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Sara And Arisha Razi’s Latest Pictures From Their Trip

We have been seeing Arisha Razi for very long on television. Her sitcom with Ahmed Ali Butt on Hum TV was a big hit. We hadn’t really gotten enough of Arisha that her older sister arrived. Mostly what happens is that the older siblings start working before but here it was different. Sara didn’t enter the scene until Arisha made a name for her as a child artist. Just when Sara appeared people started guessing that she could be Arisha’s sister as they look very similar and that was the case. Sara happened to be Arisha’s sister and that an elder one.

Sara’s career was perhaps short-lived as she got married to a banker cousin of her. Although, she is very young and still pursuing her education and was doing fairly well in the showbiz industry, she took a big step of getting married at very young age. Both sisters had also appeared on Sanam Jung’s Jago Pakistan Jago where the theme of the show was Sara Razi Khan’s bridal shower.

And now that wedding had happened, a much needed vacay was taken by the Razi sisters. Both have been updating fans with beautiful pictures they took during their vacation in the northern areas. These pictures look so beautiful and the two sisters make them look even better because they have got some cool poses.