Sang e Marmar Episode 14 – Captivating to The Core!

Ohkay so, I think I am running short of words when it comes to praising Sang e Marmar week after week because I don’t think my words will do justice to the hard-work that the entire team of Sang e Marmar has put in to bring this drama to us. This happens to be one such drama that literally takes me into another world & is so captivating that I just love everything about it. I think this drama should be watched by all the drama-makers of Pakistani drama industry with pens & papers in their hands so that they can take notes on how a story should be dramatized. Honestly speaking, Sang e Marmar has set the bar so high & it gives me immense pleasure to be watching & reviewing a drama like this because it is something else.

I love love love how the director is taking the story forward. Even though with a little focus on Saif ur Rehman & Bulbul Khan, we did get to know that things are going to be unfolded pretty soon but I liked this episode for the fact that the focus kept on shifting on everyone else too. The director is taking his sweet time in revealing things, it is like teasing the viewers by showing a little bit of what they want to see & then shifting the focus on something entirely different which is just as convincing & just as captivating as the truth that Saif ur Rehman is yearning to find out. Even though this episode started off at a note where we saw Saif ur Rehman all restless & confused, eager to find out the truth about his sister, so just when I thought that today he will get the answers to all of his questions, he took a backseat & everyone else came into the foreground. I love how the director has maintained a balance between all the characters by giving them equal coverage & how the writer has made all these characters & their situations so strong & interesting, that you don’t really mind seeing each one of them getting a screen time!

Saif ur Rehman finally met Bulbul Khan & honestly speaking, I had such a good laugh at how Bulbul tried to act all innocent, whereas even he knows that Saif ur Rehman is aware of the fact that Bulbul was the one who instigated everything & he is the link that will lead Saif ur Rehman to the truth that he is in search of. Hassan Noman & his timing just can never go wrong & it is amazing how he steals the show in such a limited screen time. Even though in that scene where Saif ur Rehman should’ve been the center of attention, hands down it was Bulbul Khan/Hassan Noman, only because of his flawless acting!

I am so glad that Noman Ejaz was a part of this episode because just seeing him made everything fall into its place. Noman Ejaz’s screen presence is just so strong that he actually made everything look complete. Now that Gulistan Khan has brought Shireen in his home & now that he knows he is relying on her to give him a grandchild, he is trying to make her feel comfortable because all the things that he said about women & wives in general, behind her back were his real feelings & I won’t be surprised if after getting a grandchild, he will leave everything in Saifullah’s hands to come to a decision about his second wife. Right now, Gulistan Khan needs Shireen for something just so important that he is tolerating her by carrying a facade on his face.

Now that Safiullah is showcasing his frustration at Shireen’s addition in his life, I so wish he had mustered up the courage before saying yes to Gulistan Khan & following his orders like a minion. Safiullah can not bring himself to a point where he is ready to treat Shireen as his wife & for that reason, he told Aurang to take her away from him, but I guess things would’ve been far more easier for all of them if Safiullah had manned up a little & had taken a stand in front of his father before this marriage took place because he was entitled to it. The conversation Gulistan & Safiullah had about women & wives in general went to show how Gulistan was ‘teaching’ Safiullah to be a man, because he deems him as his one true successor, that is why Gulistan wants his son Safiullah to follow through his footsteps & become exactly like him so that when he is no more, his son makes sure that the entire household is still running on Gulistan Khan’s ideology.

Sherbano was just looking for a chance to live in her father’s home, that is why she came up with this hideous accusation about Gullalai being interested in Torah Khan, as she has a score to settle with both Torah & Gullalai, so she fabricated this entire story. It was quite interesting to see how Sherbano tried to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Shireen because she knew, this way, she’d not only be able to divide Gullalai & Shireen, but will also be able to use Shireen against Gullalai too. During that conversation, despite knowing that Sherbano can never be ‘this’ sweet, I still felt bad for her & thought of giving her a benefit of doubt because yes, you never know, may be Gohar’s death might have taken a toll on her mind but then I was reminded of the fact that she got married to Torah & turned his life into hell when her brother Gohar was alive, so she is a faulty piece by default & she was only using Gohar’s death to turn herself into a victim, which she is definitely not!

‘Toray se jhagra kar ke ai ho?’
‘To phir baqi sab ka jhagra karwanay ai hogi!’

This little conversation said it all. Also, the way Gulistan questioned his wife about Sherbano went to show that even he was aware of what trouble Sherbano could instigate in his house. The way Torah was treated like an outsider went to show that despite knowing what his daughter is capable of, Gulistan still doesn’t want Torah to believe that he is better than her or that he is more a part of Gulistan’s family, than Sherbano. The note at which the episode ended actually was quite unpredictable & like I have said before, this is what the beauty of this script is that the tables are turned at such a time & in such a way when you’re least expecting them to turn. Torah definitely scored a win this time & I am looking forward to see how Gulistan will put an end to this episode that Sherbano has started because he has definitely taken a step in the right direction.

Overall, this episode was beautiful & I can’t remember how many times I had a hearty laugh at all those mean & sarcastic dialogues like ‘ye terhi bohat jaldi ghussal ke takht pe seedhi hone wali hai’, haha. Massive props to the dialogue writer for having such an amazing sense of humor filled with sarcasm & also, props to the director for having a sense of humor too because he actually turns simplest of situations & scenarios into something humorous like Bulbul being dragged towards Saif ur Rehman’s car & Bulbul trying to run away after having his food. Uzma Hassan & Hassan Noman definitely took the crown in this episode with their phenomenal performance. Also, I love how all the actors have elaborated different emotions on screen, like Gulistan Khan’s wife wanting to feel the warmth of his hand on her forehead, but being disappointed when he chose not to fulfill such a sweet little demand of hers. Sania Saeed has perfectly portrayed the feelings & emotions of a wife who loves her husband & has accepted him just the way he is, despite having this disappointed look pasted on her face, which tells a tale of all the sacrifices she has made till date for her husband.

The preview of the next episode suggested that the husbands will be losing their patience with their wives, I am sure Torah’d have his reasons but not sure what will push Safiullah to do such a thing with Shireen. I wish Saif ur Rehman finds the truth as soon as possible because that way, Torah will have to do some explaining & I actually want to see what he will have to say about it! Please share your thoughts about this amazing amazing amazing episode of Sang e Marmar & once again, THANK YOU TEAM SANG E MARMAR for giving us such an amazing drama. :)

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