Shanakht – Episode 07!

Shanakht – Episode 07!

OMG! I can’t praise this drama enough; I think I just cannot. Of all the episodes we’ve seen so far, I think this one was the best because it was filled with so many epic moments one after the other, but I am sure there would be a lot more such episodes that will make your heart actually feel for all the characters & give you something very positive by the end. :)

Just when I started watching this episode, I was reminded of the scene from the drama ‘Mai Abdul Qadir Hoon’, where after a strong opposition, there comes a time when Abdul Qadir’s mother admits & confesses that after her son decided to walk on the religious path, he became a very good human being, so somewhere down the line I actually wanted to hear exactly the same words about Rohaan from his mother as well, but to my surprise, it happened way too quickly. No doubt, for now it was Rohaan’s sister who acknowledged that the change in Rohaan is not only confined to his appearance but he also has had a change of heart & nature, which I am sure is just a beginning because fortunately at least one of his family members noticed the positive changes in him & it won’t take too long for the others, especially his mother to acknowledge & more importantly realize it too.

Luckily for Rohaan, Eesha & her parents called the engagement off as they were intimidated by his appearance but the best part of that whole scene was the ‘Allhamdullilah’ gesture Rohaan did when the guests just left, haha. As much as his mother wanted him to get rid of the thing he loves the most, I think Rohaan made her understand laying bare his true feelings which left his mother speechless too. I just love the fact that Rohaan actually opted for the most genuine expression to make his mother understand what his identity & his beard means to him.

I actually liked the fact that Kashaf & Annie both got engaged at the same time because this way Annie was able to seek help from Kashaf in this regard. Kashaf seemed totally happy & acted exactly like any girl who’d be ecstatic to be getting married to the guy she loves. Annie took Kashaf’s advice & even though she wasn’t interested in understanding Raheel better, she thought it was just the right time to show him the truth about her personality. I think this was one of the best scenes of this episode for me because even though people might think girls who opt for Hijab can be soft targets & can be treated like a nobody, Annie made a very strong statement about who she was & no matter how soft-spoken she might be, she still knew how to raise her voice, protect herself & take a stand for her beliefs when someone’d attack her identity. To her, nothing but her Hijab mattered the most & the best part was that she took a decision all by herself because she knew exactly what she wanted & that was an out from this engagement as she judged Raheel in a jiffy that someone who doesn’t respect her appearance won’t respect her as a person too. By the way who loved Raheel’s expressions after he got slapped & a hard one at that? ;)

For a change, it was so good to see Huma & Annie having a candid conversation where Huma gave Annie a chance to explain herself. I think it was a lot easier for me to understand & connect to Huma’s character, because for once she decided to lower her voice a couple of notches. Even though Huma also conveyed what makes her worried for Annie, Annie knew just exactly what she had to say to her mother because it’s a high time Huma understands her daughter & respects her decisions. I really love that not even for a second Annie shows some signs of distress when her mother is constantly yelling at her & dissing her for being a Hijabi. Annie always speaks to her mother very gently because she understands Huma’s point of view as well. Just exactly what I want to hear from Rohaan’s mother about him, similarly I hope there comes a time when Huma also realizes that becoming modest has made Annie a better human being.

At first I thought Amjad might be upset for what Annie did but he wasn’t. Being a father, he was naturally just worried for Annie but once again, that father-daughter conversation was heartfelt & seemed just so real. Annie knows exactly what she has to do & her focus makes her a very likeable & a strong personality. In Annie’s opinion, she feels she has a duty to let the people around her know that covering her head doesn’t mean she can limit herself to her home, she can work just like anyone else & change the notions that people might form about girls who choose to dress modestly. Annie wants people to see her as a dynamic person who’s capable of a lot of things & not just confine their opinions to a piece of cloth she wears to cover her head.

Finally, finally, finally, that moment of magic happened when Rohaan & Annie came across each other (where I couldn’t stop smiling to be honest). Even though it was a very short meeting but Rohaan just couldn’t take his eyes off her. I think the best part about the whole proposal was that the fathers decided to take the case in their hands & dealt with it because the ladies would’ve one way or the other opposed to it. Rohaan’s father acknowledged Annie’s talent & the wisdom with which she has been working devotedly at her father’s office which obviously came as a surprise to Rohaan’s youngest sister. Rohaan felt he found exactly the right partner he was looking for. Even though Annie showed submissiveness to her father’s decision but deep down her satisfaction-filled smile showed that she herself was ready to form a relationship with Rohaan. All the dialogues in this particular conversation that Amjad & Annie had were absolutely sweet & touching.

The episode had short, to-the-point & a lot of scenes which kept the pace of the episode perfect. A lot of things happened in this episode & I am glad they have not dragged any aspect of the story till now. The preview seemed interesting because seems like Hashim is going to regret his decision of rejecting Annie as he seemed disturbed hearing about Annie’s marriage. Even though I myself dislike the continuous rants of Huma but oh boy! Rohaan’s mother takes the crown for being a despicable person. Huma’s just a mother who often tends to get agitated as she’s worried for her daughter but the negativity Rohaan’s mother has been spreading is a whole new level. I think soon after the wedding Annie will have to face the ordeal in the form of Rohaan’s mother but luckily for her, just because she & Rohaan share the same ideology of life, he’d always protect her & take a stand for her. I can’t wait to see how they form a relation & how the end up changing everyone’s perspective about themselves. Please share your thoughts on this perfect episode. :)

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