Sheheryar Munawar Asks Youth to Avoid Smoking

Sheheryar Munawar is a recent heartthrob who is most talked-about because of his Good looks and the way he carries himself self which indeed he does in a very graceful manner.

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He knows how to be clicked in the camera and also he has recently posted his perfect picture from his Movie paray hat love in which he is smoking a cigarette. His picture was posted with the disclaimer that  “smoking is a disgusting habit which I have struggled with and hopefully can kick it soon. To all kids reading this don’t take it up! It’s not cool. However, for some reason, my photographer friends feel that it has a cinematic appeal to it when taking pictures.
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Well, his photo no doubt is so perfect that one can’t take his eyes off but the best part of the post was the disclaimer for the youth to think smoking as a bad and disgusting habit and is not cool at all.
“Try not to smoke and I am also trying to get away with it ”
We also request to everyone to actually stop smoking for the good as it is injurious to health and well-being.
Fans also appreciated his disclaimer along with the picture because now a days actors don’t bother what they are endorsing and what could be the impact of it.

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