Shaan Again Criticizes ‘Pepsi Battle Of The Bands’

The renowned actor from our film industry, Shaan Shahid does not look happy with the comeback of program, ‘Pepsi Battle Of The Bands’. He had criticized the teaser of the show on one of his Facebook messages earlier and now lately, he has again posted a message in which he expresses his utter disappointment with the upcoming music show.

Old car shots, old song and late comers to the music scenePepsi battle of the bands has no bands only coke studio starsStick to cricket as coke owns the music scenePepsi 👎🏿

Публикувахте от Shaan Shahid в Вторник, 25 юли 2017 г.

It is evident that Shaan isn’t happy with ‘Battle of The Bands’ and the brand ‘Pepsi’ too. Recently he has also posted a controversial message for the brand ‘Pepsi’ and it seems like he is trying to be a part of brand wars. Have a look on the message which he has posted on his Facebook account:

Pepsi trying so hard to be cokeSigh

Публикувахте от Shaan Shahid в Вторник, 25 юли 2017 г.

He perceives that Pepsi is intruding on Coke’s territory but why he is taking sides in the upcoming brand wars? Is it an elaborate PR stunt or may be Shaan is just trying to endorse Coke? Well this is still unclear and hopefully the time will explain us.

Ayesha Omair