Sang e Marmar Episode 23 Review – Faultless!

Ohkay so, this episode of Sang e Marmar, like all the previous episodes was beautiful & special. I love how everything is falling in its right place. Even though the way things are being sorted goes to show that the drama is nearing its end but I know that it is one such drama that is going to leave a void in the viewers’ lives. Even though the pace of the drama has been on the slower side because a lot of things are being explained & unraveled, but it somehow seems justified & necessary that the director decided to take things slow to make everything seem more impactful. Isn’t it amazing that the story of Sang e Marmar has so much to offer, that the number of episodes at this stage don’t even matter & in fact seem justified because everything that is being shown is important & has a purpose.

Durkhane finally decided to reveal the truth to her brother because the guilt was becoming overbearing for her. To be honest, even though I did have a feeling that Durkhane won’t die but to see Shareefullah’s wise & forgiving approach was such a fresh of breath air. It was actually quite nice to see a brother, that too belonging to such a background where pride is put on a pedestal higher than anything else, having such an approach where he not only had the heart to forgive his sister but also gave her a chance to explain everything that she had to say. Yes, the call for prayer played the major part because for a second, the pride did get the better of Shareefullah but he chose to be a bigger person. To hear Shareefullah say that Durkhane committed a mistake & not a sin was actually quite nice. Also, I think it was the soft corner that Shareefullah had for Shireen helped him in forgiving his sister too because he was actually quite happy to know that everything that he was told about Shireen was nothing but a lie.

Another breath of fresh air was seeing Shireen thinking about herself & all the possibilities of her getting married to Aurang. To be honest, I actually did expect Shireen to turn into a sacrificial lamb where she would immediately say no to what Gulistan suggested, thinking that she gave her word to Palwasha but everything that Shireen said or felt seemed far more realistic & relatable. Shireen has loved Aurang all her life but it’s just that when her life didn’t turn out to be how she expected, she shut the doors of hope & dreams on her but now when Da Jee asked her opinion on getting married to Aurang, she could see a ray of hope coming through. Yes, Shireen did a lot of thinking & while at it, she remembered how she handed over her prized possession, her peacock feather to Palwasha signifying the closure she reached when it came to Aurang but then, like she said, she was past this stage where she could even think that something of this sort could possibly happen & now when it has, she is forced to do some thinking. It was good that Durkhane came at the right time & helped Shireen in putting things into perspective. Durkhane reminded Shireen that she never made any promise to Palwasha & now if her life was presenting her with an opportunity, she shouldn’t think twice. The conversation & the entire meeting of Shireen & Durkhane was quite sweet, I somehow felt happy for Durkhane too because where she put the weight off her chest, she also got another news about the possibility of Aurang Shireen marriage, which made her further relieved that things were shaping up for the better.

I enjoyed the conversation that happened between Shareefullah, Gulistan & Torah. It is nice to see a completely different version of Gulistan who is far more wise, forgiving & laid back. The way Gulistan sent Salam to Pari depicted how he actually put everything behind & started afresh. The dialogues have always been the strongest point of this drama & it was interesting how in just a few words, Shareefullah explained how the situation for expats was in UAE. I think one mistake that Shareefullah did was where he chose to tell Torah about his intention of getting married to Shireen, because this is something that Torah can use in the future when he will see that the chances of Palwasha getting married to Aurang are less. I think Shareefullah should have waited to hear Shireen’s answer before saying anything to a family member of Shireen’s in laws. I really really like that even though Shireen has suffered a huge loss in her life, she hasn’t lost her personality & she is still the same; strong & opinionated girl who always believes in truth & honesty because usually in our dramas, it just takes a slip on the bathroom floor for our heroines to turn into damsels in distress but it is actually quite amazing to see a girl like Shireen, who could easily turn herself into a damsel in distress after suffering so much, still holding her ground & still having a personality. I loved how politely Shireen said no to Shareefullah’s proposal & told Durkhane that for her, Shareefullah will always remain a brother, like it is nice to see that Shireen, without having much power & authority still has a voice & can still make her decisions on her own.

I know Pari is a negative character but I liked seeing her as an authoritative businesswoman where she was ordering her employee, like she has an attitude & she is not afraid to show it. The way Shareefullah lied to Pari that he took Durkhane to Shireen’s place went to show that even he has now understood that malice Pari has in her heart for Shireen & he also knew that this news won’t sit well with her because she has practically kicked Shireen out of her life so she doesn’t want anyone around her to have anything to do with Shireen. Also, if Shareefullah had told Pari that he took Durkhane to see Shireen, it would’ve also meant that he believed Shireen was innocent & Pari would’ve asked for an explanation or may be she would’ve said something against Durkhane too because even Shareefullah knows that Pari is aware of the fact that it wasn’t Shireen who used to meet Gohar, therefore he chose to keep everything to himself & spared himself an unnecessary argument or confrontation.

It was good to see Torah back in the picture, the expressions where he slipped on the Halwa were priceless, lol. The conversation that took place between him & Shareefullah where he spoke about Bengalis took him on a different tangent which suggested that Torah doesn’t see Pakistan as his home but then he is not at fault because he has always been a victim of racism because of his mother’s ethnicity. Torah has always been looked down upon because of his complexion, so no wonder he never grew affectionate towards the land he has spent his entire life in. Once again, we saw what Torah as a brother could do & that makes me nervous for Shireen because Torah won’t sit still if he’ll see that Aurang is getting married to Shireen in stead of Palwasha. Torah is someone who might tolerate anything that comes his way but he never ever allows anyone to direct their hatred or malice towards his little sister, so definitely he will do something huge if he will see that Aurang or even Gulistan’s family left Palwasha in the lurch. It was good that Shameem & Gulistan told Aurang to complete his degree & return after Shireen is done with her Iddat, even though the writer hasn’t made a huge issue out of these things but just the way these concepts have been taken care of & conveyed in a right manner makes a lot of difference & goes to show the insight that the writer has when it comes to Islamic concepts, isn’t is nice to see a focus on Riba & Iddat for a change, at least so much better than the overdone & over glamorized Talaqs & Halalas, cheeeee!!!

Anyways, I had a great time watching this episode of Sang e Marmar too. I so want to see a shift in Sherbano’s attitude & a change in her life as well. She has spent her entire marital life in hating her husband & trying to plot against people, trying to show that she has a lot of power which she doesn’t, so I really want to see if she will change & make something good out of her life or not. If Torah’s reality will remain hidden then may be they both have a chance but if he gets exposed then Sherbano will definitely seem justified in her stance. The preview of the next episode seems interesting too, looks like we’re in for another emotional scene between Gulistan & Shameem, also Sherbano will be doing what she is good at, which is spreading hatred against Palwasha. Anyways, it is good that at the moment, Sherbano is only concerned with Palwasha & has forgotten about Shireen though. The direction of this episode like always was perfect, I enjoyed every conversation, every single dialogue, it is actually quite amazing how all these actors have added life in these dialogues by delivering them so effortlessly, it’s like they have owned everything that was written for them, that is why Sang e Marmar has become such a drama which leaves an impact every single time. Kubra Khan for sure was a star of this episode for me, she makes Shireen look beautiful, realistic, relatable & adorable. Kubra Khan really makes us feel Shireen’s pain & also makes us feel that Shireen deserves all the happiness in the world, which is beautiful. All the other actors did a brilliant job too. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Sang e Marmar.

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