Sneak Peak Into Mahira Khan’s Closet

Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 was celebrated in a different way, people opted for simpler clothes and celebrated it in a simpler manner.

Actress Mahira Khan took her fans to her closet tour and showed pretty dresses and jewellery she owns.

Sneak Peak Into Mahira Khans Closet 4

Mahira Khan picked out her old clothes inducing her shalwar kameez, gharara, and kurtas to wear on this Eid by restyling them.

Sneak Peak Into Mahira Khans Closet 1

She said, “Its COVID-19 and we are stuck, many of us have not seen our families at this time. It’s going to be tough but nonetheless Eid Mubarak everyone.”

Sneak Peak Into Mahira Khans Closet 9

“I think it’s not important to go out in markets and buy new clothes. I know this is the fun thing about Eid but what if we restyle our old Eid clothes and give them a new look,” she advised.

Sneak Peak Into Mahira Khans Closet 8

Mahira Khan further shared, “I like to dress up but not that much. I like to dress up on Eid it’s my favourite thing to do. In childhood, my said used to make a box of bangles, teeka and jewellery along with my dress on Eid day and I would wait for it.”

Sneak Peak Into Mahira Khans Closet 3

Here is a tour to Mahira Khan’s closet:


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