Shukk – Episode 18!

I must say this drama is getting better & better. They never cease to surprise us & for me this had to be the best episode so far. I loved the pace of the episode & the approach with which they showed what they had to. There were undoubtedly the amazing performances by the actors tonight & I enjoyed the episode thoroughly.

Ehtashaam obviously grew closer to Roomi more than he expected. He loved doing things for him & being around him. The episode began at such a sweet note where Sania could actually see what Roomi has started to mean to Ehtashaam. I am glad they showed a time lapse of few months in between because in the mean time Sania got the push she needed & it unrealistically didn’t happen over night. No one forced anything on each other & the time took it’s toll on them. Just when I thought to myself that they haven’t shown the state of Ehtashaam’s career, I got my answers. Atif has gotten to a higher position on the expense of Ehtashaam & Sania wanted to help him by telling the truth about their relation thinking it would be some sort of a help to him.

There were some amazing conversations in this episode as well which is the essence of this drama. To the point dialogues, enough to make things clear is what was the best part of this episode. I loved how Sania tried to convince Ehtashaam of giving Sehrish another chance but Ehtashaam not being egoistic spoke what he had in his mind because no doubt, he on his own is justified for not giving any reasons for Sehrish to act irrationally like the way she did. Ehtashaam’s confession about how Sehrish has earned his resentment was true, this is what I like about his character that he doesn’t beat around the bush & stick to what has to be said.

I felt for Sehrish & her anguish was portrayed beautifully too. She is shown as an insecure person because she is aware of the incapability she has. The truth is that those who are insecure about a certain issue in life end up making themselves believe that whatever happened has happened because of that particular fact. This is exactly what Sehrish pushed herself to believe because according to her Ehtashaam got involved with someone else because she was unable to give him a child.

Now coming to the proposal. It has to be one of the best scenes I have seen ever, backed by the brilliant performances by both the actors. Whatever & however Ehtashaam said to convince Sania & to make her understand what she actually feels was absolutely perfect. How Ehtashaam told her what she & Roomi mean to him & how he was aware of the fact that Sania has started to rely on him more than she knows was just relayed beautifully. Sania who is just capable of being courteous, considerate & compassionate still felt it was her obligation to remind Ehtashaam of his wife but I think Ehtashaam had more power in his argument & Sania actually had to submit to his will. I loved how they should them as a happy couple with an adorable kid. The kid Qabool hai scene along with the chocolate-cheers was the best way to begin their marital bliss. Sania looked gorgeous & Ehtashaam looked like a true gentleman who was content because he made the right decision. I loved how they showed some color coordination in the couple’s outfits, it was picture perfect.

As much as I was happy for Sania, I also felt bad for Sehrish but not so much as she drove them both closer & what happened was just because Sehrish chose to believe the otherwise. Her conversation with her mother actually showed how much she wanted to make things right & how after a long space & gap she got back to her right state of mind. I think Ayesha Khan has nailed her character as Sehrish because she has made her believe in her character & her sufferings effortlessly.

The best thing about this play is the way characters have been etched out with perfection. The director gets a full credit for bringing out the best in all the actors & for perfectly executing the story. Each one of the character has been through hard times but never losing the control has made all the characters relatable & our favorite. The preview of the next episode shows Sehrish’s plea to make things work for herself even if it means she has to accept Sania as well. I am sure this is still going to get better. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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Zahra Mirza.

ps: I am covering for my friend Fatima Awan but do stay tuned for her say on this in the comments. ;)

Zahra Mirza

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