Shikwa-Episode 11

Alright, now from where should I start? 11 episodes have passed but this exceptional drama has succeeded in keeping me on the edge of my seat! As the story is progressing, I am getting hooked to this play. The beauty of this show is that you will find each new turn realistic and rational. They have kept the scenes simple yet engaging!

Well, now that things were finally looking up for Munazzah and her family, there came the dreaded news of Adeel’s accident. However, it wasn’t a life-threatening accident and Adeel was safe. The hospital scenes may have seemed unnecessary at first-but then I came to realize that no-they actually played a fundamental role in Mehar’s further character development. After watching Saqib comforting her family, showing his concern for Adeel and looking after him in the hospital, Mehar couldn’t help thinking once again about her decision. Although there were no particular dialogues, some flashbacks and Mehar’s expressions were enough to tell that it will not be very easy for her to walk out on Saqib. For once, Mehar stops being impulsive-she starts thinking sensibly. Mehar also starts having second thoughts about Mateen when she learns the fact that Mateen hasn’t discussed anything with his mother yet.

Adeel’s doctor (played by Emmad Irfani) is a new character introduced this week. Well, for some reason, they haven’t disclosed his name yet but all we know up till now is that this guy has developed a liking for Mehar’s younger sister Sidra. I am guessing they have introduced his character for the sake of adding a side track. As long they don’t spoil the MAIN track because of the side one, it’s totally fine with me!
The most crucial part of this episode was-the ‘confrontation’. Mateen’s mother FINALLY paid a visit to Saqib’s house. Mateen’s mother callously insulted Saqib because that lady had had enough of Mateen and Mehar’s love story. And here comes my favourite part: Infuriated by her outburst, Mehar stepped in and made it clear that this was HER house, and Saqib was HER husband and no one had the right to insult him like that. At the spur of the moment, Mateen entered but right in front of him, Mehar confessed it aloud that she is happy and content with Saqib. Well folks, you heard it right! Mehar actually stood up for Saqib! To be honest, this scene held me spell bound. After watching the preceding installments, we couldn’t even predict this sudden change in Mehar’s personality. But the character development in this show leaves nothing to be desired. This was indeed a sudden change-but not an unreasonable one. They clearly showed us how Mehar was moved by Saqib’s decency and goodness. Mehar’s transition from an imprudent, impulsive girl to a thoughtful, sensible young lady is something truly spectacular! I must say Sonia Hussain has breathed life into Mehar’s character. From her dialogue delivery to her expressions-everything is top notch!

After watching this episode, my expectations have been raised even further! How will Mateen react to this sudden rejection? Will he now unveil his ‘evil’ side? Whatever happens, I am curious as to how will the story shape up now.

On a humorous note, I would say that thankfully, Adeel’s doctor didn’t fall for Mehar because THAT would have complicated the story even more :P

What do you guys think of this episode? I would love to know your views!


Maryam Mehdi


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