Do Bol Episode 11 & 12 Story Review – Brilliantly Executed Drama

Opening Thoughts – Realistic Approach:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol was yet again interesting & unfolded the events in a very simple manner. The best thing about dramas like Do Bol is that they show lives of the characters in such a realistic & raw manner that you can’t help relating to them. Whatever has happened so far in Do Bol is very realistic that is why it is making it quite easy to feel for both Gaiti & Badar.

Badar Will Always Walk An Extra Mile For Gaiti:

Gaiti came back & she was obviously upset because she could not meet Jahan Ara. Badar made sure to put her heart to ease by promising her that no matter what happens, he will make sure she gets in contact with her mother. Badar has made up his mind that he is always going to treat Gaiti with love & respect. His feelings for Gaiti are one thing but he actually understands Gaiti’s perspective, he feels for her because he knows that she has been tied into this relationship forcefully that is why he goes out of the way to let her know that she is valued & loved. Badar has also seen how Gaiti used to long for her father’s validation, how she was keen to be loved by him, that is why he also put it across very earnestly that he will make sure she gets everything she ever hoped for.

I liked how in this episode, Gaiti started to show the signs of coming out of her shell. Rafiya played a huge part in bringing Gaiti to this level of normalcy where she started communicating with everyone a bit & even decided to help around Rafiya as she saw how hard that girl works & how much heavy-lifting she does. The girl playing the role of Rafiya is such a good actor & she is super pretty too. I like how effortless her acting is & her character is brilliant too. Rania on the other hand is a typical nand desperate for marriage, so there’s nothing new about her.

Jamshed made an entry in this episode & everything about his character spelled trouble for Gaiti. Jamshed obviously has evil intentions & I think he will try to turn things against Gaiti when she will stop him & his unnecessary advances. Jamshed knows that Rania is dying to get married to him so he might also use her & her hatred against Gaiti. This entire equation is going to get quite ugly, but then Badar will make sure he stands by his wife to support her.

Badar continued with his struggle of finding a job & then he finally found one. Qudsia’s concerns are real too, she knows that Badar singlehandedly has to manage all the expenses that is why that is the only thing that runs through her mind. It is kind of good to see that despite not accepting Gaiti & bring aware of her shortcomings, she still tells Gaiti to get involved like a family member. It is like Qudsia wants Gaiti to make them feel that she is a part of this family but right now Gaiti is not in a mood.

Iqbal had a heart attack & Nafeesa tried to contact Gaiti. Zafar & Firdous are making sure Iqbal stays disconnected with his daughter because legally & lawfully Gaiti is the one who will inherit everything Iqbal has earned so far in his life but both Firdous & Zafar have their sights on Iqbal’s wealth. With Zafar taking care of Iqbal’s business, it is a done deal that this business is going to be doomed, but Firdous will make sure that no one utters a word against her son. Fareeha has accomplished her mission in maligning Sameer’s heart against Gaiti & now he is going out of the picture & probably out of drama too. Iqbal has started to feel for Gaiti, obviously he knows that what he did was wrong, that is why he has taken it to his heart, let’s see if he will ever admit that he was wrong in his approach towards his only daughter as well as his wife Nafeesa.

Closing Thoughts – Brilliantly Executed Drama:

Overall, this episode of Do Bol was really nice & I had a great time watching it. The makeup & styling of all the actors is really nice, but I must say the actor playing the role of Fareeha has really put in a lot of effort into looking like a newly wedded woman but there’s something awfully off about her entire styling, like I am unable to put a finger on it but she really has taken it a bit too far where she seems like an eyesore. Every time she’s on screen I can’t stop noticing how much is happening around her, on her & the sad part is none of it works. Anyways, the direction of this drama has been amazing & I am kind of glad that we’ll be getting to watch 4 episodes per week, considering how slow the pace of this drama is kind of, it will definitely be a treat to see events unfolding quickly. Hira Mani & Affan Waheed are doing wonders & are making this journey a lot more meaningful. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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