Sherdil Becomes The Highest Grosser Of The Year

Pakistani cinemas were suffering a lot since the tension started between Pakistan and India resulting in a ban on Indian content in the country. The ticket counters were dark but the time has finally changed with big movie like Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame coming to the country.

Another movie that is seeing a good run at the Box Office is our own Pakistani product, Sherdil. Sherdil is a highly patriotic film and it coincidently ca,e out on a time when the whole nation was high on patriotism and our Airforce had a great win. The film has thus managed to win hearts and has been doing exceptional business.

Sherdil Becomes The Highest Grosser Of The Year

The film has raked in about 10 crores and it has turned itself into a surprise hit. Sherdil will soon be releasing internationally too. Let’s see how it performs in the international markets!

Pakeeza Dar