Syra and Shehroz Pre Wedding Party Pictures (Latest)

Syra and Shehroz Pre Wedding Party Pictures (Latest)


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  • Arfa

    Wahiat!! :@

    • angel

      How on earth do you find it "wahiat"?

      • Zoya

        Our media iz destroying our culture nd Islamic values its just awhfull, hate these artist who r potrating like non- muslims or belonging to a Europen country. Shame on U guyzzz

        • amber

          than why don't you guys stop watching tv and dramas

          • Ghani


            well, this is your culture. Remember Quaid e azam wasnt someone with a beard who wore shalwar kameez. GET OVER THE DELUSION. He was a liberal, wore a suit and created a SECULAR country. We had our culture, if you like ARAB culture on the other hand go live there. No ones forcing you to watch this.

            Mehndi functions, dholki etc is in our culture from hundreds of years even before partition. So don't make an ISSUE. Its another thing what your personal believes are and if you'll do the same in your wedding.

            Live and let live and let Allah be the JUDGE. STOP making your own sharia.

          • Moonlight

            So you think Quaid e Azam lied to people by using the name of Islam and used the name just to emotionally blackmail Muslim ? You should have to be ashamed of yourself".. We got this country on the name of Islam not on the name of baseless secular ideas. You should have to think about it,!

          • Ghani


            STOP getting fed info by the establishment. Think from your own mind and read some books, research and think. Humans DO NOT have peanuts in their heads.

            The point I was trying to make is simple. Religion and culture were two different things and sadly the line between them has gotten blurred.

            If you research you might know that the Quaid created a country for the MUSLIMS who were a different nation, NOT in the name of ISLAM. Different concepts if you understand.

            Plus stop being emotional about it. Talk with facts. I did not ever mention anything about blackmailing and neither implied that.

            For more of your info read Quaid;s speech to the constituent assembly in 1947, where he said religion has nothing to do with business of the state. POINT. and it wasn't even called a ISLAMIC REPUBLIC until 1956 or something, he named it REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN.

            I love ISLAM and thats why I speak the truth and want you to know it too. Cannot see you being mislead and lied to. Read history unemotionally without bias and you might find out the truth.

          • Shamaila

            Well Ghani I don't know what kind of a muslim are you but mehndi and dholki is not in our religion and to even comment on someone else's comment you should know your roots better. You need go back hundreds of years to learn about our religion ISLAM which doesn't allow us to be the way these people are showing and acting. So you should also let live and Allah be the JUDGE . STOP making your own sharia. Get involved in your religion rather than your country traditions and morals okay. thanks

          • Fatima tuz Zahra

            i wonder hr koi ISLAM k naam py fatway q denay lag jaata hai yahan….. mujhy surity h k yahan ISLAM k itna ilm kissi ko nai k wo fatway denay lag jaye……. including me….pleaseeeeeeee stop criticizing others…. banda crticism krty huay tab acha lagta hai jab wo iss qaabil ho….ALLAH TA"AALA ki zaat behter jaanti hai sb kuch…..ALLAH behter jaanta hai insaan k kaam k peechy us ki neyat…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aap log iss tarha judge krna chor dein…let ALLAH TA'AALA be the judge….with no doubts HE is the best JUDGE… 🙂

          • Aimen

            No matter no one over here is not an aalim….but still is baat ki to surity he k there is no such thing as dholki and mehndi…not even baraat…its just a nikkah and valimah…

          • rija

            cuz they arent wahiat and atleast stick to our culture…

    • amber

      WTF??????????????????????????????????????????? go to hell

    • Conservative

      This act is obscene because the kissing picture does not reflect that they are decent people because this picture picture is taken on pre-wedding party this means that they are husband and wife yet they are still Namehrum to each other.

      If they are so libral then they may display their wedding night pictures as well.

  • aina

    they are can syra wear sleeveless in these freezing cold days..lokk at the other gal..she is wearing sweater and syra n her sis r enjoying cold with short dress

    • angel

      Cuz the place must be centrally heated.. Syra isnt the only one wearing sleeveless dress..another girl is doing the same.. You need to look at the 5th pic -_-

    • Ahmed

      I guess She's already very hot. therefore, not weraing a sweater . k

    • Tabu

      How is that your problem what they wear or not ??? If we all mind our own business, things would be easier. Instead of focusing on our lives and actions, we just focus on others and criticize all the time. Little matters like these should not worry anyone, but if someone is hurting someone, insulting others, committing crimes, those are the issues which need our Voice !!

      • tabehta shah


  • Rameen

    beautiful ……………………..:-)

    • Zoya

      Its awhfull, if they r non- muslims only than iy is beautiful for U nd Them. . Shame on U guyz atleast have some Hayya, isi dunia m nhi rehna Akhrat b ani hy kia mu dikhao gy, aj hm aisi quom ban rahey hyn jo Allah ko to mante hy pr Allah ki ik bat nhi mante

      • amber

        fuck you woh sub kay samnay hain jo bhi hain. tum log paki larkiyan tou burkhay pehan ker pata nahi kitni parsa banti ho or kiya kiya kerti ho

        • Aysha

          R u not paki ,,,if not you dont have any right to say something about paki girls…… jo apni haya qayim rakhe hoe hey or is bahayai k dor mein bhi burqa pehan ke ghar se nikalti hey un munafqon se behter hey jo maghrib ki taqleed mein adhe teeter adhe bater bane bethe hein

          • Amna

            wow what an answer …sahi kaha jis trah khd baat kr rhy hain yh mjhy nhi lgta k paki grl hai well pehly apny aap ko sudharo phr dosro ko bolna

          • Baig

            yaar ye Paki kia hota he. Pakistani kaho. term " Paki" ki background pta he?

          • xyz

            amna ayesha n muskan .ye pakistani ho ya nahi.naam se musalman lag rai ha..haah!! apnay app ko angrez banana pasand ha isay musalman ni..

        • Muskan

          sb k samny gunah krny sy kia us ka asar kam ho jata hai……….blky bara gunah e yeh hai k sb k samny gunah kia jye……kitny kamzor dil log in ko daikh k inspire hn gy ………..aur yeh gandi soch nikal k phank dain k
          burkay wali parsa banti hain hoti khranb etc………..gtya cummunity ki soch hai atlest wo khuda k hukam main sy aik to man rae han……kn parsa hai is ka faisla tm nae kr skty faisla krny wala mojod hai……….pta lag jye ga end pe sb ki asliat ka …………abi jin ko daikh k rshk ho raha hai…………kabi in pe tras aye ga

        • xyz

          bari he beghairat ha to amberii..

          • a khan


        • sam

          shut up yar amber,zoa is totally right n i m with her on this one

      • tabehta shah


      • Lucas

        could u plz stop making fuss, u r showing that u r clean from all sins, so what the hell r u doing here, can't u read the topic/heading, plz grow up. U don't have to give answer to Allah for others sins look at urself plz. stop crying like a baby

        • Baig

          weaahh. jo bhi tum ..bahot khooob. bayhoodgi ka ye bhi ik naya andaaz he. jari rukho isay.. bahot tarraki karo gay/gi… bayhoodgi main..

      • Baig

        Zoya keun itna dukhi ho rahi hen. App kia samjhti hen keh in main kuch haya baqi he. jo kuch ye kar rahay hen wo sab kuch hamara moashara baray aram se hazam kar raha he. Is main in ka koee kasoor nahin moashray ka yani ham sab ka kasoor he. aur wese bhi is mulk main koee ik cheez bta dain jo seedhi ho rahi ho..koee ik cheez ..nahin na. to itna dukhi na hon… ap ki nazr main bay hayai he wo in ki nazar main.

    • noort


  • Bilal

    Well wahiat is different in everyones perspective..but there is need to draw the line somewhere ..before peple used to even consider a cheek kiss in public ..nowadays its considered to be lovely ..then the lip kiss would be lovely ..and then sadly all the limits would be crossed..that one day we will start becoming inhuman and unshameful will have no limits to it is sad that the sense of shame which is what man developed in process of advancement has started diminishing…the early man ..didnt have much clothes on he was in learning phase ..and the shame and modesty is what made him/her cover the body ..but sadly nowadays ..the media and the western culture is like a tsunami on this generation ..completely drowned on it and blinded by it ..the respect for such a beautiful relationship of husband and wife which is supposed to be private and sacred one ..has lost its value ..that people have started considering itnormal to post such photos ..and so that other people can be entertained ? The would have worldly fame ..tch shame ..i had high hopes for Syra … :/

    • zezez

      yup dat crossd de limits 🙁

    • Shabi

      Agreed.Its hightime,our youth should wake up,standup and disown such behavours.

    • tayyaba

      I truly agree… 🙂

    • maryam

      i agree with you 100%,,,even children's minds are manipulated by creating "cute love stories"… really where are we going????

    • Momo

      exactly you are 100% right – Many thanks for your comment!

    • Javeria

      aap itna dil pe mat le, and to all ppl who agrees with him,, she 's his mehram, and they have not done anything sinful. but if you are too cautious then on the first place you shouldn't be watching their pics, and shame on us and on the person who posted their private event into the public forum., shame on reviewpk.

    • Shamaila

      I totally agree with you but not everyone have same perspective as you have to some people it is very cute.

  • nadan

    Shame on Syra n shehroz,,
    They Have crossed all the Limits,
    Mehndi Dance………..
    Cheek Kiss In Public…………
    Lanat hy in par

    • hadiqa


      • huggya ji :P

        bhadinda yoooooooo

    • tabehta shah


  • Asra

    well well good wishes but this is the new generation common attitude, future hold more to come, adopting bachelor/bacolertte parties in theme is going to destroy future of marriages n couples future, who knows where its going to end, it doesnt feel like islamic country no more, better for me to b in states

    • aquib

      very well said indeed da new generation is 2wards declining end wdout knowing dere limits n traditions

    • syed

      they having a fun with them and calibration of wedding but that should be in limits

  • nini

    all of them r DIRTY PPL…. neither syra nor shehroz are the last couple who got married on earth… thats really Vulgar

    • mustafa

      on the base ov fact no one is innocent on the earth and everyone has full athourity to do what they like ….
      kissing doesnot make anyone dirty ….and i think it is pretty cool !!!

  • sharjeel

    awsumm & cute pictures well

    • amber

      sahi kaha aap nay yeh log sirf dosron ko criticise ker saktay hain apnay giraybaan may nahi jhanktay or na kisi ko agay berhta dekh sakatay hain na he khush dekh saktay hain sub paki aisay he hain aik dosray ki taang khinchtay hain

      • nadan

        u idiot stop this lect now..
        we r here to comment on the stuff here, about plays, pics etc uploaded here NOT our Personal lives,,
        we donot knw about one another's personal life, i donot knw how u r, how anybody is,,
        but jo hamain nazar aa raha hy us pe obviously comment krain gy. nd BURAY ko bura he kahain gy.
        Wat About YOU ppl???
        aap k haan to clothes shyd itny costly ho gy hain k nobody can afford …. logon ne pehn'na he chor dia hy
        we Just Want k hamara media Indian Media Jaisa na ho jay,, we r Muslim nt dn't want to be Shameless Like YOU ppl………

        • Just for mankind

          I agree because if we are not stop them, then it will be going worse and worse.
          At lease,we can say wrong. And this is small good thing that we all can do.

      • saira

        i think amber u belongs to india that,s y u r saying with hate "these paki" whats your identity. apna dunia ma anay ka maqsad mind ma rakho. or jo galt hai so hai if u can,t control that than at least oppose it on public forums.

      • saira

        tumare tu soch e fahashi pa mabni hai zehni toor pa tm zamana e jahliat sa taluq rkhte ho apki opinion k accordingly to poray pak ma fahashi ka raaj hona chahya ha na shame on your thinking n the people like u belongs to pak

      • Just for mankind

        Then you should go to India and see where you are wrong.

    • nadan

      Mr. Sudharna kia hota hy?
      Khud ko nanga kar lo???
      KISSING Before Marriage???????
      Ye Sudharna nahe hy Its Not Modernism Its SHAMELESNESS,,
      Shame n them nd the Ppl Having thoughts like this….

      • Zar

        they were already married. un ka nika ho chuka tha before the wedding.

        • mojojojo

          to iska matlab ye to nae ke unho PUBLICALY cheap hone ka certificate mil gaya hae ……………..seriously yar so disappointing nd I think khatoon ne frock pahna hua hae that's nt our religion nd culture

      • midhat

        lush kia bat hy

      • midhat

        sahi kh rhy ho yaar

    • Baig

      OO jahil Sharjeel sahib. kia anaap shnaap bakay ja rakay ho..

    • noor

      tum bhi yeh sub kartey ho gey

    • abc

      jo log khud burai se rok nahi sakte wo log dusro ko bhi rokta hai i am referring to se pta chalta hai k tumhara eman kitna kamzoor hai or munafiq ho

  • Maha

    These celebs are failing to understand that they represent the Muslim youth.they have a huge responsibility on there shoulders.atleast keep personal things private….and this "khud ko Sudharo" is becoming our slogan! .pls.. this is not what Islam teaches. one has to atleast point out or raise there voice if u c something non Islamic .b/c Islam belongs to every Muslim nobody should be aloud to malign or disgrace's urs and mine, pls personalise it!

    • amber

      what bout you? If you are a good muslim than show not only comments show with your acts. and not to watch tv.

      • Maha

        I commented on what was made public.. So it was meant to be commented on ….u can't comment on me b/c u don't know do u know i watch tv.this was on facebook.I never said I am a good Muslim.but yes I try very hard. And I did act ,i acted by commenting on vulgarity. I didn't stay quiet.

      • mimi



      shukr hae koi allah ka banda to meray jeasy khiyalat rakhta hae warna to sab kay mind bilkul badal chukay hen
      men to convince ho gaya tha key qiyamat qareeb hae


    • abc

      very well said

  • sara

    Relax everybody. Youth of today are being exposed to unimaginable things. This is nothing as compared to those other stuff that they encounter. Just because we dont talk about it does not mean it is not happening in our own country and our own homes. Maybe these pictures were not meant for public. Even then it is not in bad taste.

  • sara

    Relax everybody. Youth of today are being exposed to unimaginable things. This is nothing as compared to those other stuff that they encounter. Just because we dont talk about it does not mean it is not happening in our own country and our own homes. Maybe these pictures were not meant for public. Even then it is not in bad taste.

    • ali

      i agree

  • nadia

    lanat hey, agar yeh zara khobsorat hoti tu phir bhi tha, dinosur jesi shakal hey iski..

    • amber

      tum apna foto lagao hum bhi dekhein kay tum kitni haseen ho

      • nadia

        kouoyn tum rishtey kerwaney wali ho? lol amber

        • Bilal

          jealoused much?? -.-

          • Tabz

            Correction: it's JEALOUS much. and lol, I kind of think the same!!! this girl isn't
            ugly. she's pretty!!! I love her hair!!!

          • nadia

            aur tu apni maan behnoun key naam kouyn bata raha hey yahan sheroz , tujhey kya kha raha hey jo apni tarbyat dikha raha hey, ab kal ko tasveer bhi lagana apni maan ki yahan is naam key sath. ya is gashti ka bhai tu nahien tu.LOL buhahahahaha

          • nadia

            jealous of this dinosaur ,her hair are good but her face is eeeeek , he deserved better.poor child fell for this dentonic ad

      • Amna

        hahahahah o behan doosro ko chor do en behaya logon k peechy dosro ko bura mat kaho

    • Javeria

      aur aap haseena e alam , who are you to criticize the creation of Allah(swt)

      • nadia

        yaar aik tu yeh andhey fan javeria and one above, kuch nazar nahien ata inhien, bas lg jao peechey jo bhi zara gori chamri nazar aye.. how pathetic, ankhien khool key dekho creation of Allah kya kar rahi hey..batien banwa lo in

    • shehroz

      iif she ix dinasore den ur a bitch….
      jealousy kha jaye gi ek din tumhen kamini

      • nadia

        aur tu apni maan behnoun key naam kouyn bata raha hey yahan sheroz , tujhey kya kha raha hey jo apni tarbyat dikha raha hey, ab kal ko tasveer bhi lagana apni maan ki yahan is naam key sath. ya is gashti ka bhai tu nahien tu.LOL buhahahahaha

        • nadia

          taouba zara bhi khobsorat nahien hey yeh bekar aurat,dant hi daaant, bolti aisey hey jesey koi chipkali. is jesey ghatya logoun (sheroz) ki pasand. hahahaha. kisis bitch aur kamini ka lagta.

    • HHK

      I agree she is not khubsoorat at all she is young and has fair complexion thats why people think that she is beautifull. you can say that she looked cute in some dramas like Bilqees Kaur but not khubsoorat at all SHE IS PALE and very PHEEKI no Attraction. i dont know when would our stupid Nation will able to diffrentiate between beauty Attraction or paleness for them every girl who has white and rosey complexion is a beauty if you wana see real saira watch her old programes when she was a VJ and her cornetto add she looked pathetic in that add Chusa huwa Aam. Infact her sister alishba is a beauty she has very beautiful big eyes with thick eyelashes a charming face and lovely soft curled hair MashAllah

      • nadia

        rt HHK atlast a sensible person otherwise people are just pathetic in taste, i used to almost puke when they said bohat khobsorat bohat khobsorat about her in mera naseeb it looked so fake, she looked so below are right as she is gori chamri and fashionable all these will

    • Diya Ali

      you have no right to talk about someones face like that because that is created by Allah Almighty so next time before passing comments on someones looks keep my words in mind and be careful

    • rehan

      true … showbiz is the most materialastic drama in the world. but their reality is weired

    • muhammad sheryar

      jealous .. 😀

  • vicky khan

    in ko sirf paise se aur shohrat se matlab hai,in kamon ka injam kya hoga ise unko koi matlab nhe,

  • Teema

    Ummm…. From what i know they had their nikkah done way before the wedding. So, even if hes kissing her on the cheek shes his wife….wats the big deal about that…other married couples are seens with their arms around each other or hand in hand…they are the younger generation so they took it one step forward….please grow up…i know its indecent to do such things in public married or not married but i personally think that we all live in such a hyprocritcal country where there are so many double standards……look at where are culture is now….look at the influence of our media….wanna do sumthing abt it …target ur media first….what about all these turkish shows….how do they women dress on tv and they are so called muslims…y do we watch them….?…

    • Aysha

      Ms. Teema Islam even husband and wife ko bhi is baat ki ijazat nhi deta k wo sare aam is tarah ki harkatein karein, ye ek baizzat rishta hey or is ka ehtram kerna chahiye na ke tamasha banayein ,,, ap chahe duniya k kisi kone mein bhi rahein , if you are muslims, you should know your vaues, media mein , turkish shows mein jo bhi ho raha hey wo ghalat hey or rahe ga,,, kisi bhi justification se facts badalte nhi hein…Moreover, jo log behayai ko condemn karte hein wo her jaga kerte hein ,, or kahin bhi approve nhi kerte. Her shahkhs apne individual act ka zimmadar hey or jawab de hey , agar baqi jaga bahayai phel rahi hey to sare hi behaya ho jayein , phir to kuch bhi sudher nhi sakta. Allah humein Hidayat de or Seedhe raste pe chalne ki taufeeq ata farmaye…

    • saira

      u r also the part of this hypocratical country .u r right there should be some sensor policy in media

    • Maham N.

      I Strongly agree. I'm glad to see there is another one who doesn't judge people! =)

    • mrs khan

      totally agree

    • SANA

      Ask Allah for Hidayat if you are a disciple of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW), If the media has gone FAHASH, do you think its good to support something that is the bye product or whatsoever…you dont have your own conscience? Instead of condemning such forbidden acts of public displays you have no shame left? Whatever one does with ones wife is a private affair in our Deen and one who exhibits such things is shunned in the Quran….Go on read the Quran then have the guts to spell your Fitnah out! I pity you..Allah doesnt need you to follow Him, its for your own Aakhira!

  • Aysha

    be sharmi

  • Aysha

    in picture fifth other girl(without sleeves) is her sister

  • Aysha

    wese lagta hey pakistan mein ek hi shaadi hoi hey ,,,,,,,,,,,,what soooooooooooooooooooooooo special ?

  • Asia Ash

    fitay mo inka. Im more pretty & sexy then this girl

    • Mohammad

      hahhaha, 8 dislikes??? have dese 8 people saw you or dey r just jealous? 😉

    • shahid iqbal

      acha pehle keion nahi bataia.apna number to do?__

  • Tab

    this is what we call Begairtee n they call modernization …… we Pakistan n Muslim Alhamdullialh…
    aaj logo k samny kiss kal kuch aur …..

  • wisechap

    After all Sheroz has spent a few years in West for educational purpose…..Well… So this is the education he got over there. Nowadays it is not good even for sons and boys to send them alone in west.

    • saira

      well, its not bad to send children abroad ….. but they should be well socialized and close to their roots

    • Asdfgh

      Are you a dumbass? She is his wife! Not some random girl or costar!

  • mishi

    wow itna pyara couple ha or jin ko masla ha woh na dekhen jb wahan pr likha ha kiss pictrs to jo ziada gairat mand ha mat kholen khud bhi dkh kr pure maze leny ha or phr islam yd a jta ha ajeeb ho ap log bhi guys

  • sweeti

    hahah mujhe logon ki smjh nahi aati begherton ki trah dekhty hain phr atay hain islam ka jhanda lehratay

  • Baacha

    Ye itne Islam followers hote to tv dramo n ach gaano me na hote ,ye 3no sisters bold dressing karte hain,ink parents ko he jab ehsas nai na shehroz ko to Hume kya ,shehroz khud biwi ko expose krke khush he to is char din k zindage ko gee laine do , hum bus name k musalman Reh gye hain Allah ko to Mantey hain mgr us k baato ko Nahi is qoom k Allah he Malik he

  • Hiraa

    both of them are extremely cool, they make a perfect couple togethr <3

    • umair

      true no doubt …

    • Salman

      Lab pay atee hai dua ban kay tamanaa meri…..meray Allah buraee say bachana mujh ko! The dua we all heard?
      Buraee to buraee hai then how come the BOLD fans of such exhibits find no comfort in saying that they will also do the same on the day of Judgement standing in front of HIM, who has ordained such public displayed as forbidden in Islam!

    • Anita

      they look shunned, Western freaks!

  • syeda zehra

    awesome Ma

  • tabehta shah


  • saira

    ya hmara media zamana e jahliat ki tarf la ja raha hai hmein. jab arabs ma ya sab rasm o riwaj paey jatay thay . hum foriegn media sa adopt krhay hain blindly or hmara media ma ab sleeveless ya without dupatta ana aam c baat ha ab jisay normal routine ma b follow kia ja raha hai isi tarah males females ki tarf mail hotay hain .society ma bigar paida ho raha hai. ya rape cases isi wja sa ho rahay hain. islam na jo limitations bta di hain un ma koi na koi hikmat zror chupi hoi hai .don,t ignor it.

  • saira

    ya sab krnay ko hmein nafs kahta hai jo isa control kr lay wo ashraf al makhloqat ma ho jata hai or jo na kray wo janwar he hai phir control your desires

  • Soma

    Grow up!

    "OMG he kissed his wife, omg omg, lets kills them".
    Jahil, munafiq logh.

    • Zar


    • xee

      these are PRE WEDDING PICS dude =/

      • Asdfgh

        Pre wedding party. Learn to read. This was before rukhsati and after Nikah

        • Amna

          after nikah mean wife husband

      • abc

        thats what im telling thes idiots

    • Baig

      waaaaaaaaah .. ik hor lateeefa..

    • neha

      LOOOL i know right!!

    • Nancey

      LOL good one!

    • Maha

      Munafiq is a very strong word ,be careful pls

    • abc

      these are pictures before wedding so islam doesnt allow such relation or such things like kisses before is written above pre wedding(before marriage)

  • anarkali

    so cute couple…
    n also cute way ov kising

    • Zoni

      Sharam we are very stupid and Pakistani media first

    • awaisss

      shrm kro kch,tm b aisy e krna shadi k bad

  • Miss Agha

    ye pictures daalnay ki zaroorat hi kia thi? just to have this quarrel on islam!? Even if they did this act, i mean shehroz and syra what gives you the right to spread it all around and get like thousand comments and two thousand likes :S
    aap ne pehlay uska title khud aesa dia k log is cheez ko napasand krain like a bid breaking news! hum khud apnay actors or actresses ko budnaam karain na karain magar Mazhab pe lar kr sab ko bta detay hain how weak we all are!!

  • Amy

    U have no rite to judge any 1 by wht she is wearing or doing ….. Its between her and Allah. We r only answerable of wht WE are doing …

    • sadaf

      wrong their is a limits for every thing and for every person.

    • umair

      rightly said.. we should mind our own business..

      • Umaira

        Then what you are doing here, your mom is calling you to bring something for her.

    • ALI

      i think u are also belonging to the same society who feel proud to be vulgar and wear vulgar and uncivilized clothes which u think think it is not against islam but u should be answerable for promoting and for giving wrong support to a person who is voilating the rules of islam and i pray my ALLAH that one day u will be answerable to ALLAH ALMIGHTY…..

    • abc

      magr jo cheez galat hai wo galat hai hamay hamesha burai se rokna chahiye quat se agr quat se nahi kr sakte to zuban se or agr zuban se b nahi rok sakte to kam az kam dil me isko bura samjo or is se neecha eman ki koi had nahi hai

  • waqas

    if they want 2 kiss each other y they r showing 2 midea ???????????// jus go in ur bedroom n kiss
    means aftr some time ye apni aftr wedding romance k video b pubic main show karain gy????????????
    its not a movie or drama……………………..
    aj ye dono ye sa kr rhy hn ka ko aur bhi karain gy…………..
    shame on them

    • Asdfgh

      Because these pictures were not meant for media but for their own selves and family. Its the prying media that disrespected their privacy and published their private family party pictures! And disrespecting privacy is a sin!

    • fatima

      shame on you such a people jo un se b zyad a bra gunnah kr rhe hain k jese sare pakeeza hain r apki pyari islamic state me kuch nai hota and what kind of languuge u r choosing it depicts ur vulgarity .you r guys munafiq

    • eman

      media me koi cpl km he rhta hy lt c in ke divorce kb hti hy tb ye pics in k km ayn ge

    • Zainab

      You mean its alright if they this all in a drama and not in real life. You have to be specific about your opinions! Anyways, you would rather appreciate if any actor kissed another actress in the drama and not in real life. Thats soo lame! Because a husband cant kiss his wife but an another actor can kiss others wives. Rubbish!
      You're confused yourself, try to express your opinions wiserly!

  • sehar

    stop it guys… ap log yahan jo marzi bol lo… inko kya faraq parna hy… they are just following westren culture.. ye usi men hi bare huye hen.. hmara media aj yehi sb kuch dikhata hy.. admit it..

    • midhat

      i admitted

    • Mahak

      I liv in west we don't do such things kawa chaal Han ki chaal aur apni. B Bohol Gaya we shouldn't copy other always av ur own identity

  • emo148

    Nice Couple but gandey log………………………………………………………….!!!

  • midhat


  • a khan


  • umeed

    yahan pe log kafi jazbaati hogaye hen…
    khair ek baat me b kehna chahon gi, ye jo b log hen models, actors etc etc….ye hamari apki tarhan aam log nahi hotay…ye khas tor pe larkiyan(mostly) her had par kar k he yahan tak pohnchte hen….izzat, sharam haya…ye apne pas rakh k karen bhi kia??????agar ye sharmati hoi burqe me tv pe aye gi ap dekhen ge issay???(kbhi ap ne note kia mobile k itne se card pe bi larki ki tasveer hoti hai kiu??fridge k add me larki…even razor k add me…kiu k hum yehi dekhna chahte hen my dear)or ye inki personal pics hen na
    agar apko kch kehna he hai to iss media ko kahen, apne media ko, jo ye or is se ziada behayai dekha rha hai..
    or iss mashray ko kaheen jis ne ankhen band ker k is behayai ko qabool krlia hai…
    sari ghalti hamari hai…hum ne he is bebak or behudda media ko qabool kia hua hai
    or han ek baat or….
    mujhe samajh nahi atta k musalman or khas tor pe pakistani muslman kis complex ka shikar hen jis ki wajah se ye andhoon ki tarhan behayi or behoodgi ka favour krte hen like amber , amy etc…
    dekhen dear muslman hona…pakistani hona koi sharm ki baat nahi hai jab tak ap koi essa kam na karen jo sharmandgi ka baais bane, na behayi ko support karne se ap modern ban sakte hen lihaza esi koshish chor den or dimagh ko zra hawa lagain….mukhtasir libaas jadeediat ka certificate nai hosakta…
    or jo log ye keh rahe hen k hume isko critsize nahi krna chahye wo ghalat hen….hume critsiz krna chahye lekin srf in actors ko nahi apne media ko….kiuyn k hamari country me law n order europe jaisa nahi india jaisa hai….jo k bahayi ki promotion ki wajah se no 1 rapest country bun chuka hai…hume zaroor khabardar hojana chahye ta k hum annay wale waqt me pakistani or muslman hone pe sharminda na hon!!

    • LOST

      I completely agree with you. you have covered all the aspects

  • momal

    pakistani media is soo STUPID….everyone is FREAKING out coz of the kiss, anyone check out what Syra is wearing?…I swear soooo stupid, people make a big deal out of things that don't need attention (I mean the media)…. what about those people that are starving? murdered?….is this "kiss" soo important that we give it soooooooooooooo MUCH FREAKING ATTENTION?….seriously look at what she's wearing…u expect islamic values from them? why did i even open this… stupid

    • Rijaa

      Well said! 🙂

    • HudaHK

      Hahaha loved your comment that's what I thought when I saw her wearing a short middy, what would you expect from people like these they can even kiss on lips in public I am amazed they didn't 🙂 any way their life their deeds but the only thing is that our celebrities put normal people in complex and our so called modernized ppl with low self esteem and no thinking and thoughts of their own follow them blindlessly and make these things a trend for the sake of fashion and I know some of the families in Pakistan who greet each other by kissing on cheeks YESSSS male and female. So plz my humble request don't promote these things. Learn some thing from EKTA KAPOOR whos dramas conversations and blogs are incomplete with out Pooja paat their religious ceremonies and their culture ( I don't watch Indian dramas but I have much info about their conspiracies and their plans of how to promote their culture)

    • abc

      i tottally agree with u

  • momal

    is this really worth this much attention?

    • Aysha

      yes you are right…it doesnt worth so much , i also commented ,,,,but i think it was there private act. Masla in pics ko yahan post karne se utha hey…………………

  • Maham N

    Why is this media making fuss out of something which doesn't even need attention.
    So WHAT if they kissed before their marriage..
    there are a lot of people involved in bad activities and are not married or engaged. and just 'going out' ..

    STOP bullshitting about it. Live and let others live. PLEASE.

  • Maham N.

    And how on earth does it make a person bad or vulgar if he/she kissed their fiance at a pre wedding party..??

    • hdgfhgdfjh

      If its their fiance it is bad cause they are not mahram for each other but if they were married its fine.

      • Asdfgh

        They were married at this point. They got married in October. This was pre rukhsati.

      • Shhahhh

        it' not f9, evn if they r married. coz Islam doesn't allow, evn the married couples to do such things in public "like animals"

        • abc

          these are pictures before wedding so islam doesnt allow such relation or such things like kisses before is written above pre wedding(before marriage)

    • abc

      girl dont u know u cant kiss ur fiance there should be no such thing before nikkah.

  • be_simple

    OMG what they have done . its very much first time in Pakistan what they did. How much Bad influence will be on us coz we all are soooooo innocents .

    • Sehr

      Haha I no

    • jerry

      hahahahah =D gud one

  • ishmal

    kya cheez hn ye 2no b.acha ha shadi ho gai nhi to pta nhe or kin kin harkaton ki pics ate

  • saadi

    toooo much what this party is showing plzzzzz don't upload that type of things!!!they are not looking muslims at alll what these guys are represting abut islam totally abusive

  • baila shah

    they are not that much important as we are giving them …

  • amal

    thats not a big deal
    now pakistani media has lost its charm and i dont watch pskistani dramas anymore cos there is nothing to see in them.
    when i have an urge to see anything, i watch new muslim videos, documentries about islam and listen to different scholars.after a long long time, i visited this site and i got so bored.
    waslam and jazakallah

    • Liz

      dramas ki kiya fault?

    • junaid

      gud decision sister…………..

    • Asif

      i agree with you no reason to escape.

  • imu

    LOL!! there are a lot more things to worry about…
    if You don't like anything Stop watching it… You watch > You Like> You Criticize. If you will Not Watch > No Publicity > No promotion > Down from the screens.. SIMPLE!!!

    • zee.

      Good answer.

    • ainy

      Good answer really good one.



    • ali

      I think caps lock button is not in working condition, be cool & chill Amina I think these peoples have lot's & lot's of free time for passing comments on non issue.

  • syra'sbiggest fan

    i think its really really cute nd romantic!!!!!

    • mehak

      yea and plus they are husband and wife already so its appropraite as well

    • Lahori Badshah

      کیوٹ اور رومانٹک جوڑا ھے تو کمرے میں جا کے ماں چ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ بے غیرت کنجر جوڑا۔ ۔ ۔

  • dr.sajidsallam

    who ever posted these pics ! what was reason to put these pics, weather to critisize or publicity !
    Before that we might not seen this be hayai, but after posting this , it will keep spreading and this sadqa jaria will continue to him or /her……..

    Burai ko chuapo aur achai ko charcha karo !!

    • aysha

      yes u r vry rite 'i agree with ur argumnt.dese pepl are jst explotng our values ,dnt know wt da startgy bhind it????????????????????????????????????

    • tasneem

      u r 100% true sajid salaam .in fact we froget our muslim values and feeling very proud by posting these shamfull pics alaaaaaaaaassssss

  • Someone

    I am a born indian muslim living in america for a very long time. I think this is pathetic and childish behavior. Before Muslims do anything, they must first know that they are Muslims and not anyone else. We Muslims need to differentiate from others. I live in the West, but I don't copy/adore the Western culture. Being an Indian, one might think I might be watching Bollywood movies all the time, but it is the culture of Bollywood that makes me stay away from it, which is the reason why I adore Pakistani culture (hoping that it is more elegant and more Islamic than other cultures). I am not too too religious, but still we Muslims need to be within limits and above all within the borders or Islam. May Allah (SWT) guide us all, Ameen..

    Now one may think, I may not be modern enough to understand this while living in the West, but the term "modern" is quite vague and can differ from culture to culture. One can be educated, modern, and still be within the borders of Islam. Many fail to understand this ideology.

    • Kashif Uddin Shamsi

      I must salute you brother. Your approach is truly Islamic. We Pakistanis are surely annoyed of such non sense people of Pakistan or India. Do not worry brother they are not the representatives of Muslims though, they should. unluckily they do not. So we must pray to Allah SWT who only can save our generations from this
      Fitna e Dajjal.

  • maha

    ohh come on they were husband and wife before this pre wedding party. Remember THIER NIKKAH WAS HELD IN OCTOBER THE DAY AFTER TANHAIYAN'S FIRST EPI WAS TELECASTED!!! NIKKAH MEANS THEY WERE HUSBAND AND WIFE! Duhh!!! Crazy media crazy people…..havent ur husband or wife ever kissed u??????
    And yes if u say that it was public thats why its being critisized then its simple u should keep quiet and try to improve yourselves cuz unho ne apni qabar me jana hai and apne apni….plz dnt say that u are perfect or something cz no human is/was perfect except for our HOLY PROPHET (P.B.U.H)

    • Sweet cup cake

      Miss maha! I think u really need grammar classes!!!!coz u really don't know the meaning of pre- wedding

    • farah khan

      When did you come to know that every body has to go in apnee khabar, Do you know why the messenger of Allah came to this world, why he preach the words of God, why he didnt say you do what you do, cause tumhey to apnee apnee khabar may jana hai, and has anyone told you that as a Muslim it is our fard (Quranic injunction) and sunnah and hadees to support it, that we have to stop Muslim fellow men and women,people from bad deeds and doing acts (which become shamefull when done in public)? Did Allah (SWT) tell you to interpret your version like this without minding what the Almighty has to say about it? Do you ever read and try to understand what is written in the Quran on such matters. Is it ok to do such displays in public? Shame on these "postmodern freaks" blindfolded directed towards every every acts of indecency! If you AUTHENTICATED your comments from the book of Allah which is ordained to be followed by every Muslim then you say so. Otherwise there is a path which is very easy to follow and that is so in-thing these days…no doubt that should take you to apnee apnee qabar and its darkness and what angels ask there, and what Allah ka hisaab one has to give, you know mam the greatest dua of our Nabee used to be to save from ther Azaabe Qabar!

  • asma

    such parties r nt new in pak so what to make fuss over it…inki pics post hugayi isliye aur baqion ki nahi huti…right or wrong irrespective of that such parties n more to it is nwdays v common so fussin or buzzin over it wil seem childhish as u live in a wonder land n doesnt knw what is going around

  • umair shami

    this is not our business to argue for them………………….let them free to enjoy life…………..un ke personal life hai jo marzi karain……………..saaaaaaaaaaaaaanuu keeeeeeeeee………..

    • Asad

      Tusee Allah day darbar which ja ker sajda ker lo, phir poonch leen maino kee karan ya Rab tusee life ko free to enjoy kerna do gay?

  • nosheen

    kitnay welay log hain hum 😀 mjhy to ye soch k hnsi araio h 😀 inki buraiyan kr k hum konsa achy horhy hain,,, hd h 😀

  • Asdfgh

    I think i lost a few brain cells reading the comments. They are husband and wife and its perfectly fine for them to kiss on cheeks in public.

    You guys are jahil and nothing else. Why do you even watch dramas (since this is a drama website) if you are soooo conservative? And there is nothing wrong in what they are doing.

  • Mohammad

    What's happening, doesnt we have any other thing to worry about jo in stupid logo k bare mein din raat baatein ker rhe hain k he kissed her or she took a nude shot in some movie. let them go to hell for all i care. apnai ap ko tu sudharlo pehle.pora din jhoot, makari, corruption ker k raat ko dosro k uper baatein uchal rhe hain. n wese b is mein koi issue create hone wali baat nai thi k he kissed her own wife to be.

  • Mohammad

    People who talked about islam in their comments, atleast dese guys have some shame left in dem. aur jo keh rhe hain k islam yaad agya aur pata nai kia blah blah, where do you see your self in after life? atleast think about it.

    • anonymous

      these are pictures before wedding so islam doesnt allow such relation or such things like kisses before is written above pre wedding(before marriage) secondly sir we do not do such things in our daily life.

  • Sparkling Star

    It is not about that they are husband and wife and they can kiss each other, its about that they are doing such things in front of everyone which is a complete "behayai" and we should object against it…………………………………and its our media who is spreading such things………………………

    • anonymous

      these are pictures before wedding so islam doesnt allow such relation or such things like kisses before is written above pre wedding(before marriage)

  • Shinylucky

    ya I do agree…its an open Be Hayaee… agar wife husband ko ye sab khlam khula hi karna tha then why is Nikkah for???….. Nikkah mein sab jaaiz hai tou sab Posheeda reh ke…na k sab k samne aisi harkatein kar k baqi logo ka Imaan Kharaab karne k liye…bcoz everyone cant be that much pious so that can control over His\Her Nafs…. aisi harkaton se specially Nojawaan provoke hote hain. They feel k "its ok and we can also do this openly"… every next person dont know that they are wife hubby and if any adult see it he wud find it normal and also some of us give these sort of comments like… "Awwww so sweet"… "cute" "lovely" …. and thats y ye cheezain society main common ho jati hain… !

    • sanaa

      thats is trueee…….am totallyyy agree for uuuuu

    • dolly

      Syra ke kapre check kiye hai ! khlam khula be haiyee!

    • meari

      right i m totally agree with u

    • Maha

      true ….. its not in our culture what our celebrities got adopted from other cultures..
      They should be care-full. After all they are representatives of Muslim n Pakistani nation.

    • ashy

      So true, its all about the media portrayal of such a culture, it encourages peole to become western. I am from the UK and even we as people living here do not dress like that. Its very disaapoiting to see that the actors of today do not promote their own culture and religion and feel ashamed to be a part of it. Here we dress in asian clothes fully covered, hijaab's and nikaab and openly accepted and resepcted. People should rememebr to first respect themselves then others will also respect themselve. On the contrary I do believe we should no point a finger but all muslims should also understand we are all examples of islam. We should behave and act in way that influeces people towards our religion, not against it. WE as muslims need to stop conforming to the media manipulation sysytem and be proud of our roots, our religion. Its very disappointing to see people are behaving in such which lacks modesty.

  • huda

    I think celebrities have forgotten they're gna have to meet Allah one day…. i feel sorry for them. even after doing all those dramas that promote morals, haya and islam as well, they rebel it by acting the opposite in reality. wow. if they continue… and God doesn't forgive them… they're gna have a tough time after death!

  • Ikram

    exploiting new generation,,,now we have good script writer but don't have role models,,like we had Moin Aktar etc,,

  • buttercup

    why do they even upload such pics? it's really disgusting the way media gives such stupid things importance 🙁

  • gurya

    ye sab qayamat k asar hen or kuch nhi,log be hayae or fahashi ko pasand krne lage hen,halan k ye cheez qom ko tabah kar deti hy

    • zakirris

      bilkul sahi kaha

    • khalil jabraan

      Ye koom to tabah ho hi chuki hai . Jo thori bohat qasar reh gai hai wo b puri kar rahy hain (important bat) ye koi aik banda na kar raha ye sab ka faalf hai

  • fatima

    cute couple but shameless pictures.. eastrn dress pehen leti to aur achi lagti

  • deena

    nice couple

  • Huma

    Kia in go ghar main Kiss karny ka time nahi mila. Why they doing in public?

    • Shahab Makhd0om


  • abcd

    What they do is their business but it is irresponsible to post it and spread it further.

    Islamically there is a very important reason for having four witnesses when accusing someone of zina. Because this law is designed not to prevent the sin but to prevent perpetuating it throughout society, so if it is less than four who say this, then there is a punishment for them, for promoting indecency and corrupting society. The purpose of shariah is preserving good values and morals of society, not punishing left and right as people may think.

  • asma

    shame on thm is another thing but we hv to blame media for ll tht we know th ppl we saw on tv r not so modest ,if thy would thy nvr appear on tv screen , but baat yeh hai k yeh media un ki is tarah ki private life ki photos dikha k kiya sabit kerna chahta hai , hamari 90% population doesn,t belong to this type of madr pidar azad society,so hum log jab dramas mei mehram namehram ko touch kerna allow nahi kartey, na hum aisei behudgi dramaon tv pe dekhna chahtey hain tu phir yeh media waley kiun aisi photos upload kertey hain ,

    and another thing sm ppl talking abt QUAID E AZAM grown up in britian etc for thr kind information FATIMAH JINNAH,s book on quaid titled MERA BHAI, she stated while studying in england ,muhammad ali used to live as paying guest to sm eng lady ,once she had aparty at her home mostly young boys n girls were thr and th rule for attenders was to kiss a girl before enter the door ,but our quaid refused to do so. so i think nothing more required to proov ,how quaid realy valued our religion for pakistan , 2 nation theory is clear ,if u ppl talk about culture ,,2 nation theory is enough to tell islam vs culture.pakistan ka matlab kiya la illaha illallah, mean culture of this land is mixture of indians (non muslim )we need a land without tht culture but based on la illaha,.so hum in acters an dactresses ko blame kerney ki bajaye is media ko blame kertey hain k plz we don,t want to see ths culture ot in dramas only but anyone,s private life don,t show us this stuff,we don,t want to see.

    • umme afnan

      what to live by the rules set bt Allah and have to follow Mohammed saw not mohammed ali jinnah.yeh tau wohi sab sa pehley pakistan wali baat ho gaye?

      • umm e afnan

        we have to* (correction) we human are not infallible so sorry for my mistake

    • ABCD

      Yeh cheez ,, mera=e azeez

    • eman

      agreed with u asma bt wt v cn do to make things right going in wrong direction they belong from brgr fmly so it dsn't matter for them wt there culture is?religion is?even country is? obviously they should nt show mean things in dramas cz about 2% ppl from ellete fmly bt othrz r frm midle

    • haider

      Although kissing in public or even show off is not observed in islam but those in show biz dont follow islam very strictly. They remain in their own community and dont ask me and u to follow them but yes v like them and thts why they become stars. Never the less i dont praise thm tht they r showing thr personal life like ths in a country where its not a common practice.

  • tahir


  • Pisces

    no comments

  • She

    Dont judge anyone just because they sin differently than you =)

  • umair

    yar kia hoga agr inono nay kiss kar li mian biwi tom logo ko kia takalif hai woh jo chahy karay…humay apnay ap ko sida chay pardna likhna chahy mahnat karni chahy mulk kay liyay kuch karna chahy … no kay dosro kay layay problem create karay… ok think about it and enjoy…

  • ammara shafiq

    Both of them r stupid. Kia ye sub krne ka time in ko ghar ni mila so stupid shame on both of them

  • fatiha

    syra and sheroz nice couple nd har koe apna kud zimadar hota ha ap unhe choren apne fiqar karen ap ne apne qabar me jana ha dont be so silly.

    • ali uk

      evil (buraik) u ruku,

      • fatiha noor

        what u r tryng to ask plz agan repeat

    • eman

      ap eman ke tesra drja to atleast show kryn na bury ko bura khna chahey

      • fatiha noor

        eman apne tak rakhen dosron k samne na zaihr kren nnd evry preson have right to give her own comment….


    sanam baloch nd mahnoor baloch are cute innocent balochians bt all this credit go to ALLAH not them.

    • junaid

      sister a girl appearing in a drama is not a gud islamic woman so plz avoid to say Credit of a gunnah(Drama) goes to Allah(SWT)……….Allah extends just ropes ov a person……………..

      • Nasir

        MAhnoor Baloch …. innocent ??? Wo jo backless aur sari mein aati hai 😛

      • excuse me brother i say about there beuty,face,figure etc not about there drama or gunnah.

  • eman

    choro yar in ki tu yahi maze hai akhrt inki wasi hi kharab hai

  • sumera

    ziyada he angrez banne ki koshish krte hain…..hume kia kch bhe kren…

  • qurat hashmi

    its very shamful …are they muslim hum yah nahe khatay k sath pardo mr chup jao magar is thara kr be hahae yah Allah ….aur ap fakar se isy modrenism ka naam daitay hai kash ap ko ahsas ho jai k ap kya kr rhy hai …..Allah ka sukar k hum is so cold modernism se dour

    • abc

      nice comment

  • Mohnahil

    I really dont understand why people have started saying this is ''haram'' and he is na mehram( he is her husband). Where were you when the actresses or actors gives hugs and kiss eachother on the cheeks in the pakistani dramas? They have to do retake soo many times do to one scene, so guess how many times they have touced eachother( i mean touced na mehram) idiots. The weirdest thing is no one wished them a happy marriage life and started abusing them. Weirdo! If your heart is pure in the believe of Islam then these things wont effect you. SO STOP IT!

    • Yo.

      Its PRE wedding party.

      • Mohnahil

        OMG.. I see you were the lucky one to be a part of their so called PRE wedding party!. So what? They were going to marry eachother. I have seen many pakistani doing that with everyone here in abroad. But you may even know the date and time for their nikkah because I really want to know if it was BEFORE the PRE wedding party or AFTER? You can see half naked indian actresses but you cant see a husband and wife in love. IDIOTS! .

        • momil

          Very wrong thinking. if something is against islam u have no right to say it right.

      • meow

        lol nikkah pehla ka hua va hy u dumb..

    • saba

      Haram hota kiya hai….yeh tum kiya jano….enjoy life and go to a COOL Qabar man! the Farishtae Ajal will tell you, when you will have to defend every act of yours even such pure acts of fostering indecency, what Mahram is and what rules apply to our acts of dealing with Mahram too!

  • khushbu

    i think people who r criticising r not right to do.firstly bcoz their visiting this website means they watch pakistani drama and we all know how ''modern'' and unislamic it is but we still watch it .which means we r not v gud muslims & kisng is not a v unusual thing for us. secondly the couple belongs to showbiz and they r v v modern so is it an unexpected thing that has come from their side??of course instead of being hypocrites & dual we should act mature.before pointing others we should first corect ourselves.

    • irshad

      yes you r rite but this picture shoulsd not come in media because i think it is their personal matter. i think media is responsible of all it. media has destroyed our personal life. there should be a code of conduct for media.

    • abc

      these are pictures before wedding so islam doesnt allow such relation or such things like kisses before is written above pre wedding(before marriage) secondly i dont watch dramas but on fb there was a link to this page ok

  • khushbu

    i think they r adorable

  • sara

    itz their life… we should let them mind their own business and we should mind our own!!!
    by the way the couple is cute….

  • gul peer

    good but bad

  • Jutt

    Jo Kuch marzi kahao Pics achi hain….. Bus….. Ronne wale ro kr dekhen ..
    ye jo log molvi ban rahe hain jase kabi English ya Indian Movie dekhi hi nai hai na jesey…

  • Jutt

    Ab Jo bolna hai bolte raho.. pechay se mai ne konsa ab dobara yahan a kr comments dekhne hain……

    • Syeda


  • neha

    beaUTiFUl coUpLEeeE.<3

  • noor

    beautiful hai syra

  • alia bhatt

    syra is my best friend

  • noor

    syra bohat ba sharam hy cheek kiss in public

  • urooj

    pakistan bhi din ba din india banta jaa raha hai shame on u syra and shehroz

    • tania

      Destined for the Bollywood stage aye! the two of them? what pride in such shame they take! Since when did Nikah became so un-Holy?

  • Mohnahil

    You guys are too judgemental. To momil and Diya Ali: There are many important thing which are happening in the world which are AGAINST Islam so focus on them. You should read my first comment and I see that happen here in abroad every single day. When we can not stop those we know then who are we to judge them. Basically, we are no one to judge them and one thing more if that was happening infront of you, you would probably just ignore it and thats what we have been doing till now. We have been ignoring everything which is against Islam. So why making a issue here where there is no one to care.

  • jiasardar


  • abdullah


  • dilnawaz

    be sharmi ki inteha

  • jash

    muje nai pata ye log galat hen ya sahi par muje lagta hai ye log galat hen

  • Khadija

    Shehroz aaj tum apni wife ko bageir parday k khulam khula parties mein aisi dressing k sath lay k jatay ho tumhay zara b sharam nahi hai to kal ko tumapnay khuda ko kya jawab do gay.

    • shahrukh sadiq

      u rite ..we should protect our women ….not to expose them like her….

  • hooriya

    MashAllah Allah paak in ko hamesha khush rakhy ameen sum ameen

  • i totallllly agreed with zoya ya sb tv actors and actresses behaya hotey hein ya sb larkiyan jo hotee hein inko akhrut or qabar or Allah BHOOL GAYA HY


    vt ya to khud keh rhe hy mjha dekho to………….?

    may ALLAH put her on the right way

    • are

      I agree with u zumna 🙂

    • Youshaib Alam

      WTF Hats off to your narrow thinking…….

    • abc

      beautiful comment

  • Haniya

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo u both look owsum . May Allah bless u with lots of happiness.

  • azka khan

    both luking sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuutttteeeeeeeee…..

  • ali imran

    yar sedhi baat hay khud kero tu sab acha hay aur ager doraey krein tu bohat bura. sab b.c hipucrate hein. sirf apnay grebaan mein jhanko.

    • Just for mankind

      You are wrong Mr. Because they are making a path for our kids. Not for us. It's seems good for us ! But don't you want to stop that .

  • zaini

    OMG…..!!! stop it ALLHA enhen seedha rasta dekhay AMEEN….otherwise… nyc couple…..:D

  • Hira

    I believe they had their nikah sometime before the wedding so these pictures are techincally AFTER NIKAH. Save the talk ppl 🙂

  • Umar


  • Ali khan

    It's between them and Allah they r a couple it's perfectly fine nothing wrong ANd it's not against Islam PEOPLE stop being so extremists plzzzz stop it and become liberal she can wear wat she likes and nothing wrong bcz Islam doesn't say to wear burka and stuff it's only culture

    • fahad

      Plz read the Quran with meaning

    • Fahad

      you are an absolute idiot for saying that !

    • Farah Muzaffar

      you are right Ali if they are husband and wife at the time of these pictures than no GHALATI… laiken if it is before NIKKAH than they are absoultly na jaaiz… And with our culture and values it doesnt ook decent and nice that you publicly show your ffection and love… it will remain between husband and wife…

    • Azhar

      Ali khan bro islam talk about hijab….. As it hijab??? the people who support this kind of stuff is far away from islam and only knw islam by the name islam. may ALLAH give all of you hiddaya…..

  • khadija

    we cant do anything… but most important thing is that we watch them , like them & both of them'x act….. but still we comment bad 4 them…. i totally disagree with this pictures… but they & some of people forget their ISLAM!

  • Aamina

    For God sake people! I know most of you may have given prank calls to opposite sex, or you might have even dressed in modern clothes, or you may be having a love relationship in which you must have touched hands or kissed. Why is everyone protesting, when deep down in your heart you know that besides actors and models, a general person also does all these things. Grow up Pakistanis, dont be hypocrites!

    When a maulana can rape a six year old, I think dressing up this way is pretty decent! First you all should practice Islam yourself truly and then raise questions on others!!!

    • Muhammad

      As be a Muslim if you are saying like this then it will be a destructive situation for all of us because only we are the one suffering from these type of incidents. Suggestion for you sister kindly moderate your thoughts as well as your learning's, betterment for your future

  • sahar

    shoooooo cute

  • ashy


  • drsadaf

    the dressing, dancing n partying is nt our culture!

  • bushra

    cute couple

  • zam

    uffff r they so important to waste your time in taking pictures, uploading them….n after that discussing them… hum her kisi ko muft main hero nahi bna lety. ????

    • Ahmed

      stop being jealous …… and if you think uploading the pictures is a waste of time then why are you here looking at all those pictures and scrolling down to post a fuckin comment , arent you wasting your time ??? … and dont say IT GOES FOR ME ASWELL , coz i dont think of it as a waste unless i have to go somewhere or have an exam … plus , if someone famous got married , obviusly everybody would like to know and see how it was … stupid

    • Shayzee

      Jo pic upload ker raha hay wo time waste nahi kar raha us nay ye website bnai he isi lia hay k wo ap k her click per pesay earn ker raha hay…:-)

  • Ahmed

    best couple formed out of celebrities in pakistan …. truly syra yousuf is one of the girls who have the smile to-die-for …. i truly admire her beauty ……. and why are you people creating a fuss over the pictures ??? try to admire whats positive before going for the negative … and yeah , before talking like a molvi about I-KNOW-TOO-MUCH-ABOUT-ISLAM-AND-HIJAB , first try to make your OWNSELF better by praying five times a day punctually ,which is the ABSOLUTE basic obligation after accepting ISLAM .. if you already do , its a good thing

  • Muhummad. UmaR

    This is nothin against Islam people start thinking nd it's nt bad Cuz sheroz is my cuzin en culture has nothin to do wid Islam so stop being such extremists

    • Salah

      Kya bakwas hai Islam ko darmyn mein nai laye koi, Islam kisi b gaer mehram se hath milany ki ijjazat dyta nahen kiss karney ko kese theek keh sakta hai. wese bhi har larki ko hath lgana galy milna broad mind nai hota just chaska hota hai ya har kisi ki socializtion pe depend krta hai. Un ki socialization aesy hoi islye unhen theek lagta hai. Lakn yeh Islam nahe kehta k aap kisi ko kiss krty ho ya hath milaty ho tou theek hai. Socialization matter islye plz koi bhi Islam ko na ghessty darmyan mein har koi apni marzi k according interpret kr k bta dyta hai.

  • Abdullah sheikh

    Can't husband en wife kiss each other wats so wrong about it guys relax think before writin bad stuff about them bcz Panay kar toot bhi dekha Karo in my opinion u should have an open mind en think about stuff and this ain't against Islam

    • Mani

      O bhai jan lgta ha apka nam sirf muslims wla ha iman nae…han.dufr kia isalm ne hsbnd wif ko ye ijazat di ha k sab k samne kiss kr sko wif ko..?husbnd to wif ko gar wlo k samne b kiss ni kr skta to dunya k samne to bht door ki bat ha…ku k islam ne aurat ko izat di ha ase kissing kr kr k auratki izat khrb krne ki ijzt ni di…ab tum btao is kiss ko dkh k kis kis lrke k zehan me ni ae ga k wo b kiss kre is lrki ko r wgara ??ab kho ge. Hme apna zehan saf rkhna chye to mri jan ase scenes dekh k koi saf ni re pata ok islam dos nt allw this type of love even muslim man cant see namehram lady…smj aiii k agli v gaeeee????jwab zroor dae

    • arslan

      kis Islam ki bat kartay hain aap….. Husband and wife k maamlat personal hotay hain or inko publicly show off nahi kiya jata… Islam strongly condemns it.

  • Fawad khan

    Shame on all those who criticise sheroz and syra I spent my life in uk bt still I am a Muslim so culture does not matter I followed d British culture

  • Rabia ali

    Stop critiquing showbiz people just bcz everything leaks out look at ur selves first en then criticise other people

  • samster

    Mein fatwa deta hoon ke inn dono ka sarr kalam kar diya jaye……but not because of the kiss …….BECAUSE SHE DIDNT MARRY ME! 😀

  • sehar

    urooj u'r right waqai pakistan india banta ja raha hai, shame for you shehroz and syra

  • saad ch

    not good

  • safia qadir

    sheroz shame on u man …..u guys are not mulims…just watch ur self..idiots

  • Lahori Badshah

    یہ واقعی کنجر ھی نکلے بے غیرت۔۔ ۔ ۔ مسلم نہ سہی کم ازکم پاکستانی ثقافت کا ھی خیال کرتے۔ ۔ ۔کنجر کنجر ھی رہتا ھے

    • Mani

      G oy shezade kai gal kiti aa…ik wari fir akhi zra

  • nadira

    stop talking crap guys !! Pakistan needs to come out of stone age..the whole world has moved on !!

    • hhassan raza

      tum jese gandi soch wale logo ki waja se pakistan k ayeh hal ha.hum ne yeh watan islam k naam par hasil kiya tha magar aj yaha tum jse begarat soch k hamiol logo ka raaj hya

  • Maryam

    SHAME ON U 2!!!!!!!!
    LOOK AT UR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHAMEFUL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Muhammad


  • manahil aamir

    shame on u ……………………….

  • True Muslim

    For god sake have u guys never been to a dance party tobaaaa there's nothin wrong with this people, maybe they r much better Muslims then u only GOD can decide that who's a true Muslim u people r no one to say anything like this for god sake what's wrong r u guys like those stupid damn Taliban who want woman to always wear a burka en plz if u think this is nt our culture then plz Arab culture bhi Hamada culture nahin hai Islam does not say that women should wear burkas it's just what the molvis say . En P.S sayin that someone is not a true Muslim is also vry bad GOD doesn't like this either so plzzzzz stop criticising them

    • Umar Munir

      Islam doesn't say that women should wear Burqa, but it says they have to cover their body in front of na'mehram people – and the best dress to cover their body is burqa. So in short, we can say that women should wear burqa, not becoz Islam says them to wear burqa, but becoz Islam says that they should cover their body. And this is not what taliban want or what molvis say, this is what all true muslims want. Do not limit this principle as a wish of Taliban or a saying of respected Molvis, this is what Islam says, and here, Taliban and Molvis are saying what Islam says, in a right perspective. If you are talking about wishes, the wish of America, Europe and Israel would be that women – including Muslim women – don't cover their bodies properly.

  • maheen

    this is awsom n coool 2 guyxx grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • umerrr

      gudddd yarrr!

  • khadija

    unki apni persnal life ha jo marzi kreeeeeeeeen

    • Umar Munir

      sab girls ki zehniat, unka husband kisi se darta na ho or danke ki chot par unke sath pyar karay, sab k samne unka hath thaamay etc.. tumhe isi liye koi takleef nahi. magar kya publicly apni wife ko itne logo ko kiss karna, kya Islam iski ijazat deta hai? personal life ki baat nahi hai, jo kaam publicly kiya jaye usme kuch personal nahi rehta. yeh to showoff hai

  • Rubab

    her koi apnay amaal per nazar rakhy

  • Nazish

    This couple is really cute and their pic shows that they are deeply in love.. God bless u both. Every women wish to be apple eye of her husband. usually thinking negative or giving bad names is a sycology caused by being deprived of love which creates jealousy.. criticise Mathira, she is not commited even, if u can do better.

  • Hanzila

    Shame on both .

  • Sidra

    Ye abhi turkish dramas or dressing pr hit bhi karte hain.

  • babo


  • hira

    cute n dreamy couple…

  • abc

    they dont care about islam they even wear sarees and bikinis and transparent dresses

  • wajahat


  • esha malik

    nyc pix

  • aina

    where are wedding videos

  • unknown


    • shai

      For? -_-

    • maryam

      bilkul sahi kaha

  • cendrella

    I think saira itni bhi pretty nai hai r besharmi ki tou had hai ………………