice seeing that she was very much in touch with her emotions but was just putting up a brave face for the sake of this world.

I don’t know why, I have a feeling that Sabz Ali is again going to land Hilmand in trouble. The flashback didn’t include Sabz Ali’s name without a reason. He definitely is a confused character & although he might not be an evil person at heart, he definitely is the kind of friend who can turn into a foe without even realizing it. I hope Hilmand knows what he is doing now that he has appointed Sabz Ali as his assistant. However, I will say that all these supporting characters also have such a strong contribution to the story that you actually want to see them more.

Strong Performances

This episode of Sang e Mah was definitely interesting & ended on an emotional note. Sania Saeed is definitely the star of the episode. Hania Amir’s performance was spell-binding. She actually makes you feel for Gulmeena & I must commend her for keeping her overall look quite natural. It adds more depth to her performance. I am low-key sad that this episode did not have a lot more episodes of Hilmand. Kubra Khan has done justice to the character of Shehrzaad & has given such a measured performance as a journalist on her own journey that you automatically warm up to her. Noman Ejaz is another star of this drama, the way he has worked on his looks in both the past as well as the present scenes is commendable. Sang e Mah is a brilliantly written drama & the story is being told equally well. Props to the entire team. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sang e Mah.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • Thanks, for the review, Zahra. It was another good episode. I have several noticeable & emotional moments from this episode as well.
    First, looking at the past for the childhood scene between Hilmand-Hikmat, was refreshing. Back then as well, Hikmat was a strong follower of Hilmand. Second, a noticeable & emotional scene was between Mastaan singh & Harshali. Noticeable is because, here not just the killing of a man was happened & covered the deed by religious color, but to hide the actual cause, which was the fear by the killer. Very good to summarize the incident by saying, “it was the murder of fear by a fear.” And emotional because, in the whole sequence of fear & lie, hiding Harshali’s involvement was given importance. Her name was saved then and 20 years till now, so how she can associate her name with someone else. She made herself obligatorily devoted to Mastaan singh and I respect her feelings. Another emotional scene between Gulmeena & her mother Zarghona. The mother, in her heart, is very sorrowful for the things happening in her daughter’s life and now giving up love by her was feeling much by the mother and that’s why she wanted Gulmeena to speak out & get relaxed. That’s why she was trying all the methods. The hair message method (balon mein tel lagana), usually works well in such situations. The one who gets messaged, always speaks the heart out to the oil applicator & the two have a good discussion, usually. But, Gulmeena did not respond to this, so her mother tried another trick, to let her eat. This way she could be able to make her talk. But this did not work as well. Finally, she tried her own trick of message her feet. That was too emotional a scene for me to see how desperate a mother is to get her daughter to talk & relax her feelings a little bit. Finally, the scene between Zarsangha & Shaherzaad when she enquires about later’s personal life. There are two catches here, first; Zarsangha was feeling that her own life is messed up now and Shaherzaad’s life will be very much comfortable. But all it seems right is not always true. Her life is also having a bad past. Second, by knowing her past life, we understand now why Shaherzaad is very adamant/dedicated in following Gagh. She is actually against the forced act to women; in any form, it comes.

  • An interesting episode and good review! I had the exact thoughts about Sabz Ali resulting from different scenes that he was in, including the flashback. I somehow feel that Sabz Ali has a role to play in Hilmand and Haji drifting apart, may be Sabz Ali has a hidden motive which will be revealed gradually.

    I love the chemistry between Harshali and Mastaan, and Hikmat-Gulmeena. Gulmeena’s emotional state will force Hikmat to take action against Hilmand. Their scenes were well acted too.

    I can’t help but notice the similarities between Sang-e-MarMar and Sang-e-Mah… such similarity was the reference of a ‘pagal kutta’. Looking forward to watch the story unfold.

  • Thanks for the review Zahra. There is definitely more for Haji Marjan but I still stick to the point that Hilmand has weak ears and believes whatever is said to him by his so-called friends. Sabz Ali told Hilmand that Marjan is his step-dad and told Hikmat that Hilmand like Gulmeena. He is playing the part of conflict, first between Hilmand and Marjan and now Hikmat and Hilmand. There is something behind his intentions.
    I liked the confrontation between Zarghuna and Gulmeena where she tells her “Har koi tumhari tarha bahadur nahi hota amma, k rishton k saamne aa kr khara ho jaye”. Had Zarghuna agreed to Hikmat’s proposal, things would’ve been different. Gulmeena is angry towards her mother for that but is now helpless due to Hikmat’s lack of Hikmat.
    Let’s see how the story unfolds.