Tabeer Episode 8 – Review!

Ohkay so, things have been moving forward in Tabeer at a decent pace & the overall story, though not something unique, has been written nicely. It can definitely pass as a decent drama to tune to.

Daadi left but Tabeer had to stay back because of Fawad’s son & she definitely felt lonely because after Yasir, the only family she has is Daadi & with her being gone, Tabeer really had no one to go to. Tabeer asked for Yasir’s bedding & felt peace because there was at least something in this strange new place that reminded her of her husband, that made her feel that it was hers.

Saniya mustered up the courage to see Fawad, it took a lot for her to come out of her shell & see Fawad but just a very brief encounter with Fawad & Tabeer made her realize that there was no place in Fawad’s life which she could fill with her presence as it was already filled in by Tabeer.

I must say Fawad’s nameless mother is really something. I mean Fawad has lost his wife & now because he feels indebted to Tabeer for what she is doing for his son, he wanted to speak to her but her son’s courtesy towards Tabeer made her uncomfortable? She also had this bizarre look on her face when Saniya came to see Fawad. She is one of those mothers who really shouldn’t get their sons married because they are so jealous & insecure. Fawad has lost his wife, the mother of his son & there she is, looking all comfortable & happy that she has her son all to herself now!

This episode was decent but yes, the overall mellow & grim feel of this drama might be a reason why not many people are tuning to it. Waiting to see some spark between Tabeer & Fawad but yes, totally liking that they are taking their time before showing that. Please share your thoughts.

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