Sara Razi Husband – Few Facts

Sarah Razi got married less than a month back and everyone wants to know who Sarah Razi’s husband is. She married at an early age because that is the general trend in her family. Sarah Razi made her first television appearance this week and that is how the viewers were introduced to her husband. We gathered some facts about Sarah Razi’s husband and here they are.

Sarah Razi’s husband’s name is Muhammad Umair.

Sara’s husband Muhammad Umair is Sarah’s first cousin. He is her khala’s son.

Muhammad Umair is five years older to Sarah.

Sarah Razi’s husband is a banker by profession.

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Sarah and Muhammad Umair were engaged for two and a half years before they got married. They did not meet a lot while they were enagged.

Sarah and Muhammad Umair’s wedding is completely arranged. Their mothers were convinced that they were the perfect match.

Muhammad Umair is an easy going and soft spoken person. It is this quality of his which Sarah likes the most.

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Muhammad Umair does not have a problem with Sarah Razi working in the showbiz industry therefore she will continue to do so.

Muhammad Umair knows a great deal about Sarah’s likes and dislikes.

We wish the newly-weds a happy life together.