Sang e Marmar Episode 15 Review – Sheer Brilliance!

Ohkay so, like all the previous episodes of Sang e Marmar, this episode was intense, interesting & filled with some amazing dialogues as well. I love love love how everything is unfolding in this drama, slowly but steadily, everything is falling into its right place. I love how after initial few fast paced episodes, the director has slowed down the pace of the drama because I actually think it was needed for the viewers to grasp everything that is now happening in this drama. I think it is because of detailing & somewhat slower pace that I am able to understand each & every character way better!

“Mujhe pata hai ke kahan takat lagani hai aur kahan hikmat”
, Gulistan Khan knows himself a bit too well. Gulistan Khan has not reached at this stage in his life through destiny or luck, rather he has achieved it all himself through his perseverance & intelligence. I actually find it so interesting that in the previous episodes, when I saw Gulistan Khan treating Shireen with respect & kindness, I knew it was only because of the favor he was expecting from her & in this episode, that thing was further elaborated & proved. I love how in this drama, the writer & the director have worked hard to make the viewers understand the ‘personality’ of all the characters, because this is something that hardly happens in our dramas these days as so much is left to the imagination of the viewers that they opt for their own interpretation, but that is not the case with Sang e Marmar. It is absolutely incredible that just in the very beginning of the drama, the director introduced all the characters to the viewers in such a way that we have no issues in understanding their thought process now & we know how their minds work.

It was too obvious that Gulistan Khan only has one thing on his mind & that is his grandchild, which he believes he will get because of Shireen. May be that is why Gulistan Khan sent Sherbano back to her home, as he knew that keeping her at his home will only create more obstacles & problems for each & every family member. I won’t be surprised if after his dream is materialized, Gulistan Khan will get back to Torah & Sherbano & will then settle a score because he obviously loves his daughter too. Also, this particular move of Gulistan gave Gullalai a safety net to believe that she is still a part of this family, just so that if Safiullah starts treating Shireen as his wife, she doesn’t have an objection with it. Gulistan Khan is a very calculative person & that is why, just a small step changed the dynamics of the house completely because he knows what should be done, when & how!

“Tumhare safaid nakhray pe appna kala haath tab tak rakhoonga, jab tak tum tarap tarap kar haram(?) nahi ho jati”, for the first time, Torah lost his cool with Sherbano & this is only because he got the edge with the decision that Gulistan Khan took in his favor & against Sherbano’s wishes. All this while, Torah knew that Sherbano had a strong back & he also knew what she meant to Gulistan Khan that is why he couldn’t harm her emotionally or even physically but just because this time around, his decision wasn’t in favor of his own daughter, Torah grabbed the opportunity to make certain things clear with his wife. Even though Torah has tolerated each & everything that Sherbano has said about him, he made it pretty clear that he won’t allow her to drag Palwasha into their clash of egos. I am sure this won’t stop Sherbano because she feeds on negativity & with the news of Aurang & Palwasha’s marriage on the way, I am interested to see the havoc she will create.

To be honest, as much as I like Gullalai, as much as I feel for her & I as much as I understand her insecurity about losing her husband to his new wife, I am not feeling her attitude & behavior with Shireen. Throughout the episode, I found myself nodding in affirmation with what Gullalai said to Safiullah & how she wanted him to accompany her to the clinic too, but to see her targeting Shireen & doubting her intentions was distasteful. I understand Gullalai’s insecurities because as a married woman, she only has her husband, whom she is possessive about to an extent of being obsessed with him, so for her to accept his marriage is definitely hard but after seeing Shireen & her behavior with everyone especially with Gullalai herself, how can she blame her for things she is not even responsible for?

Safiullah dude, you lost my respect. I find it funny how Safiullah’s ‘sabun’ is so slow that he is now taking all the right decisions at the wrong time. He now wants his wife to get medically treated that too after he got married to Shireen. Yes, he can not accept Shireen as his wife, that’s perfectly alright & also his love for Gullalai is very sweet, like it is really nice to see him doing everything to assure his first wife that she is still his priority but to see him mistreating a harmless soul like Shireen was sad. It would’ve been so good if Safiullah had taken a stand before saying yes to his 2nd marriage!

I must say, even though I know that everything that Gulistan Khan is saying to Shireen is only because of an ulterior motive, I actually enjoyed a few conversations that they shared. It was nice to see Gulistan appreciating Shireen’s opinionatedness & her fearlessness, because somehow he saw a reflection of himself in her, I know Gulistan Khan is just being nice with her for his own benefit but it was good to see Shireen getting some sort of emotional support in a place where she is constantly reminded of the fact that she is unwanted!

I once again fell in love with Safiullah Ki Ma (that’s the name that is being used for her), like how cute can one be, awww!!! I love love love how she plays her part & tries to rectify the situation in a subtle way. Even though she knows she has a very limited control over how things run in her family, she doesn’t stop doing the best she could to keep things straight & uncomplicated. Safiullah Ki Ma loves Aurang to bits & that is why, she was so not in a favor of the plan that Safiullah devised where he was depending on Aurang to take Gullalai to the clinic outside their village. Even though their plan seemed straightforward, Safiullah Ki Ma stopped it from happening because she loves being a mother to Aurang more than she would love to become a grandmother to Safiullah’s child.

It was actually quite interesting to see Gulistan Khan putting his ‘hikmat’ to good use & then hitting a bulls-eye, because when he told Safiullah to send Gullalai to her village, the exchange of glances between the couple showed how they were rejoicing at the opportunity they were getting without having to put anyone’s life or relationship in danger, but the next statement from Gulistan deprived them of their happiness as he told Safiullah to return the same day. Gulistan Khan is quite a player I must say & I don’t think apart from Torah, there is anyone in this family who can defeat Gulistan Khan in mind games!

Overall, this episode was absolutely brilliant. Even though I have said it time & again that Noman Ejaz & Sania Saeed are the backbone of this drama, in this particular episode, I just loved loved loveddddddddd their performances, like they have literally owned these characters to an extent that they look real to me. This is the kind of a feeling that I felt for the characters of Diyar-e-Dil like Agha Jaan, Arjumand, Suhaib where I found them too real & now this is happening again, where each & every single character, Gulistan Khan, Safiullah Ki Ma, Shireen, Gullalai, Aurang, Palwasha, TORAH, Sherbano, they all are just so so so real in my imagination & in my eyes, that despite being creepy it is amazing, haha!!! I loveee the house they have chosen as Gulistan Khan’s house, the clean & minimalistic furniture & the sunlit rooms just make everything seem so calming & visually appeasing. I love the usage of different sound-effects, like they have used it tactfully, without overdoing it as it actually adds depth to all the scenes. Also, even though he didn’t make an appearance in this episode, I am feeling so bad for Bulbul because he is getting tortured by Saif ur Rehman, awww, stay strong Bulbul!!! Sigh, the wishful thinker in me got excited for a second when I saw a look on Palwasha’s face when she spotted Aurang & Shireen together, where I felt may be she will back out but the news of their upcoming marriage in the precap put a lid on my excitement! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this beautiful, brilliant & amazing episode of Sang e Marmar. :)

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PS: Koi accha bacha mujhe Safiullah Ki Ma ka naam bata de!!!

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