Sar-e-Rah Episode 5 Story Review – Claiming Public Spaces

This had to be my favorite episode of Sar-e-Rah even though the first two episodes completely won me over as well but this one was special in so many ways. With this episode, the writer did not only manage to tell another relevant story but he also broke the pattern with which the stories have been taken forward till now. Hareem Farooq’s screen presence and performance were exceptional. I felt she was the only guest actor in the series till now whose energy and presence matched Saba Qamar’s. This latest episode highlighted issues that most women face on daily basis and most of them have unfortunately been accepted as ‘normal’ because of the reason given by the taxi driver who harassed Maryam. The instant comradeship between these two women was the highlight of this episode. Hareem Farooq and Saba Qamar’s on-screen chemistry as well as their performances made their scenes even more enjoyable. I also felt that Saba Qamar was at her best in this latest episode. She looked tired and weary in the beginning and warmed up gradually to her new customer. Some of the dialogues also caught my attention because they were in line with the realities of our social fabric.

Women Empowerment

When I watched the promo of this episode, I thought the reason why Maryam looked ‘that way’ at Rania was that she was perhaps someone who knew her already. The actual reason however was far more interesting. I found Maryam’s amazement and her excitement perfectly enacted on-screen by Hareem Farooq. It also came as such a pleasant surprise because Maryam was genuinely happy to sit in the front seat of a taxi without the fear of being harassed! With this opening scene, the writer set the tone right for whatever was coming ahead. This was such an intelligent way of showing how some things which are ‘normal’ and standard practice for men can be such a rarity for a woman.

Sar-e-Rah Episode 5 Story Review – Claiming Public Spaces

There has been a lot of debate in Pakistan lately about women claiming public spaces because in our society men can easily roam around freely but women most often do not have such security. Therefore, very often the daughters and wives are expected to stay indoors because it is ‘safer’ to do so. Maryam was shown as someone who was not going to let this mindset win. The fact that her mother played such an important role in giving her this confidence also resonated with me. It is always a pleasure watching ‘secure’ men and women in dramas. Maryam was definitely such a woman who invited Rania to her house, gave her work opportunity without making it come across as a favor, and was in awe of Rania’s courage to take up an unconventional job. At the same time watching Rania gain more confidence in all these weeks and also focusing on the monetary aspect of her job gave the viewers an insight into how much she had matured.

Maryam’s character was the perfect depiction of a go-getter with a positive personality. We definitely do not get to watch such female characters in our dramas since most on-screen women are often either too good to be true or they are the vamps. The male representation in this episode was also balanced; all the male characters were not shown as opportunists. Some of them were professional enough to give Maryam the credit she deserved based on her abilities. As someone who studied and worked in a male-dominated environment, there was so much about this character and its journey which I found relatable! Women who want to achieve something without using any shortcuts have to try extra hard and that particular aspect of a working women’s journey was depicted faultlessly in this episode.

Sar-e-Rah Episode 5 Story Review – Claiming Public Spaces

Final Remarks

This episode covered the stories of two women from completely different backgrounds but with problems that were similar. This was an intelligent way of showing how women often fight the same battles irrespective of their financial status, education, and nature of work. Some of the dialogues in this episode were hilarious, especially those covering Maryam’s frustrations. Some of the scenes and conversations were penned down and executed brilliantly, especially the ones that focused on Maryam and Rania.

In my opinion, Sar-e-Rah is aptly delivering what it promised and it is doing so with clarity because each episode covers a specific issue. This is a brilliant idea which should be taken up by other production houses as well. I am looking forward to the next episode of Sar-e-Rah more than ever because I am certain Maryam and Rania together will be a force to reckon with.

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Fatima Awan

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  • This was another great episode of Sar-e-Rah. The title best suited for this episode would be, “a Woman in Men’s world”. It shows that harassment goes on in every era, only its mode of operandi changes from time to time. This episode recalls the daily harassment once again on the TV screen. Not all, but many men in society do this on daily basis. Why don’t they understand that the women on the road are like them; earning bread & butter for their families? I am sure more than 75% of working women are not by choice but by need. The episode has shown insight into harassment. Shows that Transportation is the biggest place of it; whether it is a parlor-working girl using transportation or a well-educated office-working woman, no one could escape from it. Though in a humorous way, it also shows the type of harassers, and which one is more dangerous of it.
    What Kashif did by openly de-characterizing Maryam was nothing but office politics. Such leg-pulling happens in every office; especially between seniors & juniors when it comes to showing the work to the bosses or clients. However, this office politics was made colorful by Kashif because Maryam is a lady. Many in the world still think that a woman comes to power or to a higher position, only by compromising her self-respect. Especially in the entertainment industry, this is the common thinking of an individual from outside. This could be true for one or two individuals, but you can’t tag all the women with it. Without knowing the fact & just guessing, you can’t make such a statement. This is exactly what Kashif did. And what Salman did was again office politics. He silently removed Kashif from office race as well as smoothened the path of his approach to harass Maryam. It should be very clear that unless the other party is accepting your approach, whatever move you take it will be called Harass. One-sided obsessed love also comes in this category.
    Good to see this particular subject discussed between two different working women: one less educated driving Taxi and the other office working woman. The interesting thing is that both have common thoughts on this subject. Hats off to the writer Adeel Razzaq who did a great job to highlight this topic on the national platform; this time working class was the area of focus. Though the solution of it can’t be provided unless the mentality of individuals changes, at least it creates awareness in society. Always loves Rania’s interaction with another central character in each episode and this is the specialty of this series. And when the role is played by Saba Qamar, then no doubt at all.
    Hi Fatima, delighted to go through your review on this episode, especially the take on Rania’s character throughout the episode. I too liked the two different backgrounds of women’s perspectives on the same topic.

  • What a dabang presence of Hareem Farooq was! I also liked choice of her outfits which suited her a lot.

    Her comparison of being corporate slave with Rania’s independence in business of cab driving was also worth listening. Waqaee business main kisi ki ghulami naheen hoti.

    This is for the first time last part of the episode will be shown in next episode along with development in Rania’s story. Who will be her prince charm? Obviously, not the one she was engaged with!

    All six episodes can be collectively screened in cinemas as a movie. Even cinematography barray pardey wali hai.

    Strong episode and beautifully reviewed.

    • Dabang is the accurate word, I held myself back from using it multiple times haha!! Loved loved loved it.

      Thank you, Urs, so glad that you’re watching this one. It has been a phenomenal ride.

  • Hi fatima mam
    The Next Episode is last
    mujay is drama ko goodbye kehne ka dil. hi nahi kar raha
    but chalo 30 and 40+ episodes se to behtar hai na
    diyare dil k baad pehli baar hareem ki performance pasand aye 👍
    BTW are u watching Yunhi?