Sar-e-Rah Episode 4 Story Review – Parenting Done Right

This was another episode of Sar-e-Rah which was not faultless but it did manage to put yet another positive message across. With every passing episode the simplicity of the script at times affects the depth and meaning of the stories but it also makes Sar-e-Rah a drama that is for everyone. Even a teenager can watch each one of these episodes and understand the message that is being delivered. Therefore, while the simplicity of the script is a weakness, it is perhaps its strength as well depending on the audience. As one of the representatives of the more ‘mature audience’, I feel that if the script had a little more depth and intensity, these messages would have been far more powerful. While watching this episode, there were a lot of dialogues that sounded ‘too basic’ but just like every other week, by the end of the episode, the viewers were left with a message of hope. The positive and inspiring element of these stories definitely takes the lead.

Sar-e-Rah has definitely been penned down and executed with the best intentions – that is something that shines through even when in each episode you find yourself questioning more than you want to. I am definitely not one of those people who are still asking why these passengers get candid so quickly with the taxi driver since I have accepted the fact that this is indeed the premise of the story. However, it irks me when I find myself questioning multiple aspects of each episode with reference to the story. The way these characters get candid could have been far more convincing. My question isn’t why; my reservation is why in this manner. So far, two of the passengers decided to open up and were looking for support because they were in a vulnerable position. Had these scenes not been so rushed, they would have been easier to relate to. I still feel that each episode of Sar-e-Rah manages to put forward so many positive messages that the flaws in the story are easily relegated to the background. This drama could have been an even bigger masterpiece had the writing been more solid.

A Story of Hope

This episode revolved around Sarang played by Muneeb Butt. Even after watching this episode, I am still not sure about the actual gender identity of the main character. However, it was pretty clear that Sarang was a ‘misfit’ in society which is true for every individual who does not fit into the stereotypes and standards set by the majority. I felt Sarang did not only represent individuals such as him but every person out there who is bullied, rejected, and looked down upon because of any given reason. This drama reminded me of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, which covered in detail the rejection faced by intersex individuals. The fact that Muneeb Butt introduced his character as that of a transgender when he posted about it on social media; I was left wondering throughout if Sarang really was transgender or he was intersex. That particular aspect was confusing but watching Sarang’s journey was interesting and meaningful. Muneeb Butt was likable as a grown-up man who had managed to make his father’s dreams come true even though he got little acceptance and love from anyone else throughout his life. His relationship with his father and the way his support changed the course of his life was the highlight of this episode. Muneeb Butt’s performance was likable for the most part but I must say that the mannerisms could have been far more convincing. While he nailed the dialogue delivery and the expressions, the body language was not on point in all the scenes.

Sar-e-Rah Episode 4 Story Review – Parenting Done Right

It was great watching Nabeel Zafar back on-screen after such a long time in a serious role. His character was one of the many positive parents we have seen so far in this drama. While many dramas nowadays show where parents go wrong, very few actually show how supportive parents can help children develop confidence and attain their objectives against all odds. This was Shabbir’s story just as much as it was Sarang’s. The way the writer highlighted the fears of this father and the manner in which he hid them from his son truly stood out for me. It was a beautifully etched-out character. I felt that it was more impactful than Sarang’s character. Some of the dialogues were well written as opposed to a few of Sarang’s dialogues which were too plain.

Sar-e-Rah Episode 4 Story Review – Parenting Done Right

In this episode, as well, there were times when it was difficult to relate to Rania’s sudden concern and closeness to her passenger. Although I understand that the writer has to wrap everything up in one episode, it would have been nice if Rania’s empathy was shown in a more realistic manner. Nevertheless, Saba Qamar makes this character an absolute treat to watch and I do find myself invested in Rania’s story more than any other so far.

Final Remarks

This was another meaningful episode of Sar-e-Rah which was not picture-perfect but it was engaging and stayed true to the main essence of the story throughout. The visual appeal of the drama and the attention to detail continues to be impressive. Some of the details relating to the story lacked clarity but the emotional element took the lead like every other week. Just like every other episode this one also ended on an interesting note! I am wondering if this new character is someone Rania knew in the past.

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