Shart – Episode 03!

I mean like seriously!?!?! This drama is basically promoting home-wreckage as something adventurous that two friends have planned because firstly, they have nothing better to do in their lives, secondly, they are out to prove something to one another & thirdly, because the writer was so bored that he decided to give a new meaning to the whole home wrecking routine that people have never seen before.

Afroz actually wants to restore Moomal’s faith in men-kind & also she wants to prove her notion wrong because according to her, her husband is ‘different’ that is why Afroz has agreed to the most stupid bet of all times that her ‘best friend’ Moomal has proposed. Moomal actually wants to teach Afroz that all men are the same just because she got an unfaithful husband or rather someone who didn’t actually love her, so she finds every single man exactly like Sameer, her husband. What nauseated me was, wasn’t the idea of the bet but the way Moomal was shown setting a trap for Emaad & seeing Afroz helping her friend just because she believes that by the end of the 1 month betting time, she will win & defeat Moomal.

I mean, I am sorry to say but Ayesha Khan looked mentally challenged when she was trying to act all cute just because every single time the arrow she threw hit a bullseye. I don’t understand one thing, all these girls & guys were shown as best of friends so how come they all ended up marrying those who didn’t love each other? Sameer didn’t love Moomal & Emaad was clearly in love with Moomal & not Afroz, so why did they all choose to pair up with those they didn’t love in the first place & by the way, what sort of friendship was this that these people couldn’t read each other’s minds & ended up marrying wrong people oh sorry, wrong ‘friends’!?!?!?!?! It just doesn’t make sense at all.

I really don’t know who is more stupid; Moomal or Afroz because the way Afroz seemed comfortable was actually quite shocking. She believes in her husband more than she believes in herself, which is good but then that makes her look dumb because she has challenged Moomal that she is going to win but then how will she, when she will play along with Moomal & push her husband away from her? The whole idea of discussing this episode seems so downright ridiculous to me right now, lol! It was actually very absurd of her to allow all this to happen right under her nose & she didn’t even get affected by it at all, in fact she looked pretty happy that her husband was falling prey to her best friend’s tactics!?! I mean, is she mentally sane or has she lost her sanity?

Oh & there comes Emaad, flaunting his crystal clear skin but not so clean & clear intentions where he appoints Moomal as a ‘marketing director’ of his firm despite knowing that she was a nagging housewife before & has no experience whatsoever. I understand that Emaad is trying to help her snap out of her depression bout & currently he doesn’t know he is being used as a puppet by the two lady loves of his life but then looks like only on day 1 of the whole bet thingy, he gave in pretty easily & the feelings he had for Moomal were rekindled & he uttered a confession to himself where he regrets not confessing his love to Moomal when he had a chance. I am sure it wouldn’t take much longer for those words to come out of his actual mouth that too in front of Moomal because he has not only started to lie to Afroz because of her, but he is not being honest with his wife as well about how their best friend is hitting on him.

I think the best & the blessed guy in this drama is Sameer because for a change it was good to see him not being a part of this filth that Moomal, Afroz & Emaad have drowned into. Sameer is focusing on his career & he has gotten a perfect partner who will help him advance in his professional life. I must say I last saw Nadia Hussain in Sitamgar & she went expressionless due to heavy dosage of Botox but in this drama, she looks really classy & is acting comfortably as well. So, this is how hideous this drama for now is & I am not sure if it’s going to improve or what but I really am shocked as to how casually the writer has made a joke out of such a serious situation. People have their lives ruined because of such incidents & here is this drama-making team; glamorizing & promoting it to be something that should be taken as lightly as possible? I really hope that the writer has some message by the end by showing that friends shouldn’t be trusted so much or something on those lines because for now, nothing of that sort seems to be happening. Share your thoughts please!

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