Sharmila Farooqi Criticized On Hamza Ali Abbasi And Naimal’s Honeymoon Pictures

Everyone’s favourite celebrity couple, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar is off for their honeymoon. A few days ago, the duo announced to spend their honeymoon in Barcelona, Spain.

The couple posted their pictures from their honeymoon period and took social media by storm.

Sharmila Farooqi Criticized On Hamza Ali Abbasi And Naimal's Honeymoon Pictures

Sharmila Farooqi Criticized On Hamza Ali Abbasi And Naimal's Honeymoon PicturesRecently, Naimal posted her and Hamza’s pictures straight from Paris. The couple chose their next destination Paris where they could celebrate their honeymoon vacations.

She posted beautiful pictures of her with husband Hamza Ali Abbasi with caption ‘Bonjour’.

Sharmila Farooqi Criticized On Hamza Ali Abbasi And Naimal's Honeymoon Pictures Sharmila Farooqi Criticized On Hamza Ali Abbasi And Naimal's Honeymoon PicturesThe couple have been criticized by people for having a lavish honeymoon. Our former MPA Sharmila Farooqi criticized the couple in the comments section.

She wrote, “Shadi saadgi se par honeymoon Paris me.”

Sharmila Farooqi Criticized On Hamza Ali Abbasi And Naimal's Honeymoon Pictures

This is not the first time that the couple has been criticized. As soon as their engagement rumour spread they were severely bashed by the public for numerous reasons.

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments section.


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  • It is undoubtedly very low of her to come up with something like this. Being a famous person, one should be careful while making comments about someone. I don’t get the logic behind people bashing Hamza and Naimal for no evident reason. It was their marriage so they should be deciding kya Karein. Aap kyun dulhay ki phupho bn rhi Hain 🙄 I believe it was very wise of them that they didn’t spend millions of rupees in some useless functions and preferred using the money for something they liked

    • Pls check sharmila farooq lavish wedding then talk about agreeing with her…one earns to enjoy life and making memories on trips is still better than buying 20 lakh wedding dress and having lavish functions esp when that dress won’t be worn again…as a married couple after they have kids these beautiful times won’t come agin as life moves forward not backward ..she has no right to criticize on anyone…

  • Sharmila is an insensitive and insane antagonist of everything good that could happen, she is an ingrained evil

        • U r jealous, I m not
          I was saying that because his actions are different than his words. Hamza was against show off and gave lectures to others, what he is doing now

          • He is not at all showing off. He is sharing some very beautiful moments of his life to his fans. And believe it or not, Hamza does have millions of fans who want to see all that stuff.
            Plus world is full of negativity already, please make sure that you don’t contribute in its further increase.

  • Very true, they saved their money for honeymoon, koi dikhawa nahi shadi pa, like all celebrities did including mrs sharmila farooqi,,, so much money dikhawaa dresses functions bla bla blaaa,, don’t get jealous with hamza n naimal,,,, God bles them and keep away from evils 👁 🧿….!!!!!

  • It’s ok guys they must have freedom of their lives, don’t judge them and please don’t be jealous, both are not holding any public offices, they spend their money not public money, they should be enjoy as per they have rights.

  • So what if hamza and naimal celebrating honeymoon.. they are married now ffs.. sharmila needs to go down her memory lane too.. people need to leave the couple alone and focus on their own lives.. #hypocrites

  • Very wiseful act by the couple…inspiration for many…why to spend sooo much on an event n invite 1000s of ppl, rather spend the same money to have some beautiful moments to cherish for lifetime…as being Desis…we can’t come out of the shade function without criticizing them🤣🤣🤣
    Wish I did the same, but definitely will follow this for my kids…a huge applause n appreciation for Hamza n Naimal♥️♥️♥️😍

  • ہر انسان کو جینے کا حق ہے اور شادی کے بعد بیوی کو خوش رکھنا سنت ہے

  • Shadi mai lakho ka kharcha kar k dur dur k khandaan walo ko bula k 100 siyappai paalnai sai behtar hai inka idea ….sabko apnai style sai life jeenai ka haq hai

  • Khush Raho apnay kharchay Pa…🤪
    Apnay ko kya…. Allah khush rakhay ..Abaad karay..
    Hum se udhaar thori liya jo hum tension lain.😜

  • Love the idea why to spend on people whom V met only at occasions. Save money to spend on ur self. 👌

  • Their life, their choice, people are just jealous thats why negative comments. Sharmila ji aapny to apni shadi me inky honeymoon se ziada lagya hoga pesa.

  • The people who are criticizing are actually jealous so no need to pay attention the couple did the right thing at the right moment it’s not written any where how you keep yourself Happy or spend your happy private moments,where as for wedding it’s been said to keep it simple,so Hamza and Naimal May Allah Protects from all Evil eyes Ameen sum Ameen.Friendly advice,Try not to post too many pictures to avoid Nazar as it exists

  • Simple wedding and honeymoon trip are 2 different things. Honeymoon means enjoy the life together. Some beautiful moments. Pta nhi logon ko kya problem dusron ki activities sy

  • Saadi Shaadi was a hypocrisy, honeymoon is a very private affair, it shouldn’t be shared on social media..but then, they have to prove that they are from the ‘Filmi‘ family.
    Decency does not approve of this🙁
    They have all the right to celebrate their honeymoon in whatever way they want, but it is high time they stopped posting their pics on social media

  • Sharmeela farooqi is not wrong. But let me tell
    one thing sharmela is bearing all their expenses?

  • atleast they have odacity to do a shadi in sadgi sa not like yours i remember she called live mummy in her wedding functions stright from egypt . i know now one believe me google aneesa farooqi you will find it

  • Shadi par Prophet(P.B.U.H) k footings p chalnay ka dars dey rha ab dekho..topi drama kerny wala bulldog

  • Hamza said that he is going to marry animal not fr love but for the sake of Islam,is this that Islam he promoting..sharmila herself is not perfect of course to criticize them but hmza should also show some thing acceptable suiting his sayings and actions before

  • Actually mr mrs sharmila not so perfect couple like hamza naimal , or kharcha karnay k bad Itnay famous bhi nahi howay like hamz naim , 🥴 that’s why she z getting jealous of the beautiful couple … media men bohot ayy gay par Itna perfect couple or pyaar nahi mila jitna khuda nay hamza naimal ko dia, I think we should pray for them now k nazar say Bachay khuda inko … ameeen … mrs sharmila u should delete ur coment and u also happy for them . Aap beautiful hen but apkay husband not a match for u like hamza handsome …. 🙈that’s y no likes love for u 💔

  • Do you people not have a life other than to criticize ANYONE who is in limelight or even remarkably well known?
    Get out from under your rock and go live your own life. Let the happy couple be happy! Take a clue from them.
    Congratulations to Hamza and Naimal and many blessings for their new life together.

    • Sharmila should have not comment on it. However she did not say any thing such u called it as jealousy.

  • Absolutely right decision…less show off on wedding and save money for world tour… becz ye pal aur ye zindagi na milegi Dobara.

  • Sb ki apni zindagi hoti hai, or wo apni life jis tarha bhi guzaren.
    Is pr tanz krne wali “Sharmila urf kashti farooqui” kon hoti hai.

  • Sharmila bibi apnay kamay hoay paison sa kar rahay hain honey moon app to abb tak steel mill ka lota hoya kha rahay hain , kuch sharam karain kuch haya karain

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