Sang e Marmar Last Episode Review – An Epic Journey!

Ohkay so, finally the journey called Sang e Marmar came to an end. I will say that I was finding it hard to keep my interest alive in this episode because I felt there was a lot of focus on things which didn’t seem important but now when it has ended, I feel the director & the writer were saving everything for the very last moment & just because of that, I will say that this entire journey has had a very complete ending which is commendable. Even though the drama-makers tied the loose ends, they still left a lot for the viewers to interpret & imagine, which makes it quite interesting. For the very last time, I will thank the entire team of Sang e Marmar for giving us one of its kind drama to enjoy for so many weeks & I’d also like to congratulate them for their success. Who says the viewers only want saas-bahu sagas, 10 wives stories, dukhyari bechari diaries? Sang e Marmar, as a successful drama proves all of those drama-makers wrong who believe that viewers aren’t intelligent & they will only fall for ghissi pitti stories. Thank you so much Team Sang e Marmar for proving all those drama-makers wrong, I am sure all your viewers must be full of pride & praises for you right now!

So, to be honest, even though I found Sherbano’s apology & her decision of starting afresh genuine & heartfelt, I really didn’t think she deserved to be forgiven so easily & more than that, I really didn’t think she deserved so much of coverage in the last episode at that because I didn’t feel any sympathy for her as she ruined her life because of her own ego as well. Just because Sherbano sighted the mood to make amends, she wanted Torah to forget about all those promises that he made to her & to himself when they both got married. At that moment, I really found Torah justified in drawing the lines & telling Sherbano off clearly that he would never ever treat him as his wife just because she wanted. Even though Torah was a villain but I feel the way Gulistan & Sherbano treated him like a doormat was definitely something that he didn’t deserve. Torah himself was a result of fake pride & ego that Gulistan held onto dearly all his life & I still blame Gulistan for all the things Torah did because no matter what, for a child to see his mother getting brutally assaulted at the age of 11 is unimaginable.

Sherbano reminded Shireen of how she was making Gulistan & Shameem suffer, may be that’s the reason Shireen decided to get married to Torah because she found no other way to escape from them. I feel in this episode, Sherbano’s attempt of redemption & Shireen’s decision of getting married to Torah turned out to be quite sudden & out of the blue. I so wish that in stead of giving the coverage to Bano’s heartbreak & her sob-story, the director & the writer had given us some sort of explanation regarding what forced Shireen & Sherbano to come to these decisions.

Shireen didn’t know that Torah was a paranoid who had some serious trust issues. I definitely knew that even though Torah felt sympathetic towards Shireen when he saw Sherbano beating her up but his proposal definitely came with an ulterior motive, where he wanted to make the final blow & punish Gulistan by torturing his daughter as she was all that was left to be used. Shireen actually gave into Torah’s fake emotions & thought she could move on but she was also reminded of what she meant to Torah because he found out that she was interested in Aurang. The sadness in Shireen’s eyes was portrayed so beautifully by Kubra Khan, I actually felt for her. I really wish, even though I have always liked Shireen’s character & still have no issues with her but I wish the writer hadn’t turned her into a helpless woman who only found marriage as the last & final resort to make things betters or to shape her future because this marriage of hers turned out to be short-lived too so I really feel the writer & the director could’ve definitely done this without this entire Shireen/Torah marriage!

Now, let’s talk about the scene that sealed the deal & marked the ending of Sang e Marmar; the confrontation between Gulistan Khan & Torah Khan. First off, it was quite interesting to see that ever since Torah knew that the ball was in his court & everything turned out to be according to his plan, the change in his body language depicted his over-confidence, because who would’ve thought that a guy like Torah who always posed to be Gulistan’s well-wisher would now look into his eyes & remind him of all the wrongdoings that he has committed till date. Torah still had a point though because all the things that he said left Gulistan speechless because there was no justification that Gulistan could give for beating Rakshi & pushing her to death. Once again, the factor of unpredictability played the part because just when I was losing hope that Gulistan & Shameem would never find out who the real culprit was, Torah Khan ended up confessing his own sins that too in front of the parents of his victims. I am sure no one could’ve imagined that Shameem would be the one who’d pull the trigger & put an end to Torah. I always had a feeling that may be it would be Shireen who’d do that but seeing Shameem firing the bullet somehow completed the picture & made the ending perfect. I loved loved loved how Shameem never left the sense of justice because even though she killed Torah, even though she once again showed her husband that she will stand by him no matter what, even though she proved to be a loyal wife who couldn’t see her husband being mistreated & even though she proved that she was a mother who was still mourning the loss of her 2 sons, she reminded Gulistan that everything that they have faced so far was because of the faulty foundation that he laid. Shameem knew that she took matters in her hands & she was feeling weak, but she still had the courage to remind Gulistan once again that all of this was definitely his fault but just because she was his wife, she was bound to be loyal to him & she was bound to protect him while still being aware of the fact that her husband was the root cause of all these problems! What a beautiful character & what a complete ending!

What I love about Sang e Marmar is that all the characters were so dynamic & their thought process was made so much clear that you could understand what they were doing & most importantly, the reason behind their moves. Even though we all did feel that Torah was wrong & he went overboard, but somehow while blaming him, we never forgot to blame Gulistan Khan because he was the reason why Torah Khan turned out to be like that. Later, when we were made familiar with Gulistan’s background, while still finding him wrong, we always reminded ourselves that he was a result of a faulty upbringing & all those wrong morals & values that his father instilled in him. Another little detail which the writer didn’t forget to add was showing that Gulistan was also suffering from some sort of disease, like at that moment I was reminded that Gulistan lived the way his father lived & he will most probably die the way his father died. I feel Gulistan got the punishment that he deserved at least in this life because he will obviously have to answer for all his sins in his Afterlife too but this life of his turned out to be a nightmare & he most certainly accepted it because he knew he was guilty – another beautifully covered aspect!

So, I really am finding it hard to describe in one word the sort of a journey Sang e Marmar was but the only word that comes to my mind right now is unique. Sang e Marmar was unique because it touched upon so many subjects in such a befitting way that forced us to think as well. How many a times do we come across such dramas that compel us to do some thinking? How many a times do we come across such characters who we form such a strong connection with? Sang e Marmar was a complete journey which gave me so much to take with me now that it has ended. Even though the writer covered so many aspects but the one thing that I will always always always respect him for would be the subject of Riba & the dire consequences that he showed in this drama because somehow everything wraps around it & it definitely serves as the crux of all the lives that were directly & indirectly involved in it. It started off with Baran Khan because he was involved in Riba, he passed it on to his son Gulistan, Gulistan passed it on to Gohar, Safiullah & raised his entire family with the illegal means & that is why, slowly & steadily Gulistan was reminded of the curse that he himself held onto all his life.

I will thank Mustafa Afridi for giving us Sang e Marmar. I will thank Saife Hassan for directing a drama like Sang e Marmar so brilliantly. I will thank the casting director for choosing such an amazing cast that did justice to all the characters & now let’s talk about the heroes of this drama; Noman Ejaz, Sania Saeed, Masroor Paras, Kubra Khan, Syed Tipu Shareef, Uzma Hassan, Kaif Ghaznavi, Omair Rana, Najeeba Faiz, Hassan Noman, Mikaal Zulfikar, Sharmeen Kashif & all those supporting actors who did their jobs really really well. I feel if it wasn’t for all these amazing amazing amazing actors, Sang e Marmar wouldn’t have been what it is. Kubra Khan, Kaif Ghaznavi & Uzma Hassan deserve a special mention. Sania Saeed & Noman Ejaz are going to be remembered as Gulistan Khan & Shameem for such a long time because of their characters & their phenomenal performances. Hassan Noman also added a touch of humor which made things quite lighthearted & fun plus his Pushto accent & mannerisms as Bulbul were phenomenal. Last but definitely not the least, Masroor Paras, for portraying the grey character of Torah Khan to perfection, I must say Noman Ejaz ko ankhain dikhane ke liye bohat himmat chahiye & the way he acted in the last scene, he deserves an award for that. What a brilliant performance by all the actors. I will however say that in the title image, they should have replaced Mikaal Zulfikar with Masroor Paras because Torah was more important & a bigger character than Aurang & after this drama, he is just as big of a star as Mikaal is. Also, Mustafa Afridi deserves a special mention for such amazing dialogues, like it is such a rarity to see such intense situations backed with such powerful dialogues. Now that this drama has ended, it has left me feeling content because everything fell in its right place! What a journey! Thank you so much Team Sang e Marmar once again.

I will thank all my beautiful & amazing readers who made the discussions so interesting & amazing & special thanks to those who shared their perspective with utmost respect. I will also thank those disrespectful readers who turned Sang e Marmar into a matter of life & death because they reminded me how blessed I am to have a real life rather than sulking over reel life & its characters! Thank you to both the lots. Please share your thoughts about this epic journey that will be known as Sang e Marmar!

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