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bari aapa

Bari Appa Episode 16 – Needs some progress.

I found today’s episode completely interesting but a bit slow. I guess the director has slowed down the pace of the drama especially after Neelam’s shift to Farmaan’s home. We understand that Zubaida is having a hard time in accepting Neelam in her house & she is looking for ways to pick up on her but I guess it’s a high time things should move on. No doubt we all follow it but from the last three episodes I see no progress in the story.

Essa & Sharmeen have finally patched up but still their relation is on a rocky track. Sharmeen’s attitude is a bit too confusing. At one point she is smitten by Essa & on the other hand we see her flirting with Adeel & Monty. Ohkay, we understand that she is shocked at how her father has gotten married to Essa’s cousin sister but she needs a closure now. Either accept or reject Essa completely because to linger things on isn’t healthy for them both. I absolutely appreciate how patient Essa is on this matter & how he is dealing with ridiculous attitude of Sharmeen with so much of wisdom. His character no doubt deserves a lot of appreciation.

Things between Zubaida-Farmaan-Neelam trio are totally similar & we don’t see any such improvements. Zubaida is using all the methods to make Neelam look bad. Farmaan; as usual is not in a mood to understand Neelam & doesn’t want to pay heed to what she’s going through. Neelam on her own is doing everything to please Zubaida & Farmaan but all the cards are turning out to be against her. I totally despise the contrasting character of Farmaan. He is the same guy who stammers in front of Zubaida but flushes out his anger on Neelam that too unnecessarily. I guess he should act according to his age & take the situations in his own hands as Neelam is his responsibility & he needs to take care of the circumstances. I don’t really like the idea of how all the time he is telling Zubaida that she means the world to him & he can sacrifice his life for her plus also when he keeps on giving Neelam the pointers at how she should take care of Zubaida & what she should do when it comes to Sharmeen. I totally pity Neelam.

It was a treat to watch a few scenes of Firdous again. She was curious but was spot on when she found that Farmaan got married to Neelam on his own. She has played this character adorablly. It wasn’t pleasant to see Ghazanfar’s attitude with Firdous especially when it came to Zubaida. If we look at it Zubaida is the one who causes all the disruptions on everyone’s lives. Be it her mother or her brother, her sister & even now her husband & his second wife. One woman is the sole reason of all the arguements & animosity between the other members of her family. No doubt she has done a lot for them but Zubaida doesn’t really know how & when to draw a line because she believes she owns everyone & everyone owe her an explanation for even teensy bit of their moves.

Ghazanfar was unfair to Firdous because he can pay all his attention to Zubaida but if Firdous talks about her he always threatens her. The last scene seemed more like a dream sequence. I guess it’s Firdous who is imagining things. I liked the preview of next episode because I think the story is going to make some progress on certain aspects. I can’t wait to see the encounter of Essa & Zubaida.

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