Sang e Mah Episode 8 Story Review – Magical

Ohkay so, Sang e Mah continues to beautifully unfold. This has become a story that has everything to do with the emotions that are being experienced by the dwellers of Las Peeran. It won’t be wrong to say that watching the world of Sang e Mah on my screen is nothing short of a treat, a magical journey that takes me along. This episode was extremely emotional & showed a different side of all these characters that I so far thought I knew relatively better.

Magical & Emotionally Charged

Who would’ve thought that we’d get to see Badam Gul’s emotional side too? I love how all of them stand by their word. All this while I thought Badam Gul had nowhere to go & probably nothing much to do, therefore he decided to stay with Zarghona & help her out. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this entire scenario was so much more than that & meant a lot more to Badam Gul. He saw Asad Ullah as his brother & after his murder, he felt obliged to stay & help Zarghona. The conversation between him & Gulmeena regarding Mastaan was absolutely sweet too. It clearly shows that Mastaan has given his all to compensate & pay for his crimes; so much so that those who are directly linked to Asad Ullah also don’t see him guilty anymore. However, when it comes to Zarghona, it’s a completely different story.

I loved the insight they gave us into Zarghona’s character & her journey. For people, she is a rebellious Zarghona who questions & challenges them every step of the way, who defies their norms & does what she deems right. However, no one truly understands or even wants to peek through the storm of emotions that have been brewing in her. The way Zarghona mourned the loss of her child, even after so many years was enough to show what she has gone through & how deeply affected she is. It definitely is not easy putting up a brave face but on the other side, she has not let any of this lose touch with her emotions. Asad Ullah wanted to name his second child Gulmeena, but because Zarghona lost that child, she may have probably changed the name of her first daughter. This was another beautiful detail that added a lot more depth to Zarghona’s mindset & how she hasn’t truly recovered from this trauma. After witnessing it all, I don’t think it’s wrong to say that Zarghona actually loved her husband deeply that is why she has made her entire life all about him & also about what happened to him.

The Jirga scene was again quite intense; it showed how Zarghona didn’t succumb to any pressures & did what she believed in. Also, Mastaan Singh realized the gravity of his crimes & how deeply he affected Zarghona’s life, therefore he let her be the one who decided his fate. At this point, it truly makes you wonder whether Zarghona will ever come to terms with what happened & free herself from these daunting burdens of the past. Will she ever be able to forgive Mastaan & accept all of his efforts as his compensation? I am keen to see that!

As the episodes progress, it is becoming a lot more clear that Haji Marjan Khan definitely is a shady character. He will do what it takes to look good & righteous to the entire world, but deep down, won’t do much to turn away from the evil plans & schemes that seemingly make things easier for him. Although the idea wasn’t his own but Marjan also didn’t truly shy away from wanting Hilmand dead. He knows the power he has over these people, therefore he is the one who ends up being responsible for what really happens. This episode made it very clear that Marjan wants Hilmand out of the way; even if it is at the cost of his life.

Shehrzaad definitely brings a new dimension to the story & the scenario in Las Peeran. I must say, it was actually enjoyable seeing how nicely they have used Shehrzaad’s character to show an outsider’s perspective about it all. Her optimism at one point seemed cute where she actually believed Zarsanga & Marjan’s words & thought all it will take her would be a single conversation with Hilmand to convince him. She really thought she could fix everything but little did she know that she was about to meet Hilmand, a mysterious man who sees the world around him differently. Who will also change her perspective & empower her to face & fight her inner demons. I must say, the interaction between Hilmand & Shehrzaad was simply magical. It was written beautifully & acted even better. The way Shehrzaad stood there spellbound, unable to take her eyes off Hilmand, trying to decipher every word that he uttered & Hilmand just being who he is, seemingly free-spirited who has so much running through his mind. Shehrzaad actually forgot why she was there but knew whatever was happening was something special & she couldn’t let go of it. Shehrzaad probably for the first time felt such a rush of emotions because maybe she felt protected for the first time. The black shawl was a true depiction of it & the way she held onto it showed this is exactly what she wanted. It was truly beautiful.

Shehrzaad knew she had to return but what actually happened further convinced her that she had to burn the bridge & never look back. It must’ve been possible that she actually stood up for herself for the first time & did not hold back in saying what she felt. She has changed & Hilmand has a lot to do with the shift that Shehrzaad not only felt but acted upon. It was really very interesting to witness.

Phenomenal Performances

This episode of Sang e Mah was beautiful & emotionally charged. However, this entire episode for me was about the interaction between Hilmand & Shehrzaad. Atif Aslam has really done wonders as Hilmand & not even for once does he let you feel this character should’ve been portrayed by someone else. Kubra Khan has also been phenomenal as Shehrzaad. The subtlety in her body language, in her demeanor, the perplexity & then the grief on Shehrzaad’s face; all of it has been convincingly portrayed by Kubra. Nauman Ejaz is known to give spellbinding performances & Sania Saeed is a class apart. Each & every scene of hers has been a treat to watch. I really commend Hania Amir for playing the character of Gulmeena so beautifully, she has brought a lot of cuteness & charm to the drama. Hassan Noman is another favorite & I thoroughly enjoy watching Badam Gul & everything that he has to say & confess. Sang e Mah is getting stronger with each passing episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sang e Mah.

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  • Thanks, for review, Zahra & good catch of renaming first child as Gulmeena. It was another wonderful episode. The major highlight for me in this episode was, Marjan’s brilliant mind game of using Awwal Khan to kill Hilmand. The way he made Awwal Khan recall the story of killing Himal Khan by Zardad Khan over abusing an English woman and using this tale to kill Hilmand over the expectation of abusing Shaherzad, was a brilliant plan. Back then, Though doubt of enmity between Zardad & Himal, Zardad khan got excused from killing Himal because of the woman’s confession of abusing her. Here, Marjan wanted to create the same atmosphere through Shaherzad & planned to spare the life of Awwal khan if he kills Hilmand. The way he made Awwal khan confident that even he kills Hilmand, he will be saved with this plan, was marvelous.
    The other highlight was the discussion between Gulmeena & Badam Gul. Badam Gul’s bond with late Asadullah & the sacrifice he made of his own marriage for the sake of that only bond even after Asadullah’s death, was appreciable & emotional for me. Though he keeps the bond with Asadullah, he also values the great sacrifice Mastan Singh has made for his life as a servant and that’s why he does not hate Mastan, in fact, he respects him more & helps him in the work. I liked Gulmeena’s emotions when she realizes the sacrifices these two men have made for her family. On a separate note, Mastan Singh’s sacrifice is highly appreciable. He is the man, who initially wanted to get spared for his killing under the fake religionizing the whole act but opted to be a servant for his whole life instead after realizing he also indirectly killed an innocent unborn child. Here, you can see the feared man regret his unintentional act of killing, by living an unmarried servant life.
    And, the meeting of Shaherzad with Hilmand, was also a highlight. She was first astonished to see Hilmand because she has a picture of an insane man for Hilmand but when she saw him, she realizes that he is not insane or aggressive even but a guy who once gave her philosophical advice. Her perception of him is changed suddenly when she saw him and that made her speechless, but she keep on talking through her eyes. And good to see that an orphan girl accidentally knowing a strange family but found out to be more affectionate & supportive to her.
    Lastly, I liked the way Atif Aslam & Nouman Ejaz chose to walk portraying Hilmand & Marjan khan. Atif is putting a little stress on his right leg & slightly bending towards the right while walking with shawl on his shoulder, which becomes a style for him. And Nouman Ejaz leaning forward & making a slight hump on his back and walking this way looks great to see how an actor sleeps into the role. Likewise, Hassan Nouman’s walk & even drunk condition including whole-body movement as Badam Gul, is superb.

  • Uff was waiting for your review on this episode. I keep getting astonished at the way the story unfolds each week, a magical journey indeed. Hats off to the writing crew,The way they have drafted each and every character is extraordinary. The cast does a magnificanr job week in and out.

    Last week Mastaan and Harshali scene and this week between Shehrezad and Hilmand have my heart. Beautiful.

    I hope this show continues to amaze us.

    Great review, Zahra!

  • where is sinf-e-aahan review????
    Sange mah is also an enjoyable draama but we love sinf-e-aahan, more than any current on air dramas
    so sad u r not reviewing it