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Situations That Ruin Our Journey

Whenever you travel, either it is abroad or within your own country, there are such situations that end up making your journey a really tough one. I have been traveling in Pakistan and also abroad and every time I see different people ruining my journey. This article will focus on these people, their actions and how to get rid of them. People who have had experiences like me must read and then share their opinions in the comments section below. I have spent a lot of time in traveling from one city to another and I have also been traveling abroad since three years. Daewoo buses, trains and even planes have different people in them who come with an aim to disturb others. Under circumstances like these, travelling is a challenge.

While travelling through train I have seen babies crying like anything and their mothers scolding them instead of trying to stop them. These babies not only disturb the people by not letting them sleep but they often make a normal person sick. Continuous crying noises actually result in nauseating others and this has happened to me before. Apart from this I have send families eating stuff and throwing the leftover under their seats. Like seriously is this the place to throw stuff? This results in a very bad odor all around the cabin. I have also experienced typical uneducated boys staring continuously at any girl sitting in the train. This also creates a lot of discomfort. Once something like this happened with me and I was not able to sleep the whole night in that train.

While going out of Pakistan, I came through such families who are fully dressed up. Women wear matching glittery dresses and same colored shoes and dark formal makeover while men wearing a suit. I usually start laughing when I see people like them having no dressing sense. A person must always be casual while they go through the journey. I have also seen men who call the air hostess after every five minutes and this is according to me the most stupid act that I have ever seen before. My point is that when you need something you can call the air hostess but why do some people call the air hostess just to look at her? This is something that disturbs me a lot while I travel. Apart from this there are some people who disturb others by their eating habits. They eat like almost everything on the dish and then they burp and fart. That is truly ridiculous. Once an incident like this happened with me and I had to change my seat.Image-1-Kid-Kicking-Seat

Moving on to the journey through Daewoo, this is for me the most tiring journey ever. The most common disturbing actions during this journey are when some one continuously kicks your seat from the back and the never ending cell phone discussions. The act of kicking seats is common in adults and children. This act is actually done to disturb others. What I do to get rid of this disturbing act is that I point them out at that very instant. It is your job to make them aware that this is a disrespectful act. Kids who are older then 4 years I speak to them directly and if a small child is disturbing me, what I do is just that I tell his mom to take care of him. You shouldn’t be afraid to speak up to them because this is your right. More over there are times when the person sitting next to you smells really bad. At that moment what you should do is that make yourself prepared because this is something that you can’t tell him directly. If you tell him directly it would be hurtful. You can keep a small vial of organic peppermint oil and use it in these cases. Just rub some of it around your nose and you won’t smell anyone else’s odour.


Now coming to the people who continuously talk on phone in a high voice, what I do here again is pointing them out. I directly say that please can you keep it down. Sometimes an eye contact can also help you make that person realize his mistake. If this also doesn’t work then I walk to that person and say that can you please understand that we are trying to relax here. Remind them politely but forcefully and I am sure that they will realize. These are some of the habits that irritate me while travelling. Don’t forget to share yours.

Written by: Moomal Hassan

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