Shehrnaz Episode 6 Review – Tough Times Ahead

Shehrnaz is turning out to be an unpredictable play which manages to hold my interest and keeps me looking forward to more. The twist in the beginning of this latest episode was shown brilliantly; first the director showed Shehrnaz imagining that she had won the award and then the reality. I must say I did not see that coming, it has been a while since a scene took me completely by surprise the way this one did. I was quite convinced that even though Naina Pardesi was the one giving the award, Shehrnaz will somehow prove herself and she will be able to see Shehrnaz’s potential. All those viewers who guessed that Naina Pardesi was bound to make things difficult for Shehrnaz were right on point and probably were not as surprised as I was. Now we know that Naina was being given so much screen time for a reason. After  finding out that her tailor was stitching clothes similar to her own designs for his daughter she decided to fire Shehrnaz’s father as well. I expected this twist to come in the previous episode but it was definitely more well-suited at this particular time. It was good to see Shehrnaz giving her a piece of her mind even if at this time she has managed to achieve very little in reality, she still has big dreams. This was however the first time that Shehrnaz’s over-confidence and outspokenness cost her something which meant a lot to her. The judges in the talent show weren’t as glamorous as one would have hoped for them to be. The addition of someone more stylish would have given these scenes which were written and directed a perfect look overall. Shehrnaz’s state of mind was shown brilliantly in this episode.

Sherry and Sara’s track got plenty of screen time in this episode. All of their scenes together clearly suggested that Sara did not take this engagement or her relationship with Sherry too seriously. Until now Sherry was the one who was shown taking his relationships casually but now the viewers saw him persuading his fiancé to take their relationship more seriously. Sherry’s character can be somewhat confusing and difficult to predict most of the times. This character also lacks the charm which should have been a part of it in order to make it easier for the viewers to connect to it.

This was another episode in which the viewers saw Shehrnaz speaking her mind and doing what she deemed fit without thinking of the consequences. Ayeza Khan’s overall look in this play is faultless. She is seen looking glamorous only when she is on the ramp or giving an audition, otherwise she sports a simple look. Even when she is seen playing the glamorous side of her character she makes sure that she does not wear something which is not in line with Shehrnaz’s overall personality. The only time when Shehrnaz is not herself is when she is with Sherry and I am not particularly fond of the vulnerable side of her otherwise strong personality but something tells me that it is this side of her which will take the story forward in the upcoming episodes. Once again Ayeza Khan and Sajid Hassan gave remarkable performances in this episode.

The preview of the next episode showed Sherry executing his plan to get back at Shehrnaz. I have to say that this entire track could have been far more relatable if some other actor was playing the role of Sherry.

How many of you watched this episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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