Shahroze Sabzwari is Still Confident About Chain Aaye Na!

Chain Aaye Na is Shahroze Sabzwari’s debut movie. The trailer crashed all the expectations surrounding the film as it includes no plot base and a lot of ketchup as depicted by the trailer. The trailer got a lot of bad reviews and nearly everyone criticized it. If you have not already been blessed to watch the trailer ;here you can see it again:

Shahroze inspite of getting a lot of backlash is still confident about the movie. He was recently interviewed by HIP and here is what he had to say. When asked why he took up Chain Aaye Na when he turned down movies like Lahore se Aagey and Chupan Chupai, he said: “I was going through a lot of scripts when Chain Aye Na came to me. It managed to intrigue me and I loved it, Syed Noor is a filmmaker I’ve been a fan of my entire life, I couldn’t say no to him, I had to take it up.”

To the disastrous trailer he said:“I know it’s been disappointing for a lot of people, but you see Pakistani trailers work, films don’t. So I’m very confident about Chain Aye Na because I’ve seen the results.”

Shahroze Sabzwari is Still Confident About Chain Aaye Na!

Shahroze thinks he got good reviews about himself:“Whatever reviews I’ve received about myself, thankfully, people have received that really well, a lot of people have called me, telling me rage I look good, so that way I know that Syed Noor has been successful in making me look the part. Hence, I’m excited and relaxed.”

Shahroze Sabzwari is Still Confident About Chain Aaye Na!

Speaking about lack of chemistry between the lead pair Shahroze said: “Maybe that’s the way the story is. That’s the kind of chemistry that the plot requires, we are only talking on trailer’s terms. You’ll know better once the film comes out.”

Shahroze is very confident:“I have complete faith in God and Syed Noor. I’ve seen the film during dubbing, people couldn’t understand the trailer, but that doesn’t mean they won’t understand the film.”  

He is not bothered by social media and took a dig on Balu Mahi too: “Social media doesn’t bother me, I look at the bigger picture. In a population of over 20 Crore people, I honestly don’t care about that one fraction of people who are on Facebook. If Facebook was the decider of a film’s fate, Balu Mahi would’ve been the biggest hit of the year.”

The film will release on 21st July. Only then it will become clear what Chain Aaye Na actually is.




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