Sara Razi Khan Mayoun/Mehndi – Pictures

The young actress we all saw growing before our eyes, Sara Razi Khan is embarking on a new journey of her life. She celebrated two bridal showers, one was given by her sister actress Arisha Razi Khan and the second was by her friends at Sanam Jung’s show. Sara Razi Khan has been a part of a lot of projects. We have been watching her grow into a beautiful woman from a child star.

Sara is getting married now. Her Mayoun has taken place. She was seen wearing a traditional yellow dress making her look as beautiful as ever. Her innocence and light hues of makeup made her a beautiful Mayoun bride. Sister Arisha Razi Khan also opted for a traditional yellow dress as she was photographed on the event. Here are some pictures from Sara Razi Khan’s Mayoun:







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Arisha Razi Khan danced on her sister’s Mayoun. The sister made sure to make the celebrations groovy with her performance. Here watch it:


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Sara is all ready for this new journey of life. We wish Sara to have fabulous celebrations and a very happy married life ahead!


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