Signs Which Tell That Your Relationship Is Over

Whether you are married or are in a relationship with someone foreseeing marriage; when things take a turn and nothing seems the same anymore, that is when you should start opening up your eyes and checking for signs which will tell that your relationship with your spouse is over. Look out for these signs:

Signs Which Tell That Your Relationship Is Over

Your partner spends more time away from you

Your parnter has suddenly started spending more time away from you than with you. They start being away from home often either with their friends or family. They are investing more energy into other relationships as they don’t want to think about you.

They start hiding things from you

If a big change in the life of your partner occurs, they hide it from you instead of being the first one to share it with.They don’t include you in the major developments of their life like before because they don’t see you important enough.

They start cheating on you

Because they are not that into you anymore, they start looking for a new partner to begin a relationship with. Yes it is that easy for people to move on from a relationship they are no longer interested in.

They start feeling bored with you

They start feeling bored with you as they don’t enjoy your company as much as they did before.

They don’t meet you often

If you’re not married, they avoid meet ups with you by giving excuses of being busy with work. If you’re married, than they don’t come home from work to avoid meeting with you.

You argue on every little thing

You argue on every little thing no matter how silly it is just impossible to have a conversation without arguing.

Signs Which Tell That Your Relationship Is Over

You are crying all the time

Crying all the time without reason is a huge factor of being unhappy and that the relationship is over for good.

You don’t as much or feel happy around them

Feeling like you have a heavy heart and sadness overcomes you when your relationship is about to end. You stop feeling like the same person you were before in the start of your relationship.

You cut yourself off from friends and family

You avoid meeting your friends and family, the actual people who care about you. If they would ask to see you, you give excuses of being busy and not having enough time.

You notice their flaws more than their strength

You begin to notice each others flaws more than their strengths. Every little thing they do irks you and makes you angry.

Signs Which Tell That Your Relationship Is Over

Your gut instinct tells you something is up

Last but not the least, you can feel it inside you that things are not the same anymore. You can sense it in your partners body language and mood that they want the relationship to be over for good.