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Shikwa-Episode 23

Zeba JIII, why don’t you just leave?? Haha, this was one engaging and mazaydaar episode! Zeba Ji’s entry is a great twist to the play and the writer was clever enough to add it exactly when the story was going downhill.

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Zebi Ji and Saqib are all set to make Mehar feel squirmy and insecure and they are using just about everything they have (by the way, that includes Josh Malihabadi’s ‘Yadon ki Barat‘ LOL) to fulfill their ‘aim’. Zeba Ji and Saqib have common interests and therefore, they are quite fond of each others’ company. Saqib’s taunts and the deliberate and obvious ‘clues’ he is constantly giving are enough to convey to Mehar that something is very wrong. But I don’t know why is it so difficult for a girl like Mehar to put two and two together and figure out WHAT has actually created the rift between her and Saqib. And Saqib-as far as I can recall, this guy was raved for his forethought and burdbaari, then why is it that bringing a ghair aurat to his house was the only decent solution he could think of for his marital problems. And that mehmaan-mezbaan discussion went on for too long; it was way too absurd! A buzarg like Saqib doesn’t seem to realize that ‘woh meri mehmaan hain and mein un ka mezbaan’ is NOT the justification one is supposed to give to his wife for the sudden appearance of a ghair aurat!? Had it been the Mehar we USED to deal with, this episode would have been full of tantrums, cheekh pukaar and rona dhona. But since Mehar has gone through a transition, she clenched her teeth, cringed and winced but-she endured it all! However, I still think something is lacking-Mehar is taking it all way easier than I anticipated. Okay, don’t throw a tantrum but at least take a seat, make some chaye (which she seems to be mastering) and TALK to Saqib about everything that has been going on in their lives more seriously! Well finally, Saqib revealed in front of Mehar’s mother that he works in Zeba Ji’s office. Sometimes, I get the feeling as if Zeba Ji is indeed a nice person but when I witness her nauseously flirtatious acts/dialogues (yes guys, I am referring to her meaningful smile accompanied by, ‘Mein Saqib ki koi baat taal hi nahe sakti‘ and some other cheesy dialogues), I start to have second thoughts! So far, I can glean that all of this is a part of Saqib’s plan OR perhaps Saqib only flatters her because she really is his boss (the latter seems a bit implausible though, because you can’t just ‘hire’ your own boss for such an outrageously absurd task).

Amid these juicy developments, Sidra’s scenes served as an interruption. I think its actually her nasal voice that’s getting on her SIL and MIL’s nerves :P

On a side note, I would like to say that Sabahat Bukhari SHOULD kindly come into terms with the reality that she is no more a teenager and its not exactly her age for sleeveless, okay? Khair, so what do you guys think of Zeba Jii? Share your thoughts on this one ;)

Maryam Mehdi