Surkh Chandni Episode 7 & 8 Story Review – Brilliant Performances

Opening Thoughts – Brilliant Performances:

Ohkay so, this episode of Surkh Chandni gave the viewers a chance to see some outstanding performances from all the actors. One of the best things so far about Surkh Chandni has to be the pace as well because they make sure to cover one chapter of Aida’s life in each set of episodes. I hope as the drama progresses, they continue with the pace because it is definitely making this drama a great watch & is keeping everything quite gripping!

Aida Faces Rejection:

Aida was suffering from physical & emotional trauma but the court case & everything that came along it put her through a mental trauma too. Aida still hadn’t found that courage & confidence in herself & she was still struggling but Amaan & those who supported her thought they were doing the right thing by opening a lawsuit against Jawad but they were wrong.

Before the court case happened, it was nice to see how everyone like Amaan, Aida’s parents & Amaan’s mother were ready to do everything to make sure they win the case. Even though they wanted to help Aida but part of it was also their urge to get Jawad behind bars for what he had done, but unfortunately, things didn’t go according to their plan.

It has been very realistically shown that criminals like Jawad get the edge to do what they feel like because they have supporters around them who make sure their agendas are fulfilled. Shumaila has played a very important role in ruining Aida’s life because right from the beginning she knew exactly what Jawad had done but chose to side with him because of her own motives. Jawad also has got his mother’s support that is why he hasn’t thought about it for a second that he has been nothing but wrong all along. Shumaila has not only supported Jawad but has also made sure that Mukhtar never really questions her choices or doubts her. Even though Mukhtar did ask Shumaila if she saw Jawad’s face the day acid attack happened but she easily convinced him & talked him out of it.

Unfortunately, Aida lost the case & not only that, it came with another label which made it easier for everyone to blame her for what she has been through. It indeed was realistically portrayed that in times like these, no one really cares to find out the truth or give benefit of the doubt to the victim, in stead everyone finds it very easy to believe the gossip or rumours because it seems convenient. In Aida’s case, her own brother Mukhtar chose to believe the court’s verdict because he thought it was easier option to get rid of her.

Amaan’s involvement in Aida’s life & in general has to be the most endearing part of this drama. The way Amaan made sure to let Aida know that he was going to be there every step of the way was sweet but because Aida has been emotionally & mentally scattered, she couldn’t really see through his honesty. Aida still loves Amaan but because she has been through so much, she only feels like a liability to him & the thought of nurturing this relationship has slipped Aida’s mind. Amaan & his mother have proved that they genuinely want to help Aida come out of this nightmare but things around her have become so complicated that she even is not looking for a way out & has probably given up any hope that she ever had. Aida is just ready to take what comes her way & in her mind it is mostly humiliation & rejection.

Closing Thoughts – Intense & Gripping:

Overall, this episode of Surkh Chandni was vey intense & gripping. The direction has been strong too & all the actors are performing brilliantly. I particularly liked a few scenes a bit more because all the lead actors acted amazingly in those scenes; Amaan barging into Jawad’s house after losing the case, Jawad going to harass Aida & laughing as she beat him up, Aida pushing Amaan away from her & telling him to go, Sohai, Asad & Osman were brilliant in those scenes especially. The preview of the next episode suggests that may be Aida’s father will commit suicide, but I am glad that the lady from the NGO is following up, which means she might bring Aida out of this setting. Also, I must say the actor playing the role of doctor has been very convincing too, usually those who play doctors in our dramas make it very obvious that they don’t know how to act but this actor surely does. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Surkh Chandni.

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