Sinf e Aahan Episode 8 Story Review – The Training Begins

Ohkay so, this was yet another enjoyable episode of Sinf e Aahan. It has definitely turned out to be the kind of drama that you can tune to with a guarantee that you are going to have a great time watching. However, it is also the kind of drama that may not give you a lot to discuss because whatever you see can only be enjoyed while watching. Sinf e Aahan has definitely been written with a lot of detailing & perfection, but the way it has been executed is kind of one-dimensional where there is only one focal point in every single episode & then every situation revolves around it.

The Training Begins

In this episode, the girls got a lot more insight into what their life at the PMA was going to be like. It was going to be clockwork & a strict routine that they had to follow. None of them actually seemed happy because first & foremost, they were not being treated as some royalty but as cadets who were there to be trained. In the meanwhile, they all have been warming up to each other but Shaista & Pariwesh have their loyalties sorted, this is why they have not bothered forming a bond with their roommates; Mahjabeen & Rabia. It is also nice to see the sincerity they have towards their friends, it makes them loyal in their own special way.

Sidra is definitely a breath of fresh air & every single time she appears, she lights up the screen because she always has something new to say & a very different outlook on things. Nathmy’s character has not been explored much yet & so far, she just looks like a filler in most of the scenes. However, I am excited to see what her character has to offer & how her story will unfold.

Maj. Osama got introduced to the girls & right from that moment, he knew he had to leave an impression on the girls so that they understood it a bit too well that he meant business. His wife particularly seems cold towards him & there was this strange hesitation between the two, which was slightly touched upon in the promo. Osama definitely seems a bit too invested in what his life is now as an Army officer & what it was like when he was a cadet himself. It seems he doesn’t have a space for anything else in his life; probably not even his own family. Maj. Samia’s backstory was really heart-touching. It was shown beautifully that even those with the toughest facades have to fight personal battles & they do not let any of it deter them from their duty. It wasn’t like Samia’s only job was to be tough on the girls, but it showed that it demanded her full attention, her undivided time & effort, because of which she couldn’t be there for her family when they needed her the most. It was however beautiful to see that she had a supportive family who understood what her job requirements were, that is why the moment she showed up, they continued to put her heart to ease.

Sinf e Aahan Episode 8 Story Review - The Training Begins

Mahjabeen wanted to go back & she wasn’t taking any of this seriously but soon enough, she will be forced to realize the opportunity that has been presented to her & how important it was for her to be committed to it. The homesickness of some of the girls was shown nicely too. It all makes them very real & relatable. The training has just begun & this will pave a way for the girls to find themselves & realize their potential.

All in all, Sinf e Aahan makes a great watch. Something totally different & unique which is a rarity on Pakistani television. It provides quality entertainment & shows the kind of effort it takes to be in the Army. It won’t be wrong to say that Sinf e Aahan has been well written & brilliantly directed drama. All those funny moments, along with the emotional ones establish a very real connection with all the main characters. Definitely looking forward to more episodes. Going by the promo, I do not know how I feel about Osama’s wife’s past. I don’t think her character has been given that much importance, to begin with for me as a viewer to feel the need to find out more about her. I think it will be another way of showing the personal struggles Army officers go through too, just like Samia was faced within this episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sinf e Aahan.

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  • Yes u r right there is nothing to discuss just enjoy every scene ..
    Though i don’t like tiktokers and influencers but this girl dananeer just wooo me over .. her acting her expressions every thing is likeable..
    haha the scene β€œ where the senior instructor stopped them from eating but she still managed to eat a big bite β€œ πŸ˜‚ how cute she z ..
    I like aarzoo character .very composed personality.. i think in real she z the same ..
    Yumna , sajal , kubra are doing well but they have exposed too much on TV .. therefore I am literally not enjoying their scenes that much as saira ,dananeer and sirliankan girl ..
    I am not interesting in osama and his wife story .. please directior sahb remove their scenes from dramas ..
    they should cast fresh faces for yumna , kubra , sakal , osama and his wife ..

  • As you said, there is not much to discuss about Sinf e Aahan. Idk but I feel more like I am watching a documentary instead of a drama, because where is the story? The only two tracks that can be categorized as story right now, Rabiya and Mahjabeen’s backstory and Osama and his wife’s past are very boring for me at least.
    I think the promo suggested that Osama’s wife was wife of his friend and he married her after his friend’s martyrdom. Idk why was there need of this track when we hardly see any focus on Arzoo and Nathmi who are the main characters.
    Major Samia’s scenes were heart touching. I liked the PT scene too. I just hope that SeA picks up pace.
    PS: I really wish one of you were reviewing Jo Bichar Gaye. There is nothing as brilliant and captivating as JBG on our TV screens rn for me at least🀧

    • Also forgot to add, idk why is Rabiya so egoistic and arrogant? The way she behaves with almost everyone is such a turn off. Don’t like her character at all as of now.