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Shamoon Abbasi Turns Depressive-Out of Waar 2!

The ‘Bad Man’ of the Pakistani entertainment industry, Shamoon Abbasi has lately received a huge applause for his negativity in the blockbuster Pakistani movie Waar which has broken all the precious records of Pakistani Film Cinemas. Throughout the shooting of Waar, Shamoon was found all attached with the project and it was even after the post release of the film that the celebrity kept on promoting Waar on social media and on other platforms.


As per the latest reveals, it has been found that Shamoom Abbasi has not been considered for the sequel of the film, that is, Waar 2, which is estimated to be even a bigger hit then its first part. This ignorant attitude has given Shamoon a serious shake, which has caused him to go under depression. It is to note that Shamoon’s own project ‘Gidh’ has had been overlooked by him to ensure his complete devotion towards Waar.

Here is a clip of the paper where the news has been published, Have a look!

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While Shamoon seems to stand at a right position, it is also true that a villain’s role ends in a movie and its sequels often have new faces in negative roles.  We wish him a quick recovery from this trauma.

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Nida Zaidi

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