Shanakht – Episode 03!

Aw! It’s such a nice drama. I don’t know how to put it but it has a very appeasing feel to it. The way all the actors have acted & the way the director has taken the story forward is really nice & makes it look very realisitic. I know this family especially Annie will go through a bit of a tough time henceforth but I am sure the story has a lot to offer.

The episode began with Hashim’s birthday gathering where Rohaan’s family got to have a good look at both Annie & Kashaf too but simply for Rohaan’s mother & one of his sisters, Annie’s Hijab was an element of conservation but the only person who seemed to have liked Annie was Rohaan’s father. As much as Kashaf tried to find out what Annie feels about Hashim, Annie made sure she didn’t lay bare her feelings in front of her younger sister even because like Annie said, she’d only feel love for her husband & before any official decision, she restrained herself from thinking on those lines about Hashim. Even though she felt an ounce of excitement, she didn’t showcase in front of anyone & I guess that happened for the best.

Finally Huma & Amjad’s bubble burst when Shireen & Ahmad spoke about Kashaf. As much as they wanted to sound sweet, Ahmad ended up telling the truth that Hashim doesn’t want a Muhajjaba as his wife & he feels that they both are two different people. Annie took it well but what shattered her most was the reason for which she was rejected as Annie now knows that she’ll be the one who’d have to face all the criticism for the choices she has made.

Very conveniently, Huma got another reason to blame Annie because she thinks so high of Hashim that for Huma, her own daughter is the culprit. I think even though Kashaf has a side role to play but her character has a lot of importance. It was so good to see that she was the one who understood her sister & took a stand for her. For Kashaf, Hashim is a hypocrite who deceived Annie. Even though Kashaf is seriously involved with a guy who is ready to get married to her & even though Kashaf has that as a solid reason to reject Hashim’s proposal but keeping that aside, she has clearly mentioned that she will never get married to a person who has double standards & for this reason, Hashim is unacceptable to her.

Hashim for now comes across as a very indifferent person who has no thoughts of his own. Even though he wasn’t happy about Annie’s Hijab, he took his friend’s advice way too seriously & even though he confessed in front of his parents that he just wanted to escape a relation from Annie, he took Kashaf’s name. It shows that he doesn’t even like Kashaf but for him the best way to avoid a commitment from Annie was to treat Kashaf as a scapegoat.

Sadly for Huma, Hashim is too precious to let go of therefore she thinks ignoring Annie’s feelings is the best thing to do. She has a lot of fears when it comes to her daughters proposals & that’s the reason she thinks it’s best to get married one of her daughters to Hashim as they know the family too well & Huma takes Hashim as her son. It was disappointing to see Shireen react so badly to the changed attitude of Huma & Amjad, she should understand that as much as her son means everything to her, Annie means something to Amjad & Huma too. As much as Shireen thinks her son’s happiness is important, she should give a benefit of doubt to Amjad’s family as well.

I must say the star of this episode for me was Kashaf. She not only shares a very good relation with her sister but she understands her well. She isn’t so engrossed in her own life that her sister’s ordeals do not affect her. Kashaf has proven to be a strong support system to Annie & the way they both communicate & share their secrets with each other; I must say it’s refreshing to see such a nice bonding between the two sisters. & yes, I totally feel that the girl who has played the role of Kashaf has done a very good job as all her gestures & expressions look so real. She is an effortless actress & that’s a bonus.

I really feel that for a change Shamim Hilali should opt for different kind of roles. As much as I have seen her, she always acts like a manipulative sweet-cutter where she will always act very nice & sweet with people but will harbour grudges in her heart & will make sure she mends the situation to her benefit. Malal, Shukk & now Shanakht. She is a phenomenal actor but I wish she really opts for one-sided roles where either she is negative or she has a positive attitude.

Once again, a pretty decent episode with an amazing amount of acting to see from all the actors. Maya Ali has played her bit really really well & so has everyone else. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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