Some Interesting Things I Noticed About Online Drama Discussions

It is funny how defensive fans can get some times when they hear something against their favorite celebrities. Sometimes I feel like some of us take the innocent comments made by readers/viewers a little too seriously and find it hard to accept that everyone has their own point of view which they are free to express not because they want to offend anyone but only because they believe in the freedom of speech. Here are some interesting things I have noticed in the past two years or so.

* If you don’t like Fawad Khan keep your mouth shut;)

Yes, most of Fawad Khan’s fans have very little tolerance for criticism. This is the reason why many people do not have the guts to openly criticize him even if they want to do so.


* If you think Mahira Khan is not pretty or cannot act, you must be jealous of her

This has to be the funniest one of all. If a girl especially says anything against Mahira Khan’s acting or looks she has to be jealous of her because why else would she be finding faults in someone who is so perfect!!


*Think 100 times (or even more) before criticizing Umera Ahmed

If you don’t like a play written by Umera Ahmed then you should keep your opinion to yourself otherwise you will get votes down, a lot of bashing and telling off.


*If Hamsafar is not your all time favorite play, there must be something seriously wrong with you

I have openly declared time and again that Hamsafar was a very engaging play but it is not the best play of all times on my list because there are many other plays like Durr-e-Shehwar, Mera Naseeb and Dastaan which are much closer to my heart. But I know it for a fact that people usually do not criticize Hamsafar on online forums because they are too scared that the die-hard Hamsafar fans may tell them off.


*Some dramas are only meant for the “intelligent” crowd with a certain IQ level and people who don’t appreciate such plays are lesser humans

I find this one especially funny because I believe that most of our viewers are intelligent enough to tell a good drama from a bad one and sometimes people try to find the sort of depth in dramas which even the writer probably didn’t think of while penning down the scripts.


*If you don’t like a play, don’t watch it

“Say what?? You can’t be serious!!” is usually my first instinctive response to such comments.


How many of you can relate to the above mentioned observations? Do share the sort of behavior/responses you come across while interacting with people online.

Note: Please don’t take this article very seriously because it is intended to be a fun article. It is meant to instigate debate about things we observe but don’t usually talk about.

Fatima Awan

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