Yeh Raha Dil Episode 03 Review – Breath of Fresh Air!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was quite interesting & I had a great time watching it. I feel this episode was filled with so many interesting conversations that they made every other scene engaging & enjoyable. Now that the main leads have landed in Nepal, I really hope that they don’t rely too much on the scenic beauty that Nepal has to offer & keep the focus on the story, but I am sure they won’t be depending too much on the location to keep the viewers distracted because it has been revealed that Yeh Raha Dil is an adaptation of a Korean Drama ‘Full House’, so I am sure it will stay interesting because the writer must’ve taken all the ingredients to make the drama a complete package because when it comes to Korean Dramas, their dramas are at some other level. However, I will say that the fact that Yeh Raha Dil is a Pakistani version of a Korean drama doesn’t make it any less enjoyable or anything because for me, it is a fresh change & is quite unique so it is definitely working for me!

So, Haroon thinks Zaki is only infatuated with Nida & he needs to do some thinking before making the final decision because Haroon knows his son a bit too well. All of Haroon’s concerns might make him seem rigid but he only wants what’s best for his son as he is scared that Zaki might get hurt. Haroon is far more wise & experienced than Zaki that is why he can foresee that Nida & Zaki aren’t meant to be as Nida is not going to prove to be an ideal wife that would make Zaki & his parents happy. Zaki’s parents’ concerns about Nida were believable, like they weren’t making a big deal out of a non-issue because Nida most certainly left such an impression that forced them to do some thinking!

Zaki’s father warned him about Nida & her intentions & that is why he believed that their love needed to be put through a test, therefore he told Zaki to ask Nida if she was ready to make some compromises but even before Zaki could ask Nida about all of that, Nida told him what her plan was. I don’t blame Nida because she has been raised like that by her parents & just because she is so successful at such a young age, she doesn’t find it necessary for Zaki to be taking any pressures from his parents. Just because Nida has lived such an independent life, she is unable to relate to the life that Zaki is leading where he is totally dependent on his parents. Nida on her own is right because while still being independent she is a little immature to understand how important it is to have a family & how necessary it would be for Zaki to be in touch with his parents otherwise he will grow out of this relationship pretty quickly. Right now, just because Nida & Zaki are facing some resistance from Haroon, they are not thinking about how they can convince him & are not even trying to think about the fact that his concerns might be valid, but rather they are looking for the short cuts which will guarantee them togetherness irrespective of the price they will have to pay.

So, Zaki being a spoiled son once again decided to blackmail his parents by leaving the country as he knew that this will put some pressure on his father & he will end up succumbing to it. I loved how realistic & cute Zaki’s parents are where his mother is like a true depiction of all the mothers who worry about their children & find it as their duty to fulfill all their wishes & Zaki’s father is like any typical father who carries a tough facade but is so soft & kind-hearted from the inside that even he couldn’t stop worrying about his son but was too afraid to let anyone know that even he is restless at what his son did. I loved that entire scenario where Haroon said one thing & the very next moment he proved that he was actually Qaroon as he took care of the amount that he felt Zaki might be needing for his trip.

So, finally Hayat flew to Nepal & met Zaki on the way. I loved their conversations & interaction, it was actually quite amusing how Hayat was trying to make it look like travelling was such a nominal thing for her but as their journey went on, through her actions she started giving away that she was travelling for the first time. Hayat is someone who loves a company & always wants to be surrounded by someone she can have a conversation with, that is why it was amusing how she was trying to get pally with Zaki but he was so not into it as he already finds Hayat a little weird & annoying. The first reminder that Hayat got was when she found out that Salman didn’t make any reservations for her but just because she was so excited to be in Nepal & just because she trusts Salman so much, she couldn’t even bring herself to think that something was off.

Salman & his wife Ragini proved that they were just being friendly with Hayat because they had their sights on her bungalow that she must’ve inherited from her parents. It was sad that despite knowing that this house was the only safety net in Hayat’s life, Salman & Ragini stayed focused on their plan in which Salman intends to sell the property off & settle abroad. Even though I feel bad for Hayat & I know she will be shattered emotionally but I am sure she has the ability to make Salman pay for his crime if she will ever get in contact with him & I just can’t wait to see that. I hope after learning the truth that it was Salman who sold her house, Hayat’s character will still have some spark where she will fight her battle in a quirkiest way.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting. I loved all the conversations because they made every other scene quite engaging. I am definitely loving the acting of all the actors & all the characters are just so amazing. I had such a good laugh at Jimmy & his ordeal where he was informing Nida about the stuff he faced last night when she dropped him off in the middle of nowhere, lol, like there was a lot of margin for Adnan Jaffer to go overboard with Jimmy’s character but he most certainly didn’t. Even though we know he is a little different but Jimmy still seems so real & funny. I loved Yumna Zaidi’s acting & I had a good time watching Ahmed Ali too because out of all the episodes, he got a lot of coverage for the first time in this episode & his performance as Zaki was definitely convincing. Overall, really happy with the drama & definitely looking forward to it. The preview seemed promising too. Anam Ahmed was quite cute as Nida & it was actually amusing where she was trying to prove a point in front of Zaki’s parents regarding how much Zaki loves her. lol! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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