Surkh Chandni Episode 3 & 4 Story Review – Brilliant Execution

Opening Thoughts – Brilliant Execution:

Ohkay so, this episode of Surkh Chandni was nicely executed & it focused on how everyone dealt with the acid attack on Aida. Even though this episode was a bit depressing but I am glad that they didn’t drag it & kept on shifting the focus on other issues which didn’t make it one-dimensional. It was also realistically shown how they all were trying to cope with this life-changing incident while others were trying to take the advantage of this situation. So far the execution is definitely decent & they are keeping on the right track.

Raw & Real Portrayal:

So, Jawad threw acid on Aida’s face but like a coward, he sat there weighing the possibility of the fact whether she saw him or not. Jawad wasn’t too concerned about Shumaila knowing about him being the culprit because he knew exactly how to deal with her but yes, the thought of Aida recognizing him did unsettle Jawad.

It was all about how Aida’s family especially her parents & Amaan reacted to all that happened with Aida but it was brilliantly shown that in such tough times, the victims only need moral support & Aida had all of it. The doctors also sympathized with Aida but tried to show her the bigger picture & now it was all left on Aida to find it in her heart to come out of this & move on. It obviously is not going to be an easy journey & that is why where Aida seemed a little composed at one moment, the very next she cried at her helplessness. Aida would’ve never imagined that something like this could happen to her but now this was a cold hard truth that she has to live with.

In this entire scenario, Amaan’s approach was brilliant. He just wanted Aida to know that nothing had changed. Amaan wanted to make Aida feel that she was the same girl that he loved with all her heart but then it was obviously hard for Aida to accept. Amaan tried to put a brave face on in front of Aida & even though he didn’t want to address those feelings, he knew exactly how everything had changed & to what extent. Amaan knew that he now had a long battle to fight where he had to rebuild Aida’s confidence & make her feel loved & valued.

Aida’s parents wanted to do everything for their daughter but then it was realistically shown how their financial condition was holding them back. Even though at this stage anyone wants to do what’s best for their family members but there are so many factors that play a part & hinder from doing what one wants to for their loved ones. Aida’s parents knew that they were financially dependent on Mukhtar but then they also were satisfied as they had their last & final security blanket; their house which could help them with Aida’s surgeries. Mukhtar was worried about only one thing & that was the medical expenses that he’ll have to bear that is why he immediately thought of contacting different NGO’s to request some financial help from them.

Shumaila is the one who has benefitted from this situation the most. I am glad that right from the beginning, there are a couple of people apart from Jawad who know that he is the one who has done this to Aida because sooner or later they will be forced to admit the truth. Shumaila stayed quiet because Jawad started giving her all the favors that guaranteed her some comfort & financial relief but eventually she too will come under the radar for being an ally to the criminal.

Closing Thoughts – Quite Impressive:

Overall, this episode of Surkh Chandni kept everything very raw & real. They perfectly showed the struggles of both the victim & her family members in detail & a convincing manner. Sohai Ali Abro, Osman Khalid Butt & Asad Siddique were quite impressive in this episode, especially Sohai Ali Abro. The preview of the next episode showed that things will change drastically for both Amaan & Aida & I am sure it is going to be quite a journey. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Surkh Chandni.

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