Ayesha Khan Craze soon to end-Agree or Disagree?

Time can be considered as the biggest enemy for the female celebrities who enjoy a great fan following and admiration for their looks and beauty when it comes to the Pakistan entertainment industry. Although we have actresses like Rubina Ashraf, Shagufta Ejaz, Sania Saeed and many more who have made a jump from the lead roles to the supporting ones, realizing the requirement of time and generation. Ayesha Khan is one of those actresses who have been ruling the entertainment industry for years, making her debut as Sajjal in Mehdi, starring against Humayun Saeed back in 2003. Ayesha, no doubt, is a capable actress who knows how to adapt any role to be performed on screen.

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Ayesha was born in a Pakistani family on 27th September 1981, and according to the birth year provided by her, she has turned to 31 last year. Although actresses in mid-30’s still survive in the drama industry and so is Ayesha khan by now, It seems that the directors and the producers have a huge list of options to choose new, young and talented actresses who are ready to work in low offers as compared to Ayesha.

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I have been following her serials and as a true fan of hers, I have noticed that she is appearing less on TV these days with new projects. Her super acting skills in Bari Apa deserve applause but unfortunately, she has to share the screen with two other ladies, Savera and Arjumand, further diverting the concentration from her.

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If you go back a few years, say 2, you would remember that Ayesha Khan used to enjoy a lot of praising for her looks within the industry. Adnan Siddiqui, a co-actor, even went so far in saying that she is the most beautiful actress in the industry. Moreover, Ayesha has always been in some scandal where link up news were always warm for Humayun Saeed and Ayesha Khan. To add more spice to it, both of them did give best hits together, making the drama TRPs go high. But these days even Humayun Saeed is off-screen, probably because of his own engagements as a producer.

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I might be wrong in stating so but what the statistics are showing me, I am afraid that Ayesha might enter a dark age in her career in the upcoming 2-3 years. I really wish that doesn’t happens because our industry need actors like hers. She has been contributing in our industry by giving the following hits with the highest TRPs:

Maane Na Ye Dil

Masi Aur Malka

Bus Chup Raho

Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai

Lamha Lamha Zindagi

Bol Meri Machlee

Hum Se Juda Na Hona

PNS Ghazi Shaheed


Doosri Aurat



Chaar Chaand

Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin

Tum Ho Keh Chup


Husna Aur Husan Ara

Sheeshay ka Mahal


Haroo Tou Piya Teri

Meri Adhoori Mohabbat


Chein Aaye Naa

Please share your views about what do you think what possible moves would Ayesha’s career take in the upcoming days. We love to see Ayesha on screen and want to see more from her, Do you Agree? Feel Free to share.

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  • vasl was beyond awesome… though i'm not following bari aapa but whenever get a time to watch a few scenes i found her role super awesome .. she's acting superbly in the show

  • She is a great actor no doubt but I feel if Mahnoor Baloch can survive in this industry till now then Ayesha Khan can too because if she is just 31 all the females tend to mature more as an actor. :)

  • She is a good actress….but not great! I think Ayesha is highly overrated as a performer. I once read an article where she was being compared to Khalida Riyasat. I mean, seriously? Anyway, Humayun Saeed's production house has been a huge factor in her career and if he had not been around I don't think she would have lasted that long. She can still get work and she should. The industry should accommodate people of all ages and not just the young ones! But I never thought she was extraordinary.

  • She is good actress. Zahra is right if manhoor bolach can servive is the industry till now why not Ayesha. Look at film star Resham,,, she has been doing a variety of roles for ages. Savera Nadeem is still working as a main lead actress. She is 31. Saba qamar must be of her age as well I'm sue she will have special kind of roles to be offered. But seriouly I want NAVEEN WAQR to come back .. She is great actress

  • sigh you mean that you agree with Esha or was there a marriage proposal we all missed and that's why you were consenting?

  • She should change her makeover and presentation style . In all her plays she has same looks , similar kind of makeup and dresses and a weeping and crying character. Even her facial expressions are the same. She needs a great change in everything about her roles.Like Sanam Bloach is doing different type of roles like comedy , clever, innocent etc. and she is popular with her fans. Aysha Khan needs to create verstility in her work . For how long will her fans tolerate her with a weeping face which is always polished with heavy makeup.

    • Agree with wise chap her style and roles are becoming stale…..I don't like her negative roles either she may have potential to do more but every play she is in she has the same expressions ….probably due to her attire and makeup choices…she needs to bring a huge change in order to survive….

  • Mah noor is surviving in the industry because the most of the plays she acts in are produced and financed by herself or Nauman Aijaz.

    • I do, I was wondering why have her other two serials not been mentioned. Muqaam, with Shamil Khan, Farhan Agha and Uzma Gillani, another serial I cant recall its name, starring Bilal Khan and Veena Malik. These were both from 2000 and 2001, then we had this long play of hers with Aijaz Aslam and Abdullah Kaadwani in which she played a doctor… It was aired on Eid, again in 2000.

  • ayesha khan is one of those few actresses who come wd a compete pckage…looks class grace elan n decorum n not to forget her super acting skill…..adnan ws v right in calling her one of the best looking woman on t.v….her irresistable charm always strikes the sight….n her true to life performances win our hearts….acting comes naturally to hr n she does all her roles wd subtlety ….as far as hr get up n roles r concerned ,thy r not always the same…infct shes one actress whos ost verstile…she can b the morally corrupt ,emotinally distrbed parro of zip….outspoken,outgoing tomboyish izzat of kafir….super stylish n westernized daneez of kuch piar ka pagalpan…n at the same tme she can b the submissive,understnding caring n supersacrificing wife of bari appa or ijazat….xtremely eastern sabeen of lamha lamha zindagi n asuffering separated mother of aged children in vasl…n v religious hijab clad internally shattered parsa[shes best at depictig internal turmoil wdin the character]…. ..non of her roles ever overshadow oneanother….i still remember her as the beautiful mehndi wali larki…wd her simplest but stunning looks ,she outshone rest of her collegues…..i truly miss her presence from the screen…if she quits[whch shes contemplating]…it ll b a huge loss for drama lovers as v cannot afford to b deprived of such a refined star….

  • I am not agree. Ayesha khan is still our one of best actress on industrty, n highest paid actress. new actress come with safarish n all. bt Ayesha said, that she dont do any safraish , she comes her on acting skills. no doubt she has given so many hitt dramas since she came, I think she is just taking some rest, coz she worked alot then anyother actresses. she has done more then 60 dramas. so thats her right to have some rest. n i think she will be back with more hits.. lets see , n thanx for bringing up her topic.

  • I am not Agree. She is a great Actress no doubt she gives many hit serial & she will be back with more hits INSHAALLAH…

  • I am not Agree. She is a great Actress no doubt she gives many hit serial & she will be back with more hits INSHAALLAH…

  • Ya,no Doubt Ayesha khan is one of the most brilliant and gorgeous actress and she have many many more work in our industry shes capeable to do any type of role,SHES A VERY SUPER AND TALENTED ACTRESS

  • ayesha khan is very beautiful and good actress.in ka parsa drama meri zindagi ka sb sy acha drama hy.is k bad koi drama b acha nhi ho skta.is drama ki dvd ly k main ny apny pas rakhi hui hy bar bar dekhny k liye.

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