Sarah Khan’s Man Could Be Anything But….

Sarah Khan has now became an enormous name of Pakistan media Industry.

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Sarah Khan has been a part of media industry for many years but now from the past few dramas we have seen her playing some characters other than a downcasted girl sobbing in the corner.

Sarah Khan Talks About Falling In Love 36Sarah has done a phenomenal job in Belapur ki Dayan and now she is playing the character of a spoiled elite brat in drama serial Sabaat and we must say that Sarah khan is looking mesmerizing in drama serial Sabaat.

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Sarah did a question pole on her Instagram account here we have some of the answers given by Sarah Khan.

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Some one asked Sarah khan about Sabar. Sarah replied: “1. Master your emotions before they manage you. 2. Cleaning or cleansing your aura is a great way to get rid of any bad energy that may have attached you”

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Someone asked Sarah about starting a You Tube channel. Sarah simply said: “No, that’s not my thing. But i’ll keep entertaining you guys through my dramas”

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Someone asked Sarah to give an advice that how to keep everyone happy and Sarah said that keep your self happy.

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Someone asked the most real question to Sarah Khan: “What do you rate most in your partner and which type of person are you seeking for as your life part?” Sarah also gave an original answer: “My man could be anything but ‘be-ghairat (who has no sharam) and Ghair-zemaidar (who does not take responsibilities of his action)’ rest I can deal with”


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