Sehra Main Safar – Episode 11 & 12!

Ohkay so, what am I supposed to say about these two episodes of Sehra Mein Safar. I feel all the events that took place & all the things based on which the story is being taken forward are forced & unconvincing to be honest. The other day I read a quote which said “never underestimate a woman’s intuition because she can recognize your game even before you play it”, & here we have our dear writers who are bent on showing us such women who have nothing to do with a sense of intuition because they are either stupid or downright dumb or they become stupid & downright dumb the moment they meet their imperfect prince charming!!!

Iqra got married but yes, the conversation her parents had with her before they sent her off was emotional & done really well. All the girls go through that phase when their parents tell them about how special their daughters are for them & the daughters might misunderstand their parents but they can never evaluate the love their parents have for them. Iqra’s father told her about the savings her mother did for her & it was the first reality check that Iqra received which marked the downfall of her life hence forth!

Well, Iqra got married & was on cloud 9 because she got the man of her dreams only to find out that he was a man of her nightmares. Shehryaar didn’t take too long to leave an honest impression on her that he wants to have a smooth life filled with material & he wouldn’t mind getting a financial help from his wife. Like always, there’s this other woman involved in Shehryaar’s life too & as much as they showed they both aren’t married yet but Ainee (Anoushay) isn’t worried about the fact that Shehryaar has gotten married because it seems they both have a proper planning in their minds regarding their future & Ainee is ready to help Shehryaar in any way possible.

As far as I could deduce, Ainee doesn’t have a sound background too & she works in a parlor herself. Ainee believes that she can live with Shehryaar no matter what his financial status must be but Shehryaar tells her to wait for a little longer because he already has started working on the plan her has for their secure future, which I’m sure revolves around mooching off of his wife Iqra. Shehryaar doesn’t mind shamelessly stealing his wife’s phone & gifting it to his girlfriend Ainee to which she reacts like she has hit a jackpot. It is ridiculous that Shehryaar says to Iqra that he doesn’t believe in living a life of slaves where the husband has to do the heavy lifting & a wife gets to stay indoors & lead a comfortable life but can’t Shehryaar already see that his life will be exactly the same if he will get married to Ainee because she doesn’t seem educate enough to support Sherhyaar equally when they will get married.

Iqra gets another reality check when she finds out that Shehryaar doesn’t own the apartment where they live & has to pay installments for both the house & the car too. Iqra doesn’t want to continue with her job for which Shehryaar pressurizes her & Iqra comes up with a brilliant plan of selling her gold to help ease Shehryaar’s frustrations & not only that, she tells him about the savings her parents have done for her too, which again I found totally unreasonable & unconvincing. Iqra has worked in an office environment for a considerable amount of time & she has dealt with a lot of people too, so I find it immature of her to not being able to see where Shehryaar is headed with all the portrayal of himself as a halaat ka mara who is finding it hard to earn a decent living for himself & his wife? Iqra already has understood that Shehryaar kept her in the dark about a lot of things so how can she trust him with her jewelry & money that too so soon? Yes, she is acting like a good wife who believes in transparency between herself & her husband but then, why do the writers turn our female leads into dumb zombies who lose their brains & logic the moment they get engaged or married?

When Iqra cried & realized what she has done to herself, I really thought she will plan on helping Shehryaar by resuming her job because that’s what he was asking her to do but to see her coming up with such a ridiculous idea of helping him with her jewelry & money was totally absurd & unconvincing. How long does Iqra think this money of hers will last? How many installments would her jewelry & savings cover? Shehryaar has flipped immediately & everything about him has changed where he is telling her openly about how stingy he is when it comes to money, so why can’t Iqra see that there’s a major problem rather than trusting in him blindly? It was good to see that Iqra found out about another one of Shehryaar’s lies through Shazia that he hasn’t joined the office yet & I want to see if Iqra will continue to believe in him or not? The preview however did suggest that Iqra will find out more about Shehryaar & may be Ayaaz will pop out of nowhere to seep through the idea in Iqra’s mind that he is still available & is still an option that is left for her. Let’s see what more do they have to show us!

Well, I believe the story has gone from average to worse in these two episodes because the way the writer is ‘punishing’ Iqra for getting married to the man she loved against her parent’s wishes is so not justified. Iqra was an ideal daughter who helped her mother throughout her life where she never demanded anything unreasonable from her parents as she wasn’t indifferent to their financial status & then Iqra extended even more help to her father when his life hit the rock bottom, so I really find it bizarre that just because the writer wants to show that the best & the only suitable partner for a girl ever would be her pupho ka beta, she is punishing Iqra for going against the norms & choosing to marry a guy she loves who doesn’t happen to be her pupho ka beta unfortunately. I want the writer to know that not every working woman’s life is so messed up, not every working woman chooses the worst guy for herself & not every working woman has such low IQ where she blindly trust the wrong people. This drama sadly is so full of clichés that’s it is not even funny. Another great example of a clichéd punishment that the writer has picked up for Iqra is to show that her husband already has a girlfriend & he isn’t loyal to her…like seriously, all this is being showed just to make a point that Iqra is a transgressor who didn’t go with what her parents chose for her & sinned by choosing a husband for herself whom she fell in love with before marriage? I can already see that Iqra’s life will continue to get worse where she will be forced to divorce Shehryaar & marry the ideal Pupho ka Beta Ayaaz!!! Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Sehra Main Safar.

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