Syed Jibran Throws Surprise Birthday Party for His Wife Afifa Jibran

There was a time when television celebrities used to keep their private life personal and no one ever get to see any glimpse of their personal lives. But the time has changed now social media has evolved everything and trends have been changes. Now celebrities share each and every detail from their private life with their fans through social media. Especially if it is any special occasion like birthday wedding or any other event you can see their pictures all over the internet. This transmogrify has made our celebrities more public and relatable. Instagram is the top most used application by many stars and they share their pictures with their fans through Instagram. Syed Jibran is a big name from the industry celebrated the birthday of his gorgeous wife Afifa Jibran on 13th February. Afifa Jibran took Instagram to share image from her surprise birthday. Syed Jibran arranged a beautiful birthday surprise for her wife Affifa Jibran at Al-Sajjad-Do Darya which is a famous recreational place of K-Town. The theme of party was red and white. Here we have pictures from the surprise birthday of Afifa Jibran. These beautiful photographs were captured by Ali Jaffrani. Let’s have a look at these alluring photographs:

Afifa Jibran 1

Afifa Jibran 2

Afifa Jibran 3

Afifa Jibran 4

Afifa Jibran 5

Afifa Jibran 6

Afifa Jibran 7

Afifa Jibran 8

Afifa Jibran 9

Afifa Jibran 10

Afifa Jibran 11

Afifa Jibran 12

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