Sunrise from Istanbul Overview – Energy booster!

With having tons of creepy shows around on television that does nothing but give away those tips on preparing whitening creams for your face or remedies that might make you have long luscious hair as claimed by ‘dermatologist’ or all the ‘herbalists’ in the shows while preparing them and then the tickers that says “aj hum bana Rai hn rang kaala krne wali cream aur aisa shampoo jo k apko ganja krne me mdad krega”ooops… my bad! How can I even forget, we reside in Pakistan! “rang kaala hona yahan pr tou badsoorti smjha jata he!” Pardon me guys for even writing such a thing! so where was I? Yeah those tickers where they publicize their ability to make whitening creams, that makes you wonder the mentality of these people conducting the shows, I mean like seriously? Is this what we should be worried off in such a world where everyone is headed towards a progress?? Ab bs yehi kam reh gaya he Kia?? Smh literally! That being said, honestly in such a situation ‘Sunrise from Istanbul’ is definitely a breath of fresh air.

I began watching it a little while back, mainly because the vibes it generated, and the idea it started off with seemed a bit novice, and to my surprise there weren’t any aforementioned disgusting stuff in the show and since I had to kill some of my precious time so that I might witness myself drown in the bucket loaded with guilt as exams for my very first semester were to be held a few days later and also for the fact that my tablet got out of my reach, (Maybe somebody cursed me with black magic, hmmm?) I got into it.

However, I stopped watching it later due to the hectic schedule I have, but the other day got the chance to watch it again, after when I caught glimpse of it while searching something worthwhile to watch. And then reminiscent of my experience with it hit me back, which led me Penn this overview down for you guys!

Sunrise from Istanbul is a Pakistani morning show, recorded in Turkey and hosted by Maria wasti which airs on see tv. The show also comprises bunch of some musicians along with a chef (all Turkish).

One of the reasons that provides me a reason to tune into the show every once in a while is that they reserve one episode for a single personality, which ends up on being enough fruitful to give it a decent end and that not even a single fuss gets to be created, which probably is not the case with most of the morning shows airing these days. That being said, the guests are always treated with utmost respect by the host herself, and also the way Maria is always friendly with her guest lights up the mood, the minute you start watching the show.

Frankly speaking, for me the show has always been a mood lifter, I really loved the episode when Reham khan was invited, I got an insight into her life and her decent and thought-provoking conversation made me like her even more. Other than that, the game Maria plays with her guests is quite different, unique and interesting too, something you guys may not come across in any other game show. However, the way she plays it is slightly confusing, yet cute at the same time. Curtly speaking, the show can be worth watching if the guest that interest you, is invited, as plenty of time is given to the host to conduct a decent interview.

Hope you guys liked the overview! Don’t hold back in sharing your thoughts as I definitely am looking forward to reading them.

Stay blessed!
Mariam sheikh!

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