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Sang e Marmar Episode 09 Review – A Grave Misunderstanding!

Ohkay so, team Sang e Marmar did it again, they gave us another beautiful episode which was directed perfectly. It is amazing how the writer has written all the intricacies so intelligently. I love how each & every page of this story unfolds particularly but brings so many underlying complications with it. Both, the writer & the director deserve full marks for working in harmony with each other because where the writer came up with such a brilliant plot, the director has shown us how much understanding & intelligence he had with which he executed a screenplay like this. Even though I have said it before too, I will say that again, that Sang e Marmar is a result of a hard work of a very intelligent team so once again, thank you so much Team Sang e Marmar for giving us such a beautiful drama.

I must say, Torah Khan is unmatchable. The way Torah uses his brains & plays one card after another makes him unbeatable, especially amongst people who really don’t believe in thinking things through, that is the reason why Torah ends up winning every single time as no one can reach the level of intelligence that he has. I am not sure if it was because of the urge to avenge his mother’s death or he was born that way, but Torah for sure is a very intelligent man because of which he molds every single situation in his favor without even allowing his victim to know what his actual feelings are. Torah knew that he will never be able to refuse Gulistan Khan if he will approach Torah for Palwasha’s proposal, that is why, he used his wife Sherbano as he knew that reverse psychology works best on her. Torah faked his happiness at the thought of Safiullah & Palwasha’s marriage so much that it automatically convinced Sherbano to oppose it with all her heart. It is actually quite amusing how everyone looks down on Torah but he is the one who has read each & every single person in & out & that is why he uses them as a pawn while they are oblivious to be acting like his puppets. Similarly, he convinced Safiullah to do everything to avenge Gohar’s death as he knows that in this scenario, the chances of Safiullah being killed were high!!!

Saif ur Rehman’s wife gave her husband a good news that Guslitan Khan forgave him & in return he agreed to take Shireen as a compensation price for Gohar’s murder. It is actually unfortunate that a lot of curious readers spoiled the suspense for me, so I already know that Shireen & Aurang aren’t meant to be, but while watching this episode, I couldn’t help appreciate the director’s approach where he carefully didn’t give away anything & made it seem like Shireen will get married to Aurang. Everyone was actually mistaken about the fact that Gulistan chose to forgive Saif ur Rehman & he accepted his sister’s proposal for Aurang, but Gulistan has another plan in his mind. Ever since Saif ur Rehman’s wife left, Gulistan didn’t speak about Palwasha & he didn’t even dignify Sherbano’s concerns with a response as in his heart, he knew that he found his prey & he will kill two birds with one stone. Gulistan will definitely get Shireen married to Safiullah & that way, where he will get a grandchild, he will make sure that Safiullah treats his second wife; Saif ur Rehman’s sister like a doormat. Gulistan Khan also knows that Aurang will never mistreat a woman let alone his wife, that is why, he will never let Aurang get married to Shireen. Even though Gulistan Khan has not told anyone about it, this is exactly the reason why he seemed so calm & chose to forgive Saif ur Rehman so easily, because like everyone suggests, he being a ‘soodkhor’ will make the most of Gohar’s death eventually!

This episode revolved around the entire misunderstanding everyone had about Shireen & Aurang’s marriage. Even Aurang’s mother thought that Gulistan Khan chose Palwasha for Safiullah & Shireen for Aurang. Similarly, ever since Shireen eavesdropped on Saif’s wife, she assumed that she will be getting married to Aurang too. My heart actually sank every time I saw her imagining her peaceful life with Aurang because she is oblivious of what life has in store for her. Shireen’s character is so admirable & so so so positive, that I would hate to see her suffering that too because of a woman like Saif’s wife & a man like Gulistan Khan. Even though Aurang has not forgotten about his brother’s death & even though he seemed a little uncomfortable with the idea of getting married at this stage in such circumstances, the thought of Shireen did come to his mind & he knows that in this entire situation, she is innocent. I am already feeling so bad for Shireen because she has so much of hope & she is so happy with the idea of her marriage with Aurang that when her dreams will shatter, it will be so hard for her pick up the pieces.

Safiullah loves Gullalai & it was good to see that but sadly, Gulistan Khan has never allowed him to live a peaceful life & he has snatched the right of living a life his way from his son, that is why despite not wanting to get married, Safiullah can’t say no to his father. It is actually heart-wrenching to see a harmless soul like Gullalai being mistreated but sadly, everyone is so self absorbed that they can’t see her pain, except Aurang & his mother. The conversation between Gullalai & Safiullah was so special while still being depressing & sadly it ended on a bitter note, but what good it did was that it gave Gullalai a chance to speak & she for sure gave Sherbano a much needed shut-up call. Sherbano may loath Torah as much as she wants, but the fact still remains that she is his wife & even if she doesn’t accept him as her husband, everyone uses that to pinch her where she can’t say anything as she can’t undo the reality & she can never escape it as well!

Overall, this episode was beautiful & I will commend the director for such a flawless direction of this amazing script. After watching this episode & even the precap of next episode, if the reader’s hadn’t spoiled it for me, I could’ve never guessed that Shireen & Aurang weren’t meant to be. The director till now didn’t give away the turning point of the story & very carefully made it look like that is exactly what was going to happen but sadly, the editors of the OST & some curious readers gave away everything & spoiled the biggest suspense for me & this is exactly the reason why I say that I hate spoiler alerts & I choose to stay away from the OST’s of those dramas that I am going to review as well. Anyways, the acting of all the actors was on-fleek & this episode once again a lot of meaningful dialogues to its credit too. Kubra Khan has made Shireen’s character so admirable. The entire cast, protagonists or the supporting actors, each & every single one of them has contributed in making this drama a success because if it wasn’t for their phenomenal performance, this drama would have never made such an impact. It is amazing to see a joint effort of an entire team being this good, where the writer conceived of an idea, the director understood it & explained it to the actors & the actors in the end translated it on screen phenomenally. I once again thank each & everyone of you guys who have been associated with this project & were a part of this team, for giving us such an amazing drama. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Sang e Marmar.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

PS: Thursday seems so far away!!!

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