Sarah Khan Gets Into Trouble Because Of Her Remarks On Feminism

Asking random questions on Instagram stories is trending these days. Whenever someone gets bored, they start answering random questions asked by others. They can either be related to personal life or discussing any particular topic.

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Many celebrities do this when they get time to interact with their fans and followers. They answer the most-asked questions by their fans. Recently, Sarah Khan also uploaded an Insta story, Ask Me. Her fans asked for some personal and professional life questions, and she answered them. Someone asked her if she is a feminist or not? Her reply got her into controversies, ”No I am not. Women have greater power than men. Why fight for equality?” 

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She got herself into trouble because of her remarks about feminism. Many started criticizing her for saying things like this. Both men and women have their own responsibilities and have a different power to carry out their duties. Men work hard to earn for their family, while women take care of their children, parents, and house. We can’t say that women have more power than men because both make compromises to live a happy life. 


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What do you guys think about Sarah’s point of view on Feminism? Tell us in the comments section below.