Shart – Episode 06!

Ohkay so, seems like all the desperadoes gathered at one place to make this Shart work but they have fallen flat completely. Till now I do not understand the purpose of this drama because the story is so hideous that it makes me cringe every single time.

I am glad that Sherry aka Desperado was taken care of within these 2 episodes because he didn’t deserve more screen time than that. If they really thought that by showing a confused desperado like him, they’ll be able to bring out some comedy in the serial through his predicament then they were hugely mistaken. His scenes were anything but funny.

More than anyone else, I have started to have doubts about Afroz’s IQ & mental capability because seems like she’s blessed with an attention span of a poodle. Did she really think that by using a cartoon like Sherry, she’ll be able to move Moomal & hitch her up with him? Afroz tries to show that she is Moomal’s well-wisher & wants to see her friend settled down & happy but she really needs to broaden her vision & wisdom as she is only making a fool out of herself. I think now it won’t be so hard for us to see her getting hurt in the end because she herself is inviting all the hardships on her sorry being.

Emaad, on his own is wrong too. Even though he has clearly heard the girls talk about the bet, he is still in a denial & is trying to make sense out of something senseless & baseless scenario. Does he really think that Moomal is interested in him? I really think he is just brain-feeding himself that yes, he is so amazing that Moomal is dying to be with him but then again, it makes me question his IQ as well because even after knowing everything about the BET, he is still thinking on those lines. His self-utterances were nauseating because he actually feels Moomal wants to be a part of his life as much as he wants her to be a part of his. How can even after knowing the truth he can think about convincing Afroz; his wife to allow him to have the luxury of dusri biwi in his life!?!?! He knows clearly that Moomal is playing a game & Afroz is a part of it as well, so why can’t be gather himself & maintain his composure & dignity? Why is he allowing all this to sway him?

Even though Emaad feels guilty & wanted to maintain a distance from Moomal, Afroz didn’t let that happen because she is too focused on the bet that she doesn’t care one bit about what her husband is going through & the battle he is fighting within. Yes, even though Emaad would be wrong to go behind Moomal & fall prey to her trap but I think more than him, Afroz would be at fault & she’ll be the one I’ll put blame on because she gambled her life & put her marriage on stake just for the sake of a soul-less friend which is absolutely ridiculous.

Oh, so it only took a 101⁰ fever & a boss’s refusal for Sameer to get back to his senses where he is missing Moomal. I think Syed Jibran has been wasted in this drama, I mean such a nominal character could’ve been played by someone else because he has nothing much to offer anyways. I think he should go back to Pakistan ASAP to see what his wife is up to & how she is wrecking someone’s home & oh, I just can’t tell how disappointed I am seeing Ayesha Khan play such an awkward role. This lady has a reputation & a good one at that, so why did she put it at stake to appear in such a drama? I really thought she knew better than this. Share your thoughts please.

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