Munkir Episode 03 Review – Fairly Decent!

Ohkay so, nothing substantial happened in this episode of Munkir & it looked like the happenings from the previous episode were carried forward in this one. Having said that I won’t say that I was bored or was looking forward to some drama because this episode was interesting & done well. However, I will say that in a drama with a plot revolving around a love triangle, the chances are highly likely that it will slow down after a certain stage which I am definitely dreading, so we’ll have to wait & watch. So far things have been simple & straight forward so let’s see when things will become complicated & dramatic!

Just like Rania had to deal with Zain’s mother & younger sister in the previous episode, in this one she had to deal with the elder sister Sughra who wanted to meet Runa. Rania dodged the bullet & informed Runa that she needs to get back. Just when she was done with Sughra, Rania was faced with her husband Jamshed who decided to show up a couple of days before his scheduled plan because he wanted to surprise his daughter. Obviously, Rania had to fabricate one lie after another & she once again used the same excuse that just because Runa was observing Aitkaaf, she couldn’t mingle with anyone at the moment!

To be honest, even though I am enjoying the scenic views of Murree & the coverage that Runa’s character is getting, I am finding it a little unconvincing that Runa is waiting for Sister Kathryn in a hope that she will return from her home now or later? When Runa met the priest, he told her that he heard from Sister Kathryn that Runa will be coming to meet her, so like when did Runa speak to her because what priest said did suggest that Runa & Sister Kathryn were connected to each other over the phone, so not sure why a conversation between Runa & Kathryn hasn’t been shown till date? Also, if Sister Kathryn knew that Runa was coming to see her that too when she was just a few days away from her marriage, so why did she leave in the first place? Like what was so important for her that she had to tend to while keeping Runa waiting for her? Also, I guess in the beginning they did suggest that Runa was about to get married in just 2 – 3 days so not sure how her wedding has been pushed to give Runa a grace period where she has so much time to spend in Murree while aimlessly waiting for Sister Kathryn to return when she will sight the mood? Well, these were a few things that I found unconvincing & felt that they weren’t tackled properly but then obviously they are doing all of that to being in the twist that is going to change Runa’s life.

I swear, I can’t believe that the character of Anjum is shown to be so annoying, immature & unreasonable where she was seen brainfeeding Runa about Gulrez saying that he is her type & she is already in love with him? Like is this something a friend says to her best friend when she is at the verge of getting married? That too when the bride-to-be is completely alright with her fiancé & has never once complained? Anjum has formed an opinion about Zain & his family based on her own prejudices because other than that I don’t think Runa has ever told Anjum that she isn’t happy with this marriage as every single time Anjum says something of that sort, Runa is shown to be snubbing her as if she doesn’t take Anjum seriously. It would have been nice if they had shown Runa’s friend as someone who at least shared the same mental wavelength as hers & wasn’t just an immature brat because I am sure later when Runa & Zain will suffer as Runa will get interested in Gulrez, we all will be holding Anjum responsible for that!

The series of interactions that Runa & Gulrez had were quite believable, even though some were coincidental but they didn’t seem forced. Gulrez spotted Runa at the hotel where his friend worked & later he saved her & Anjum from the boys who were bothering them. Runa obviously being a good Samaritan that she is decided to help Gulrez & take him to the hospital. Somehow, Runa finds him lost & sees some sort of similarity between herself & him that is why at this stage she sympathizes with him a lot. I found it actually quite annoying that at one stage Anjum was labeling Gulrez as a thief & the next moment she was arranging a meeting of Runa & Gulrez but he obviously ran away as he was under the radar because his informer & his friend, both got caught.

Overall, this episode was pretty decent. At this stage they have built the curiosity pretty perfectly & that is why I am definitely looking forward to what life has in store for Runa. I really hope she gets to meet Sister Kathryn because that entire aspect is turning out to be a bit lame & uninteresting. All the actors have done a decent job so far & the direction & writing seems great too. Let’s see what they have to offer next week. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Munkir.

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