Shabnam Signs the Sequel Of ‘Aina’

Urdu was not her first language, yet film star Shabnam became the poster girl for Lollywood in the 70s. She ruled the Pakistani cinema as she had it all from ethereal looks to grace and a powerful onscreen presence. There’s a good news for her fans because she is all set to appear in Pakistani film after decades.

The Ace film-maker Syed Noor is planning to make the sequel of ‘Aaina’ with Nadeem Baig and Shabnam in the cast. The director has approached Shabnam for a prominent role in the film and according to reports the actress has agreed to be a part of the film.

Shabnam attained stardom across Pakistan with the box office hit “Chanda” (1962). She was introduced to the Pakistani film industry by ‘Chocolate hero’ Waheed Murad, who gave her a lead role in his film “Samundar” in 1968.

Shabnam had earlier demanded a strong script for her comeback in Pakistani cinema and Syed Noor has assured her that the sequel’s story will be entirely different and interesting whereas it will also have memorable roles for both Nadeem and Shabnam.

With these evergreen stars entering the industry again, we wish that Pakistani film industry once again experiences the golden era.

Rimsha Butt